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Avatar n tn She was sent home the next day, and can now have BM. 4th day postop, bleeding stopped. 5th day post op started up again. Not hemorrhage but heavy. MD says bleeding is from cut in vagina from last surgery. She doesn't look good, is bleeding and is having terrible pain in R lower back. It is hurting so bad she cannot take a deep breath. Help. Should she seek 2nd opinion? I'm very worried for her and her health.
863457 tn?1239145324 Transfused 8 units as well as FFP and Albumin. Post op ileus 9 day hospital stay. Ok here is the current question. 2 weeks post op I was back in the MD's office c/o RLQ/pelvic pain CT w/contrast done 2/1009 showed Complex pelvic collection Cranial/Caudal distance of 6cm and about 3.5cm in transverse diameter. it is about 3.8cm in AP diameter." after consult with my GYN and no acute s/s of infection decision was to wait and watch.
Avatar n tn i had vaginal hysterectomy and i have servere pain in my vagina i urinating all the time am 3 months post op and have no infections showing in my water i do have spinal pain and adamin pain probably coz urinating all the time its feels like i have a prolase bladder
Avatar f tn I'm 4 weeks post-op, and my husband is even to scared to look at me the wrong way. He knows definately 6 weeks wait, but the way I feel, I'm sure thats 6 MONTHS. OMG, couldn't think of anything worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Beginning approx 1 week post surgery, I began to have problem with severe constipation (even though I was taking stool softners 1 week pre-op and continuining thru post op) the rectal pain/constipation was so severe, I tried Gylcerin Bulb Syringes and (2) enemas and had to resort to manuel removal of the stool. The stool appeared to be stuck in two places. Immediately inside the rectal opening and approximately 3 inches higher.
266583 tn?1189759436 I'm still concerned with the fever 4 weeks post op. I've noticed that it, almost daily, elevates in the evenings to around 100.7-ish.... and I've noticed that it always happens especially if I've been active throughout the day. Active at this point means getting out of bed and putting on a load of laundry or sweeping the floors, rinsing dishes... nothing much. I still have pain in my chest area, which is worse first thing in the morning after lying down all night.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I found this forum after googling some terms from my post-op pathology report. My history: Long hx of complex gyn problems. Infertility, anemia, heavy bleeding for years. 2011 radical hysterectomy due to complications from multiple large fibroids. Left 1 ovary only (cerix, uterus, 1 ovary and both tubes removed). Post-op pathology showed small adenocarcinoma of cervix which was removed. I have had yearly f/u with my gyn-onc who did the surgery.
8831133 tn?1415919135 Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries ( partial hysterectomy in 1974), so I'm almost at my 3 week post-op. No real complications other than a UTI which I understand is common after this type procedure. Doesn't seem like all the feeling has come back yet? And I'm having some leakage if my bladder becomes too full or if I need to go and cough, laugh, sneeze, etc.
Avatar f tn I am almost 4 weeks post-op LAVH (vaginal assisted laproscopic hysterectomy) and have experienced heavy bleeding for almost a week. It is as if I am having a period with clots and bright red blood. I called my Dr and had to leave a message with the nurse that I had started bleeding. She called me back and said it was normal, but I am still concerned. This just doesn't seem normal. Both ovaries and tubes were taken as well.
Avatar f tn Hi. I read some ladies are gaining weight post hysterectomy, one told it is due to insufficient levels of 'L????' . The lady then says there is no replacement for 'L????' currently so it doesn't matter what the name is. I think she is referring to Leptin, and the reading I've done indicates there is a replacement. Is there? If not, a newly released diet programme that maximises leptin use is available, and called the Venus factor.
Avatar f tn Madge - He did do an internal on me when I seen him on the two week post-op. I was afraid I'd bleed again, but I didn't. He said my stitches were healing fine. I know this is TMI, but I was wondering why he stuck his finger/s up there as well. Maybe it's the way he does things and another way of checking the stitches - who knows. All I kept thinking was NOTHING goes up in there before 6-8 weeks!!! I am relieved that you don't have a blood clot, BUT why then is there a lump in your leg?
Avatar f tn Hi- Just wondering if anyone out there had any complications post total hysterectomy? I had mine 3 months ago due to several cysts again! Paternal grandma died of ovarian cancer at age 50. I had 15 years of cysts, and a total of 8 laporosopies. I am not even 40 yet! Any how, at my 8 wk check up my oncologist said everything was fine, no infection, no cancer, etc., I can try having sex with my husband. We did everything was fine.
8831133 tn?1415919135 Hello all, I'm 61 yrs old and had a Da Vinci robotic sacrocolpopexy with Y mesh, rectocele, and cystoscopy April 25, 2014 with removal of both ovaries ( partial hysterectomy in 1974), so I'm almost at my 4 week post-op. No real complications other than a UTI which I understand is common after this type procedure. Doesn't seem like all the feeling has come back yet? And I'm having some leakage if my bladder becomes too full or if I need to "go" and cough, laugh, sneeze, etc.
Avatar f tn Any bleeding 1 week post op needs to be investigated especially if you say it's not geting better. You know youe body better than anyone else get on the phone to the surgeon and make an appoitmtnt to be seen and maybe have someblood work drawn to make sure you blood count...... is all ok. Be aggressive because the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
Avatar f tn It was done vaginally and the doctor did not mention anything about a possible hyst. I am a nurse and read the pre-op top to bottom and nothing anywhere mentioned the possibility. While I was on the table the "doc" called my husband and told him that my uterus "had to come out". He was at work and my mother was with me at the hospital. He has NO medical experience. He is a surveyor. Being a nurse and a prior scrub tech I have never seen this happen.
Avatar n tn Annette, I am 6 weeks post-op and was also having pains where my ovaries were. My doctor said that hopefully it is either adnesions/scar tissue or just slow healing from having so many surgeries.
1053613 tn?1255991594 I dont think you will need to have some one with you, however you need to have someone "set you up" first 3 days home no stairs so get the couch comfy made up w pikkows sheets..have a night table near you with water your meds, a few magazines, the remote. a cell phone, Have husband prepare a lunch you can grab from fridge..no bending or lifting for a few days.
482924 tn?1333207271 If it ends up that you will have the surgery please pm me I can walk you threw it.....tons of pre and post op advice. hugs...
Avatar m tn I bled the 3rd night after bring released from hospital and returned to ER. My hemoglobin was up to 80 so they thought it was normal post-op bleeding. Within a week it was gone but throughout the first week was a good gauge for if I was overdoing it. I would bleed more if I tried to do too much; when I rested, the bleeding would get lighter. I expected a fairly quick recovery (doc said 2 weeks) but I am really tired a lot, presumably from the anemia.
Avatar f tn Regarding your surgery, I suggest you speak with the surgeon who will perform the surgery about what to expect in terms of how it will be performed, length of stay in the hospital, need for post-op pain meds, potential complications, recovery time and how you will be followed thereafter. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn make sure you follow drs orders its really inportant..I folded one basket of towels a week post op and it sent me into agony ,.,you will need to be a couch potatoe for atleast 3 weeks then very slowly ease back into things. suggestion..buy a ice pack..very good for placing on pelvic area..dont use heat it will make you swell and bleed.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if it was the breathing or the concentrating on my breath, but it definitely helped! I'm almost 4 weeks post op so that's had its myriad of fun "trial and error" things as well. I'm an avid runner and I exercise twice daily. The first time I ran about one week after the procedure I experienced cramping like Elle_Elle and had some light bleeding (extremely light). I had no idea how sensitive my body would become during the healing process.
Avatar n tn He has two stents now and has had a lot of post op pain which is positional. He had a lot of blood the day of surgery and one after. He called the Dr. the same day of surgery and was given an Rx for Peridium- a urinary tract analgesic that makes the urine orange. He also got a med similar to Flomax (don't have the med in front of me) which is what they give men for enlarged prostates to help them urinate.
367247 tn?1310679253 There was apparently too high of a risk to remove the hypogastric nerve, so it was left untouched. After my post-op pain eventually wore off, I began developing some extreme pain in different areas in my groin and thighs. That was almost two years ago. The pain has developed into something much more...now the pain has spread through my entire left and right inguinal area, lower right abdomen, right hip and lower back, right front and inner thigh, and my entire genital area.