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Avatar f tn I am sorry you are suffering from both PCOS and endo that is leading you to hysterectomy. I assume you already know that hysterectomy is not a cure for the insulin resistance of PCOS or for endo. Some women do get relief, either temporary or permanent, but some don't (I don't know the percentages). I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago at age 49 - absolutely the WORST thing that has ever happened to me but I did not have a chronic pain condition. The hormone HELL alone has been life-shattering.
Avatar n tn Just two weeks ago I had a laparotomy where both ovaries were removed due to a large endometrioma that had adhered to both ovaries and the pelvic wall. Since my surgery, I am having severe vertigo and nausea that makes me just non-functional. I am using scopalamine patches which are controlling the symptoms, bur each time. I am sick again on the second day after I remove the patch. What is the likely cause of these sym,ptoms?
Avatar n tn I went on HRT because of symptoms after a complete hysterectomy, and haven't had a vertigo attack since. (Estradiol very small dose). I know the literature says that it probably isn't related (well 50% says it might help, 50% say there is no way it would help), but empirical evidence is that where my vertigo attacks were getting more and more frequent, now they've stopped.
Avatar f tn It has been 1 yr and 4 months after my Partial Hysterectomy, It took a good 4 - 6 months to completely heal. I had a Partial Hysterectomy because my Gyn said I had Endometriosis. I had my Uterus and my Cervix removed. They left both my ovaries. They had to leave my ovaries, because I have Essential Thrombocytosis (ET), (which is a platelet disorder, My bone Marrow produces too many platelets in my blood, causing clotting). I take meds to lower my platelet count.
Avatar n tn Treatment for menopausal symptoms vary greatly from practitioner to practitioner. Much depends on the philosophy of the person offering advice and treatment. But the most important issue is the individual needs of the patient, any particular risk issues for her and any personal fears, concerns or biases she might have. While progesterone cream is a very reasonable treatment option, it is far from the only one.
Avatar n tn These bouts will last for about 2-3 days where I have the extraordinary vertigo, and could sleep the entire day away (type A personality - not normal for me). When this is going on, I experience extreme nausea as well, even when laying down and not experiencing vertigo. I should mention if I lie down, the vertigo doesn't happen. On an on-going regular basis, I experience vertigo when I take the first couple bites of food. The entire room will swim and if I were standing, I would fall over.
Avatar n tn My left sided hearing loss started shortly after a middle ear infection was left untreated (because I didn't know I had an infection) and traveled to my inner ear. After that happened, here comes the vertigo and then the progressive hearing loss. Did the ENT you went to see by any chance specialize in inner ear problems? I found a doc in Austin who does and it made a difference.
Avatar n tn dee26 I am 26 years old and just had total hysterectomy forr severe endometriosis and my doctor has given me hormones called Prometrium 200mg and vivelle-dot and those things gave me crazy mood swings so I took the patch off and stopped taking the prometrium. I have three little kids and I don't have time for the major mood swings and on top of that I run a daycare center. I just had my hysterectomy five weeks ago and I may have had five hot flashes all together.
Avatar n tn This is something that comes and go (or is bearable at least for some time), but when it is there I feel like there is constanly some pressure around my forehead, eyes, sometime at the back aswell and in my neck. I feel a bit of vertigo and I find it hard to focus because of this (with stress it gets even worse). If i lie down I can also very easily hear my hearbeat in my head.
Avatar n tn Tufmom, I am 43 years old and had a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy (due to a septated cyst on my left ovary) on 9/22/05. I chose to get everything removed because I was very stressed out about the possibility of cancer (everything turned out to be benign), and because I was having other problems, including heavy bleeding etc. I have also had pre-cancer in both my breasts so I couldn't stand the thought of continual surveilance for both my ovaries and breasts.
262802 tn?1303948476 Well, for the past week, out of the blue, I have headaches, nausea and a weird feeling in my head, not spinning like vertigo, just a foggy swimming feeling that happens when I stand up and sometimes when I turn my head. I have had vertigo before and this is not the same. At first I thought it was from ending my Zoloft, but, paying more attention, I realized yesterday, that it happened about an hour after taking my Lasix! Thinking on it, that has been when it started each time!
Avatar f tn It only last seconds so far. My last issue with vertigo was Aug 08 8wks post hysterectomy, which was a room spinning sensation and I was able to reproduce it turning to my left side. Anyone can relate to this new vertigo symptom? How much of this is MS related?? is there one type of sensation that is more specific to MS?? My last vertigo issue I was seen by an EENT and told me the vertigo was not an inner ear issue.
Avatar m tn Last September I had a full hysterectomy. Thanksgiving weekend I had the first of many episodes that follow a similar symptom pattern: Dizzyness, nausea, altered state of consciousness (amnesia & spacing out), severe drowsiness and headache, I was diagnosed at the time with labrynthitis but as time went on I did not believe this was the problem or only problem at all. I've almost had 3 car accidents when this has occurred so I'm not driving anymore.
Avatar f tn There is no evidence of a recent infarct of a major vessell, mass lession or hemorage. After the MRI, my ENT doctor told me I had a pineal cyst and he assumed my episodes of vertigo were probably from a viral swelling of the optic nerve pathway, which has sence resolved itself. He said no further tests or visits are necessary unless the vertigo re-presents itself. His burse said before he saw me that he would refer me to the neurologist for further study, but that is not what he did.
Avatar n tn : For over 10 years I've lived with vertigo, and was in fact diagnosed with chronic vertigo, prescribed medicine, and told "learn to live with it." I've also been living with numbness in my hands, and feet - nothing disabling, but more annoying than anything else. Lately, I've been suffering with severe headaches - my family practitioner diagnosed them as combination tension and migraine headaches. Several medications have been tried - Midrin, Amerge, Imitrex, and Soma.
Avatar n tn For over 10 years I've lived with vertigo, and was in fact diagnosed with chronic vertigo, prescribed medicine, and told "learn to live with it." I've also been living with numbness in my hands, and feet - nothing disabling, but more annoying than anything else. Lately, I've been suffering with severe headaches - my family practitioner diagnosed them as combination tension and migraine headaches. Several medications have been tried - Midrin, Amerge, Imitrex, and Soma.
Avatar f tn It was not easy as my body was dependent on them even though I was assured they were NOT addictive, I dealt with vertigo and all my symptoms pre-medication came back with a vengeance as well as some new issues.
Avatar n tn I have Raynaud's, along with Sjogrens/Lupus and was doing ok with my bio-estrogen/testosterone cream for about 8 months, then, out of the blue I started having horrible menopause symptoms like anxiety, veritgo, hot flashes, headaches and my raynauds turned crazy. Its chronic and very painful? I'm still very low in my estrogen and read that low estrogen can cause vascular problems, but Ive also read where estrogen can aggravate Raynauds?
Avatar n tn I could be outside with the bright warm sun shining on me and still have chills. It is about 75 degrees in my house right now and I feel like I am freezing. I have episodes where I get faint feeling upon standing up. Or about two minuites after. I have also had episodes when I am walking, have been standing up for a long time, but all the sudden it feels as if someone swung me around in a circle. The only difference is, i didn't ever turn around.
Avatar f tn Hi how are you Thank you for your response, Well I have had a bunch of test done through ent docotors I do not have meineirs or vertigo my balancing test went well and the ct scan that they did of my ear came back normal, yea!! But I still do not know what is wrong i was suppose to have a chemical stress test done for my heart, but my insurance says not medically ness, so that is out.
Avatar f tn If you are taking calcium supplements then consider stopping/reducing, as calcium is likely to be responsible for causing your vertigo (and high salt intake will exacerbate the effect). I was prescribed calcium post-hysterectomy and started getting vertigo/stiff muscles and heart irregularities. They all stopped when I quit taking calcium and switched to Vitamin D.
672990 tn?1235147238 I know we've been over this many times before and I'm sorry if this question has already been asked. A lot of you have gone hypro or had other thyroid problems when dealing with cysts. I still have a 10 cm cyst that I'm waiting on getting out...still have another appt with gyn onc on the 12th, then hopefully he'll schedule me a date for surgery. Anyway, I went hypo and got a small goiter and now I'm on Levothyroxin.
Avatar n tn I had a complete hysterectomy in 97. I am 40 years old and have been on estrogen since 1997. For the last month I have had left breast pain witha stinging sensation to the nipple if even touched. I am not able to lie on that side any longer. Could I have an infection some how? No medication changes or additions. I only take estrotest. I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritus and vertigo about a month ago also.
Avatar n tn i always feel nauseous dizzy and tired lately and even though i feel tired i lie down and its hard to fall asleep and before this started happening i used to be able to sleep all the time like nothing.And when im working and bend down to pick something up and stand back up im always dizzy and feel like vomitting and this is everytime i do it.Also every time i eat, almost everytime i feel like vomitting or i do.
Avatar n tn I have had other surgeries..including a hysterectomy and didn't come out covered in blood...even if you did...looks like they would have cleaned you up a bit!...I hope the pain gets better very soon. You may have a lower pain threshold..I know for some types of pain mine is pretty low...I think I will need meds after the surgery...I always do...even though I tolerate other types of chronic pain well.,, again...I am sorry you are not doing as well as expected!
Avatar n tn Update. I only had 2 margaritas with a meal and about 3 glasses of water w/ dinner so I don't think it was dehydration. And the massive head ache was confined to the lower left back area of my head where all of my symptoms have been for the past 5 weeks. This morning, out of the blue, my nose started bleeding. JUST out of my left side. I immediately called my Dr's office.
Avatar n tn Vertigo, which has led to nausea. Stomach and chest pain and now headaches. These are not everyday symptoms, the vertigo has subsided as has the nausea, but the headaches and chest pains persist. I have seen an internist, gasto, and am seeing a nuerologist. any ideas???
Avatar f tn As I have said before, Craig and I have been down a long road of doors being closed on us, so I would say to take the iron, get a new level drawn after the appropriate time, and if it is normal and you still have symptoms, time for another neuro appt.
Avatar f tn They did a CT-Scan and all came back ok so did my heart monitor (I feel like the blood from my brain drains) when I have the headache and they said I have Vertigo. I tried Imitrex/shot, OTC, Topomax, Ativan..ect and now have me on Valium. I have had migraines for years and was able to take 2 Aleve and it will go away. Now I cant even function on a day to day been out of work since this started.