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Avatar n tn or the Vivelle patch? Estratest? Bioidentical Progesterone? And, what about testosterone, either gel or cream, which we women can use "off-label" but some formulas can be put on the cliteral/genital area and work wonders regarding the issue you mentioned.
Avatar n tn hey, im 27 and got really sick 2 years ago and they had to do an emerg total hysterectomy, which has left me with the same problem as you, im takin 2 lots of hormones but find it very hard to cope with the hot flushes all the time so there for most of the time now i go round with a cold wet flannel on my neck, not a good look but it helps a little.
Avatar n tn Hi! No kidding you're on the right side!! (there's a story there for later about the hyster site). Well two threads you can check out if you have strong eyes and lots of time...."hormones after hysterectomy" 04/13 and "Mary53 or DebiR...help with hormones" also the same date I believe. You will find other references to other posts as you read too. For what it is worth.... I started worrying about this waaay before my hyster in Feb.
Avatar m tn That's where I am now but I'm starting to have neck pain and stiffness, occipital neuralgia, leg cramping and shortness of breath. My GP just did a hormone panel again and said I need progesterone and wrote an RX. Omg, here we go again. I wish I'd never have had a hysterectomy. Risking cancer would have been preferable over this I believe. I'm still on a roller coaster so I know how you feel.
Avatar f tn I was able to reverse it once after adding Progesterone (which builds bone) and magnesium and Vit. D and an increase in my weight lifting routine...but, darn, I was in trouble again a year ago. I am hoping I was able to reverse it again and will have the bone density test in about a month.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I'm posting this question on behalf of my mother because she can't speak English. My mother is 52 years old and she had her hysterectomy ten years ago (only her cervix was removed but not her ovaries). She has been taking estrogen for HRT and progesterone for the prevention of breast cancer. However, some of her friends have advised her not to take the progesterone because her cervix has been removed. This has left her wondering if she should take the progesterone or not...
Avatar n tn Are any docs out there that know enough about adenomyosis to give me a true opinion on the use of natural progesterone cream to treat adenomyosis instead of opting for the hysterectomy?
Avatar n tn But it's possible, depending on the actual nature of your seizures, or if they're just auras, that you may be able to wean down off the medications now after your surgery. Talk to your docs about your concerns, and bring up the possibility of progesterone and see what they say. GOod luck.
Avatar f tn Higher dose of Estrodiol (Vivelle patch) and no progesterone (after using progesterone for years) and of course, Testosterone. I am feeling better lately compared to how I have felt this past year. My estrogen was too low and my dosage of Bioidentical progesterone was way too high. Then Vliet comes along in my life and says that women without ovaries cannot utilize Progesterone.
Avatar f tn I meet with a nurse every three months to make sure I am in balance with my estrogen and progesterone and the testosterone, too...which helps not only with desire but with mood, clarity of mind, chemical sensitivity, and believe it or not, clumsiness (I can attest to that one!). I want to be on a small amount of estrodial (I am on .075 now seven years after the surgery) and will probably drop to .050 next month).
Avatar f tn unopposed estrogen use, history of severe cervical dysplasia (had cone biopsy), elderly mother just passed away from ovarian cancer (her mother died from breast cancer). Right now I am bleeding off and on. I am afraid to have hysterectomy but also afraid of having cancer. I have read so many hysterectomy stories where women end of with other problems. How do I make an informed decision? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year breast cancer survivor and my doctor is recommending a hysterectomy. My cancer was estrogen and progesterone negative, yet my doctor says I am at a higher risk or ovarian, uterine and colon cancer. I have a uterine fibroid that is causing menstrual problems and she recommends a full hysterectomy. I have some concerns and wonder if it is necessary.
Avatar f tn I am 47 yrs old had partial hysterectomy May 2013, feeling in a fog, tired low libido, and weight gain. Friend recommended Progesterone Cream. Used a week woke up with headache and nausea. Just fyi the cream did lift the fog and tiredness. Could this be the Progesterone Cream, the nausea ??
Avatar f tn I was eventually a mess. I have been helped by cutting out the Progesterone and just using testosterone and Estradiol. You can find more information on this from Dr. Vliet and any of her great books. Other problems include vaginal atrophy and dryness, all of which can alter the position of the ureter. I, for one, refuse to stand upside down to finish urinating, but I have had to do that from time to time.
Avatar n tn you do not mention your age to know if you are in the peri-menopausal state...this must be VERY scary for you! I would strongly recommend a second or third opinion before having a hysterectomy for "pre-cancerous cells" If it were me I would try the progesterone and continue to be monitored for change....but this is a very tough decision and only you can decide what is right for you! Dig deep in the research and see what your options are at this point.
Avatar f tn I'm 40 with a history of pms/pmdd and pcos. Had a total vag hysterectomy ( both ovaries removed) 2 weeks ago. I feel I made a mistake having a total. I thought the hormones could be replaced, but my gyn says I don't need progesterone because I don't have a uterus. I use a rx spray estradiol.But, I thought my probs were due do estrogen dominance.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am 6 days post op from total hysterectomy. I am 34 and have 4 children. I cannot take any progesterone due to hydradenitis suppuritiva. I am being offered oestrogen only hrt. Is this a good idea? I do want to mitigate the risk of osteoporosis but not being given much info or any other options. can you help or advise me please?
Avatar n tn I mentioned bio identical hormones to my doctor, but he wasn't too interested, and only suggested a low dose estrogen, and said progesterone wasn't needed. I feel as if I'm going through menopause all over again. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn He told me that I will have a number of options (birth control, mirena, ablation, or hysterectomy) he told me that I may want to seriously consider a hysterectomy because over time the fibroid will grow and cause discomfort and I already have serious side effects from the heavy bleeding. He took a sample of the uterine lining, told me not to panic and wait for the results to see if it showed polyps.
Avatar n tn I just recently had my progesterone script increased and it has been very helpful keeping my urinary incontinence at bay and in fact, improving. It never ends, though. I have learned so much. My doctor writes the prescription for these and approves of their use. But, it is difficult to get good information on them, although, things are getting better on this front. My sister used them for over ten years.
Avatar n tn You where definatley put directly into a surgical induced menopause instantly after your hysterectomy. The ovaries produce estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. The estrogen and progesterone act to coordinate a woman’s cycle during her reproductive years.
Avatar f tn For example, for about 1/2 of the cycle (after ovulation) the ovaries are producing progesterone which causes the bowels to slow down significantly and can often lead to gassines and constipation. When the ovaries stop producing progesterone there can be a fairly abrupt change to normal or even rather loose bowel function. All of these are associated with cramping too. If this is the cause of your symptoms, it will probably go away when you reach menopause.
Avatar n tn my friend had a hysterectomy years ago and she is having some back pain recently and now she's been bleeding after not having a period for years. could you help!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I am a 54 year old that has been taking tamoxifen after diagonsis of breast cancer 2 years ago. I had a total hysterectomy 2 weeks ago and recovered well. Now, I am having a strange excitied feeling continuously. I was wondering if the absence of my ovaries are causing any changes with my adrenal glands and their production of hormones?
Avatar f tn If not, see if you can find a doctor who will make a payment plan for you, and get tested. I don't think progesterone will help you as much as estrogen would.
Avatar n tn I have normal levels of LH, FSH, Oestrogen and Progesterone for a woman of my age who HAS NOT had a Hyst. I have never taken HRT. How can I still be producing these hormones at pre surgery levels, where can they be comming from? Any ideas as to what could be going on. MY Dr is baffled and has referred me back to my Gynae cons but cant see him until next month.
Avatar m tn I have tinkered with Prometrium and testosterone cream. I have read mixed results about progesterone after hysterectomy. The testosterone cream, I thought, was causing acne. I NEVER have acne, so I stopped taking that. I noticed other issues going on and my regular doctor said it was due to the V-dot patch. My gyno did blood work and it came back low thyroid. I am scheduled to see the Endocrinologist on Monday. I have, since, been taking Synthroid for the thyroid issues.
Avatar f tn The next step that's being talked about is a partial hysterectomy but I'm not sure I want to do that just yet. I'm 47 and way done with having children but should I just wait for this to pass or get the hysterectomy? My mood swings have gotten worse in the last few weeks. I used to be a very upbeat person but that has changed, too. Does anyone have any suggestions??
Avatar n tn I'm 48 years old, hysterectomy in 1996, lived on a farm with exposure to herbicides, pesticides and insecticides on a daily basis for 20+ years. I no longer live in that environment. I'm thinking progesterone cream would be enough.