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Avatar f tn this morning i was dizzy, glucose was 115. I had a cup of yogurt, 30 mins later my level dropped to 95. After eating breakfast { 1 egg, 2 pcs whole wheat toast and 1 Tbsp peanut butter it dropped to 78. I can not seem to maintain my level and have been dizzy, nausuous and all the other symptons. It is hard to eat 6 meals a day as I work. I try to eat whole grains, and don't use sugar. I just can't keep my level up. Why does it drop? how can I prevent that?
Avatar n tn I've had symptoms of hypoglycemia for a while now. Tired a lot, hungry, weakness... It only happens when I don't eat for a while i.e. 2 hours, fasting overnight, exercise. I have a blood glucose meter and I'm usually after 2 hours w/o eating, exercise and in the morning between 2-3mmol/l. I feel horrible all the time. I'm not sure what kind of foods to eat- i've tried complex carb diet, protein diet, not having any carbs at all (that went all wrong my bsl went to 1.6) but it does not work.
Avatar f tn I was also prescribed Lexapro, Lamictal, and Welbutrin for dystymia and anxiety. I recently taperd off the Lexapro. I now have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia: tingling in lips (its constant, no break) and dizziness at just the slightest turn of the head, heart rate that is averaging 100 beats per minute (this has been constant not in little bursts for about three days now), and tightness in the chest/lung area, slight muscular type pain during deep breathing (also for about 5 days now).
Avatar n tn Recently I discovered that HCV can cause Hypoglycemia(low blood sugar). I have recently changed my diet and just about eliminated all of the symptoms. Headaches, stinging sweat, dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision, chronic backache, salt cravings, stomach problems, tinnitus and brain fog just to mention a few. (a partial list is at www.drz.org/asp/conditions/hypoglycemia2.asp) If you have these or other symptoms on the list do yourself a favor and get you glucose checked.
Avatar n tn We are not doctors on this Forum, but folks who either are parents of type 1 children or type 1 diabetic folks ourselves. Yes, your symptoms do sound like those of hypoglycemia, but an infection can also cause drenching sweats. When your body is battling an infection, stress hormones are released, and it is possible, I suppose, that your body is just not functioning at its best right now. Whether you have had mild hypoglycemia before or not, of course, we can't tell.
1654177 tn?1319842094 Hi everybody! In the past 3 months, I wake up in the morning and my feet are numb. After I get up and walk around the numbness goes away within about 5-10 minutes. I also urinate often and get fatigues (which may be normal, plus I drink a lot of water). I seem to keep my weight down too easily these days, I eat a lot, and I only mildly exercise (walking, hiking and pilates). Anyway, I told my doctor at Kaiser and she ran a random blood glucose test (non-fasting).
Avatar f tn Hello, I wanted to ask about Hypoglycemia and panic attacks. A few weeks ago I collapsed. I was under a lot of stress and had only had carbs for breakfast. Minus a bloody lip and face, I was ok. I am having lab work done. Six years ago, the doctors diagnosed me with GAD and put me on 10 mg of lexapro. I threw up the lexapro the first time I took it. I cut down to 2.5 mg and stayed on it for six years.
Avatar n tn Now I'm being told there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that hypoglycemia can cause a seizure. I need real advice from someone. They want to lable him as epiletic. Can someone give me advice!
Avatar n tn Hi, I am not sure if your glucose is completely responsible for all of your symptoms, so this may not be an answer to your overall question. But in general, those morning blood sugars are just fine. Your do not(and actually should not) drink orange juice to raise your blood sugars if they are in the 70's. If you do not have diabetes, your body will always bring you back down to normal range no matter what you eat trying to raise the levels.
Avatar f tn Severe Asthma and allergies. My concern is that he begins showing symptoms of Hypoglycemia at 70-79. For example, this morning he was irritable, shaky etc. Blood glucose 71 spilling large ketones. When he has an episode, We feed him and then he goes high (highest being 270) He has had many tests along with his many health problems and I am FRUSTRATED for HIM!!!!!!! He has the most AWESOME demeanor is loving and friendly. I can't stand to see this happen. He also had not eaten for about 9 hours.
Avatar f tn Please don't get me wrong, I love sugar, but the thing is that sugar makes my IC (Interstitial cystitis) and SIBO (intestinal bacterial overgrowth) symptoms worse, so I'm looking for some way to reduce the amounts of sugar I consume without getting hypoglycemic. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn 5 hours they dropped to 179. My problem is that the symptoms are like that of hypoglycemia. I start to get clammy, confused, instant tears, I start to stutter and go into a blank stare. June of 2014 I had a grand mal (Tonic-clonic) epileptic seizure where I stopped breathing for about 30-40 seconds. They said it was due to my diabetes, this after having a CT scan, EEG, and EMG. Everything came back normal.
Avatar m tn Before a meal/when I'm hungry, I have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia and have to eat NOW to feel better. So I'll eat a snack or my usual meal, but about 30mins to 1hour later I get tired, weak, lightheaded and hot flushes. I think my sugar level peaks and drops too fast, like I'm making too much insulin. It's making me feel horrible every day. Yesterday I tried cutting out all sugar and sticking to proteins/healthier food, and I feel slightly better today, but still lousy.
Avatar n tn He has had to schedule his life around making sure he has food at specific times to avoid the symptoms. Does this sound like hypoglycemia? If so, what test should be done and what are the treatments for this?
Avatar n tn //www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/download/NovoHypoglycemia.pdf), then I'd say your son's problems lie elsewhere. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Ever since about mid last year, i started 'almost passing out' after being in the heat for too long, or after having to stand for a long time, and have also been faced with feeling very disorientated, shaky and dizzy in the morning. We had been to the doctors several times about the 'almost passing out' issue, and they told me to 'put it to bed' and refused to do further testing after an ECG and a bloodtest, which both came back as normal.
Avatar f tn Ever since about mid last year, i started 'almost passing out' after being in the heat for too long, or after having to stand for a long time, and have also been faced with feeling very disorientated, shaky and dizzy in the morning. We had been to the doctors several times about the 'almost passing out' issue, and they told me to 'put it to bed' and refused to do further testing after an ECG and a bloodtest, which both came back as normal.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if this is true hypoglycemia or if there is some element of diabetes going on here. She was in Children's hospital as an infant and had a really heavy fluid load (going from 9lbs to 14lbs over night) due to a heart problem which is now alright. I'm wondering if there was some possible damage to her pancreas as a baby that we are just now seeing the result of and should I be worrying about these numbers.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment on Thursday to be tested for both hypoglycemia and diabetes but I honestly don't think it will show anything, all the symptoms could be explained through anxiety, and the last time I had blood taken my blood sugar was slightly low (at 62 with 70 being the lowest it should be) so I don't think it could be diabetes. Any information on any of this would be incredibly appreciated, and a little something to maybe ease my mind about the tests because I'm nervous about them. P.S.
535822 tn?1443980380 I am in the US and I have got a meter and strips , but not used them, as I was doing well with diet then was given Bactrim for a UTI I only took it for 5 days as I was so sick I couldnt function,so stopped it, since then I have not been well ..each morning when I get up, its early , and even if I eat something it doesnt help me .Unfortunately here in CA there is a huge shortage of Doctors and all one sees are practitioners PA's I have been given some wrong meds, so its hard to get any help.
Avatar f tn I wonder if its hypoglycemia, there's a history of diabetes in my family. I frequently have this horrible feeling of death at night. Is there any idea on what this can be? I also lack much of my sleep and have constant anxiety attacks...
Avatar n tn The day camp workers should possibly be taught what to look for in the way of symptoms of hypoglycemia and be given permisison to give him a half cup of juice if he seems to need it.
2118271 tn?1337466704 ) and I exercise regularly and eat extremely well (I eat mostly fresh vegetables, completely whole grains that I grind myself, some fruit, and rarely processed foods like chips). My fasting blood glucose in the morning is usually between 60-85. So yeah, that's the weirdest part of all this. I have a really hard time keeping my blood sugar even during the day, but I get through the night no problems.
Avatar m tn In the past if I delay eating I will get the classic symptoms of hypoglycemia, nervousness, weakness, jittery, and nausea. Recently I have noticed at times I have had what I will call discomfort and weakness in my left arm with a headache and numbness in the lower part of my hand from the wrist to my little finger (which doesn’t completely go away. A couple of days ago I had the same feeling in my right arm and hand.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am not sure if your symptoms are compatible with fasting hypoglycemia--do you feel like this when you wake up in the morning? Does it wake you from sleep? There are several reasons for true fasting hypoglycemia, some of them serious so this should be evaluated soon to determine what is going on. What I suggest is buying yourself a glucose meter and starting to actually check the numbers.
Avatar n tn It's absolutely something to be concerned about, but if your daughter doesn't show any more symptoms it likely isn't as big of concern. Just learn the symptoms and keep a watch out, and ensure that the hypoglycemia doesn't progress.
Avatar m tn You may have a tolerance for high blood sugar and a drop in the glucose can cause the hypoglycemia symptoms even though the numbers can be high. Have you try crystal light drinks?
Avatar n tn carb ratio in the morning (many of us long-timers do need more insulin to cover a given amount of carbo in the morning; you may not) and (2) your insulin sensitivity ratio -- that is, how many points will a unit of insulin drop your BG. Armed with those 2 numbers, your morning BG and the carbos in your breakfast, "in theory" you can compute just the right dose to cover those carbos without your crashing.