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Avatar m tn Hence I had undiscovered diabetes. In 2009, due to skipping meals, sugar went low, feeling fuzzy high heart rate, palpitations,shaky. I visited emergency 5 times immediately but they could detect hypoglycemia. Diamicron and Metformin still harming. My family physian, Zuzana gross, sent me to heart specialist. But found nothing, After two months she stopped Metformin and dia micron. I was feeling little better, Now sugar wnt high, 10 to 16 MMOL. She could not not give any medicine lower sugar.
1298588 tn?1330322581 He said it would be possible to put me on a beta-blocker to slow my heart rate, but that because I am young, my heart can take a lot of stress, and it is not necessary as long as it doesn't happen that often. And it doesn't: this was my first episode in so long. I guess I will have to see how things go. It's just so frustrating: I have gone so long with no trouble, and then this happens out of the blue. I just want to be healthy! Curmudgen, what is hypoglycemia?
Avatar f tn Hello, 1. Can your heart rate go up if your glucose level rises? I have not heard any relationships between short term blood glucose and short term heart rate. 2. Will vagus nerve damage cause heart rate changes? It can. Typically damage to the vagus nerve my decrease parasympathetic tone and allow increases in heart rate. 3. Can the stress on stomach nerves/muscles cause heart to work faster?
Avatar n tn Other general symptoms include episodic sweating, tremor and rapid heart rate, as well as hunger, nausea, weight gain, and sometimes even central nervous system symptoms (including rarely, seizures)." Perhaps these websites can help you find more information on how to deal with this condition. I also wonder if you experience any hyperglycemic episodes (where you suger rises above the normal range)?
335728 tn?1331418012 I checked my heart rate while this was going on (although it wasn't easy) and it was 84bpm which is fairly normal for me. Now when I asked my lying gp about it she automatically knocked it up to the dreaded "menopause" but I wasn't flushed or hot during the last attacks and although I explained this to her she said that the holter monitor will tell us what is going on. HUH...not if it's hypoglycemia you silly doctor!
Avatar n tn I had forgotten about this from when I was in my thirties, but they did find this condition and say that they thought it causes my sleep problems at night and the fast heart rate. I was so focused on my heart alone after all these years with no problems. I had dismissed it. I wonder if it could be an a-fib trigger. Interesting. Thank you again for some very thought provoking info .
Avatar f tn He started me on 25mg last November and slowly increased it until the end of April when he had me on 100mg. I didn't experience any change in appetite until I hit 100mg. It seemed to happen over night. I should exercise more than I do because my father owns a health club (and I work there too..lol), but my mindset is not there yet. I will get there though. I'm sure if I did, the weight would come off faster.
Avatar n tn Do you suffer with missed beats It seems to be more common than i though, when it first happened, they was loud thumping beats but then went into missed beats , ectopic beats and a very fast heart rate. That appears to have gone now , but i still get the missed beats, I just wondered if any one else gets the same symptons with the missed beats, my worst nightmare, you just never know when they are gonna happen.
Avatar f tn Plus, there r related conditions like POTS- Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS, also postural tachycardia syndrome) is a condition of dysautonomia, to be more specific orthostatic intolerance, in which a change from the supine position to an upright position causes an abnormally large increase in heart rate, called tachycardia.(source wikipedia) I had hear palps, so I did have my heart checked with an echo....
Avatar f tn Possible causes of the lump that may need to be considered include lipomas, neurofibroms, cysts, growth from the bone or surrounding connective tissue etc. Other symptoms of headache, cold, increased heart rate, dizziness and blurred vision are unlikely to be related to the lump and could occur due to infections/ inflammations, hypoglycemia, hypotension, refractive errors of the eye etc or in association to the migraine.
Avatar f tn Oops- I mispelled arrhythmia. I see that Taber's Cyclopedic Medical dictionary defines sinus arrhythmia as "Cardiac irregularity characterized by an increased heart rate during inspiration and decrease in heart rate on expiration." It states it has no clinical significance except in older patients where it might happen with coronary artery disease. I did think it weird to see "normal" and "arrhythmia" together!
Avatar f tn - increased heart rate from laying/sitting to standing by 30 beats a minute (on a good day) to 70 beats a minute (on a bad day) - blood pooling in feet/legs when sitting and worse when standing - Dizziness (really bad when standing) - Reactive Hypoglycemia (within an hour of most meals my levels drop to 3.2 mmol. The lowest I have tested myself is 2.
Avatar f tn Physiologic causes of increased vagal tone include the bradycardia seen even in athletes. Pathologic causes include, but are not limited to, inferior wall myocardial infarction, toxic or environmental exposure, electrolyte disorders, infection, sleep apnea, drug effects, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, and increased intracranial pressure. It is possible that your Celiac condition(Coeliac disease ) is affecting your vagus nerve.
Avatar n tn Patients with diabetes, especially those with regular episodes of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) Patients with MG (myasthenia gravis) Patients with a slow heart rate (bradycardia) Patients with low blood pressure (hypotension) Patients with hypertension that results from an adrenal gland tumor (pheochromocytoma) Patients with high blood acid levels (metabolic acidosis) Patients with Prinzmetal angina"
Avatar n tn I read that pvc triplets w/increased heart rate often results in sudden death. I have also read that anti-rhythmics are not effective on pvcs. Can you please suggest treatment options, physical restrictions, risks and prognosis. My liver enzymes are elevated (62) this month. I never drink alcohol, have a long history of exercising and eat extremely healthy. My cholesterol is 130's. My resting heart rate is around 50.. I have worked out (treadmill 30 min. @ 3.2 mph w/1.
Avatar n tn What is Hypoglycemia? - the cause of hypoglycemia and its effects. Typical Hypoglycemia Symptoms - the wide range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Testing for Hypoglycemia - standard medical testing and why it is often unreliable. The Solution to Hypoglycemia - a list of dietary and nutrient recommendations, with special notes and cautions. Recommended Reading - books and other references that will give you a more complete understanding. What is Hypoglycemia?
Avatar n tn One day, about 12 miles into a run, heart rate (HR) increased, respiration rate increased, and ability to do work/run decreased dramatically. Next day I felt fine. A few weeks later, same thing happened about 16 miles into a run. Tested nutrition, hydration, electrolytes, and combinations of three with no change. Symptoms would persist for up to several weeks at times, or be gone the next day. Symptoms happened 3-27 miles into my runs. Last March during 50k race, happened again at mile 15.
Avatar f tn If you are in permanent atrial fibrillation, you may have the occational bursts of high heart rate, but it's just a pattern in the irregularity. The heart rate is rarely normal and regular with a-fib, and it would be easy to see on any EKG. Short runs of atrial tachycardia (rapid heart rate) is fairly common and can be triggered by almost anything, and it's not necessarily a sign of heart disease.
Avatar f tn - increased heart rate from laying/sitting to standing by 30 beats a minute (on a good day) to 70 beats a minute (on a bad day) - blood pooling in feet/legs when sitting and worse when standing - Dizziness (really bad when standing) - Reactive Hypoglycemia (within an hour of most meals my levels drop to 3.2 mmol. The lowest I have tested myself is 2.
Avatar n tn There a several possible mechanisms as to why you experience the increase of the heart rate with swallowing. Both increased heart rates and decresed heart rates have been reported with the ingestion of food and liquids. The occurance of tachycardia from this process is rare and I would be interested to know exactly how fast you mean by tachycardia...a small increase in heart rate can be seen from the changes in blood flow as you begin to digest a meal.
Avatar f tn The latter was circled by a doctor as something I could have that would not affect my heart rate. I noticed my heart rate increased with taking it and called and spoke to a pharmacist who informed me it too could cause an increase in heart rate. I'm glad you've found ones that work for you and are not causing you problems. I also was not allowed to have a number of urology drugs due to the adrenergic affects they have on the heart.
Avatar dr m tn the sympathetic and the parasympathetic parts. When you’re frightened or running away from a bull, your heart rate and blood pressure goes up, your vision and hearing are very sensitive, and all your blood flow and energy are mobilized around a fight. These functions are activated by the sympathetic nervous system. In contrast, after a good meal, your digestive organs kick in and begin to break down your food and you feel sleepy. This is your parasympathetic nervous system working.
Avatar f tn The trouble with them (and with the autonomic disorder in general is that it causes your heartrate to go out of whack). If her blood pressure is going low or her heart rate is slowing, it will add to her fatigue. Unfortunately, I am all to familiar with it. Also, I used to be incredibly active.
Avatar m tn Other possibilities are chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, low Vit b12, low iron, low calcium, sodium and potassium. Hyperthyroidism too causes increased sweating and tiredness. Postviral fatigue syndrome is another possibility. Persisting EBV infection or mono can also be the cause.
Avatar f tn hair loss, swollen neck (swollen thyroid/goiter), edema, heart palpitations, brain fog, depression, mania, sensitivity to heat and cold, chronic fatigue, panic attacks, constipation, heavy periods, migraines, muscle weakness, joint stiffness, slow heart rate, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, memory loss, vision problems, infertility, swollen tongue (tongue scalloping)
1353650 tn?1429466974 Mar 23, 2011 This will be a shocker for everyone. I stopped my I.V. treatment on the 21st. I told the doctor it wasn't helping very much. I was having a very rough time these past few weeks prior, during and after my period. He tried to tell me that It was likely herxing. I told him that it could be but why am I feeling worse then last month. He said this happens. I told him I need to look into other things as possibilities for my constant abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn see the brain stem has always control of breathing and heart rate and bp. but the internal electrical system in the heart controls the pacing. if that is failing, then she indeed would need a pacemaker. what are your thoughts though if you dont mind me asking?
Avatar f tn keeps your BP more stable and the HR ends up more stable at the same time, you are confirming that presumption. In other words, you are confirming that the heart rate rise was an attempted compensation for the BP fall. However, this is not universally the case! Some people have stable or rising BP upon standing AND tachycardia so there are other possibilities (like hyper-adrenergic state... or my favorite explanation...
Avatar f tn - increased heart rate from laying/sitting to standing by 30 beats a minute (on a good day) to 70 beats a minute (on a bad day) - blood pooling in feet/legs when sitting and worse when standing - Dizziness (really bad when standing) - Reactive Hypoglycemia (within an hour of most meals my levels drop to 3.2 mmol. The lowest I have tested myself is 2.
Avatar f tn A diagnosis of POTS is made by a Tilt table test. A persons heart rate increases on standing from a laying position by at least 30bpm or over 120bpm for diagnosis to be made. Your symptoms may not be due to any autonomic dysfunction but it is another avenue for you to explore and possibly rule out, or it could lead you to a diagnosis. I would put your post on their board as there are many experienced individuals there and they may be able to help you or lead you to a place that can.