Hypoglycemia and gastroparesis

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Avatar f tn hi there, ive got gastroparesis too, and i tend to feel really dizzy and collapse often. i try to have high-sugar digestable foods. this is very difficult, but try to persist. you could try any of the following: juice box, malt biscuits, milkshake, baby food, fruit, licorice, jelly babies, chewy.. etc. a google search may also be useful.
Avatar n tn ) I have minimal activity because of the combination of gastroparesis and my heart probloem and have HP parking, which i hate because I used to play sports. I have not heard to much about the long term effects of malnutrition (in my case, my effects have been more short term, related to low potassium and then cardiac arrest). I am scared about the future though. I don't know about the next step for you, because I'm at a loss myself...I'm having a rough time and don't know what to do either.
946578 tn?1258666887 Other times they think it's diabetes. They say that it's hypoglycemia and my pancreas is shutting down, and I will have diabetes soon. But they have not evidence for that other than my blood glucose being out of wack. And I know with SOD your bile can end up in your pancreas and cause problems. So I am wondering if maybe that is what is causing it? Any ideas? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/235311'>Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction Questions</a>.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, it's one of the side effects of gastroparesis. (People with GERD and dyspepsia also often get this.) Are you on any medications for your gastroparesis? If they're for motility (reglan, domperidone), then they should help somewhat with this.
Avatar n tn In general, we need to find medical professionals with whom we can discuss and work well. Whether you have ongoing hypoglycemia or eventually become diabetic, you need a *sustainable* life style. Often adult-onset "anything" is difficult because, as adults we've developed some habits that may work against us. If you need to create some new healthier habits, do jump at the opportunity.
Avatar n tn He has been battling hypoglycemia ever sisnce. We have been in and out of ICUs and all they can do is give him Dextrose 10% IVs a few days and send him home afterwards until it happens again. We are told it has something to do with when he eats and the food sits in his stomach a hormone or something chemical stimulates the pancreas to shoot EXCESSIVE insulin. Our gastros can't figure it out and our endocrinologists can't either? We are in Miami, Florida.
Avatar n tn Hello and thank you for your time! I have had ideopathic gastroparesis for 2 years now. I am 5'10" & 1/2 and prior to illness I was 123lbs I leveled off for a while at 107-110 flux. My symptoms are worsening and I am down to 104lbs now an am very concerned. I have been vomiting several times a week,usually about 1/2 of what I have cosumed that day.I am having trouble eating enough food due to nausea(pain) and fullness lasting for many hours after eating even soup is slow to empty.
Avatar m tn All fasting blood tests came in between 77 and 82. Could these symptoms be caused by anything else other than hypoglycemia, like sinus infections, changes in weather, anxiety, environmental allergies (which recently caused a case of eosinophilic esophagitis) or migraines (which I have, with auras, currently untreated)? Thanks for any advice.
335728 tn?1331418012 I have gastroparesis so i can't eat fiber, and i have allergies so other stuff is out like nuts and that diet you mentioned looks so hard becuase the only things that digest for me are potatoes, rice, whit flour stuff and i don't want to have a tube put in my tummy. I'm already thin, i can't loose anymore weight but I go through the day on a vicious cycle of up and down on sugar crashes.
Avatar m tn Recently at night when going to bed I have had a hard time getting and staying asleep as I feel dizzy and my stomach feels tight and nauseous. I hjave woken up a few times covered in sweat and feeling like I had mild Vertigo. Everything points at stress/anxiety. But one thing I have read has me wondering if I should see a specialist. In 1992 I had my appednix burst, and spent 2 months in the hospital as they stried to get my bowels to straighten out without surgery.
11598128 tn?1419720796 ( its no fun and taking over my life. I have found that its causing major problems I now have to deal with Hypoglycemia , I eat I want to pass out if I dont eat I want to pass out. At night my blood sugar drops below 70 and I am now dealing with having my first ever Petit MAL Seizures because my sugar was way to low. I have Chronic Migraine so I thought that was what it was. But after seeing the Dr it was not. So any help with this would be great.
Avatar n tn Alcohol use also will diminish your awareness of the symptoms of hypoglycemia so you may not know your glucose levels are dropping. And if you pass out while out with friends, their reaction will be to leave you to "sleep it off" not knowing that severe hypoglcyemia can kill you or do lasting brain damage. Again, both of these increase your risks.
Avatar f tn ulcerative colitis with a full colon removal and now gastroparesis; multiple sclerosis; and hypothyroidism. It's not fair to any of you to ask for a diagnosis on-line, but could anyone at least give me a suggestion of what type of doc I should see in order to get a diagnosis? If there is to be treatment, I definitely would want it to be holistic or integrative. Any guidance would be deeply appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have personally been in touch with too many young adults and teens suffering with awful complications like gastroparesis and diabetic cataracts -- yes, already happening in their teens and early 20's -- to think that it is ever OK to let a high level remain high. It is SO important to lower it as soon as you discover the high level, and I can't stress that enough!
Avatar n tn Could this be blood sugar related? I have seen a cardiologist and pulmonologist and everything was fine with both heart and lungs. I have taken GERD meds but the sensation remained so I don't think it has anything to do with reflux. I'm really baffled. I might point out that I do take supplements with every meal and I've been wondering if taking too many vitamins can cause this feeling? If so, why does exercise make it go away.
Avatar n tn If your glucose levels are very high, you are going to feel bad (possible headache, thirst, buzz in head, and upset stomach) and of course each hour that your sugar levels are elevated, tiny blood vessels can be damaged. The best way to protect yourself is to tell your friends that you wish to live long and prosper and then volunteer to be their designated driver.
Avatar n tn I am looking for hope and reassurance. I know I have Gastroparesis and also GERD, although I have the GERD very well under control with Pine Nut Oil (the stuff was like a miralce for me!! I highly recommend it). Anyway, about once a month I get what I can call a "bout" of SEVERE trouble breathing and severe bloating with distended abdomen. It happened again 2 nights ago.... I was drinking a cold beer...
Avatar f tn Well after ct scans, upper gi's, small bowel follow through and normal labs, they are stumped and going back to it is all in my head and there may be some gas so walk it off. I told them I am a waitress, all I do is walk and all the antacids they are giving me have done nothing to help. I am being sent to a specialist in Nov and I have concerns about what they can do for me, if there are any tests left to do. I have also had a negative endoscopy.
Avatar f tn y investigating me for hormones, hypoglycemia and pitutary possible issues. So I called my GP and she said she could get me in next week...Never before has there been an issue with these blood tests before. Everything I google leads me to alcohol or hepatitis. Confused as I no longer drink, been at least a year, and I was only a very occasional drinker...maybe a cooler a night for a couple of nights...MAYBE.... Any help would be awesome.
Avatar n tn For the numbness, a neurologist would probably order an EMG test for your left arm. Has your physician checked you for hypoglycemia and diabetes? Do you notice that you sometimes get shakes when you are hungry?
459853 tn?1283144114 She determined that I suffered from Gastroparesis. This is where the stomach is not digesting and emptying like it should. I was placed on Domperidone which has helped TREMENDOUSLY! I have been able to lose 31 lbs. But in the process of all this is have watched my hair slowly fall out. Then withing the last year, my hair has become extremely thin compared to what it used to be. A few days ago when I washed it, it literally came out in chunks! A full hand full was lost!
Avatar f tn It wasn't until the episodes increased in duration, intensity and frequency a few years ago that an ER doc told me that there was no way it was hypoglycemia, and he referred me to a cardiologist. We tried EKG, Holter monitor, event monitor, and could never catch the arrythmia. Finally, we decided to take the more aggresive approach to implant a Reveal device, an implantable loop recorder (ILR) which goes under the skin above your heart.
Avatar n tn The symptoms often mimic hypoglycemia but there is no trace of this in any and all tests manageable. So, any ideas??? Thinking outside of the medical books, what would cause these symptoms?
Avatar n tn Perhaps, talking to him about his feelings regarding having diabetes and about how taking good care of himself is so important to his future welfare, might just be the key to opening the door and talking openly about his possible marijuana use. Talk...talk...talk and talk some more! Don't give up the communication because even though they are 20 and they don't think that they need us or our advice anymore, we know that they do and being there for them will always be our job!
Avatar f tn gastroparesis is a life changing condition that is hard to cope with and vary little options on helping it, i would disscus options with your doctor and eat smaller portions of food by giving your stomach that extra time it needs to digest.
Avatar n tn periventricular leukomalacia My son has a very mild case and now has epilepsy as well. He was spec ed and included till middle school, then the **** hit the fan and his memory, motor, and vision problems proove PVL. Wished I had know years ago. Good luck, sounds like you have a bunch of medical needs to address and that you are a great capable mom.
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar m tn I have tried all of the depression meds and nothing there either. I have gastroparisis now and have tried reglin and hycosomine to try and help with digestion but still nothing. Upper GI revealed hiatal hernia but nothing else. Colonoscopy came back good. Dexalint helps with the sharp stomach pains and reflux but still have the daily episodes. When I get constipated I actually have a few good days till the bowel gets full then the feeling comes on strong.
Avatar f tn The kind that ends you up in the ER to get a GI cocktail and a shot of pain meds. They have diagnosed me with IBS, Gastroparesis, Reactive Hypoglycemia and think that it all could be related to the vagus never damage. Over the last 6 years there has been many "odd" things that my body has experienced and many related back to the original surgery.... I know that some of these symptoms are very normal.