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Avatar m tn Hi and welcome, Ambien works the exact same way as benzos. If you looked up Ambien Withdrawal you'll find it's very rough to get off of. But I bet if you resumed your Ambien just as your doctor prescribed, it will eventually build back up in your system and let you sleep again. I have to admit, I'm like you and I second guess my doctor, but he always seems to know best. A couple of years ago I was on Ambien 10mg for just 9 months and it took me 4 months to taper off of it.
Avatar f tn I was told at my last pain management appointment that I could no longer fill my prescription from my primary care provider for the xanax I am prescribed for my anxiety that I had to choose between my chronic pain medication or my anxiety meds is this legal
Avatar m tn i am currently taking 2mg of xanax 2x a day i also take 30 mg oxycodone 4x a day my dr retired no new dr will write both meds i am having xanax withdrawal.
Avatar f tn I completely forgot to ask if there was an interaction between these two drugs. I may not even have to take the xanax, only if I have a panic attack will I. Does anyone know if there is an interaction between these two? Also, I took 1/2 a promethazine (phenegran) for nausea in the AM around 7 because the antibiotics made me feel like I was going to throw up. Is there any reaction between the things I just named? Please let me know!
Avatar m tn Is it possible these symptoms are being caused by Xanax withdrawal or interaction between Xanax and Dramamine or Azithromiacin (antiabiotic). Most of the muscle buzzing, muscle twitches and insomnia started after mixture of Dramamine and Xanax.
Avatar m tn Hello. I was recently diagnosed with inactive/latent tuberculosis and was given Isoniazid 300 mg to take for 6 months. At the clinic, they warned me that isoniazid is processed mainly by the liver and that drinking alcohol could cause liver damage in combination and should be avoided. I have no problem not drinking, but I take norco on a regular basis for chronic pain and I'm concerned that the acetaminophen in the norco's will combine with the isoniazid and cause severe liver damage.
Avatar m tn Potential for serious interaction; regular monitoring by your doctor required or alternate medication may be needed Significant: Potential for significant interaction (monitoring by your doctor is likely required) Minor: Interaction is unlikely, minor, or nonsignificant Here's the results for the meds you're asking about: ZOLOFT AND VICODIN: Significant - Monitor Closely.
Avatar m tn I was originally prescribed hydrocodone 10 twice a day for lower back pain 4 years ago. My pain is now pretty well controlled with Alieve. I continue to use hydrocodone/ib 7.5 in the AM and half that pill in the late afternoon but not for pain. My question refers to a moderate depression I've had for years that only 5mg Xanax relieved. My doctor advised against Xanax use except for emergencies. No anti-depressant worked or had severe side effects.
Avatar n tn I take xanax for anxiety, I also have asthma. Can I take proventil with xanax? Also I heard Prozac is good for gettting off of xanax without withdrawl symtoms, is that true?
Avatar f tn Stopping hydrocodone and xanax after about 3 yrs... Been off and on xanax, weaning down - tomorrow laast day. Quitting hydrocodone c/t.. Just need someone to talk to, ashamed to talk to friends about it.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed xanax for anxiety and I thought thats what it was. After the second 1mg xanax it was no better so I assumed it was from cutting back on my Norco. A few days earlier I stopped taking gabapentin 600mg 1 time a day and flexeril 2-4 times per day. The anxious feeling was still there and that night I was having charlie horses to the point of soaking in a hot tub. I do suffer from RLS as do both my parents.
266195 tn?1215310411 I'm currently taking xanax, and will start prozac tomorrow. Does anyone know of any possible interaction between xanax and prozac taken together? My doctor says he's not aware of anything, But I just wanted to get some opinions from people who may have first hand knowledge or know of someone who does. So I guess do benzos and ssri's mix well? I really need the xanax untill the prozac can kick in.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for 4 years, was on 10mgs per day until about a year ago, am now taking 25 to 30 mgs. a day. I want OFF!!! Can I taper? Are withdrawals bad? I have 30 10 mg tabs, some valiums and a few xanax. I have no medical insurance to enter a rehab center. Can I do this by myself? Where can I go for advice? Help, Anybody.
Avatar n tn I have been on Hydrocodone , Xanax and Somia for over 10 years now. For some reason it fails to show up in my urine dryg screen. I take all my medications the way I should every day. 4 Hydrocodone 10/500 mg 4x day, Xanax 1 mg 3x day and Soma 350 mg 3x day. I have failed my drug screen test 5 times ans all 5 times I loose that Dr. Please tell me if their could be a medical reason for it not showing up?
Avatar f tn is it okay to take several 1mg xanax and vicoprophen a few hours bwfore taking several fioricet?
Avatar m tn For fibromyalgia I also take xanax and hydrocodone. Things were at least okay, with pain levels and fibro manifestations to deal with, but nothing like this hell. At first, I reached for anti-dizziness meds, but they aren't really much help, plus they swell my prostate for which I have had two operations for enlargement already.
Avatar n tn ve been taking hydrocodone or percoet for the last 3 years and also take xanax and I just wanted to know is this going to hurt my baby? I do not want to go through a miscarriage again and I want this baby so bad... My OBGYN says its fine to take them in moderation and I'm just not sure if thats okay? Ive went without taking them and ended up in the hospital because it was so bad, not from withdraws just them pain...Please reassure me this is okay....
Avatar f tn I believe any of these drugs you have to taper off with these meds. Even Hydrocodone should have been tapered. If Xanax works for you thats fine but if you take it everyday you can become addicted so be sure to take it under Drs. supervision. It really is only for short term due to addiction tendency. SSRI s are the only med that works for both anxiety and depression for me.
Avatar f tn https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-9824/xanax-oral/details/list-interaction-details/dmid-2285/dmtitle-benzodiazepines-buprenorphine/intrtype-drug There are dangerous interactions with using suboxone and Xanax when used together.
Avatar f tn yes i was totally off xanax only taking the hydro,i am terrified of the xanax but have taken 4 in 6 days to help with anxiety but ia am so afraid of the xanax i really don't want to take it it is only 0.
Avatar n tn Hi. I took,my last 4 hydrocodone 7.5/325 last Wednesday. I had been taking 4 at night and 1 to 2 during the day for 6 months or more. I have had a hard time and have been following the recipes on this site but I am struggling with the restlessness. You know.... the crawling out of the skin feeling. I have Xanax but it does not seem to help. I take a half of a .5 (.25) a couple times a day but it is not helping. I am going out of my mind with the restlessness.
Avatar f tn So yesterday I took one dose of diflucan which is an antibiotic when I looked up the interactions it said it has a major reaction with xanax... its been over 12 hours since I took the diflucan... does anyone know if I can start taking my xanax now.
Avatar f tn I am 72 years old. I am addicted to 20 mg a day of hydrocodone /tylenol and 2 mg of Xanax. I have high blood pressure what will happen if I go cold turkey and get off of them? I have been on them for 5 years.
Avatar n tn When is it going to end? I have been abusing hydrocodone for 8 years. I am seriously determined to quit, yes on my own. I''m ashamed to go for help because people don't see it the we users see it. It is a disease and they see us as weaklings. Im on day 2 and I feel like crawling out of my skin. I have Xanax and have used maybe .25 per day, since, This doesn't help. I sleep w/ NyQuil and my liver test doesnt look good. Help, what to do?
Avatar m tn Had shoulder replacement surgery 45 days ago and after the 3rd day on hydrocodone I started having anxiety attacks at bedtime and could not sleep. This turned into more anxiety starting around dark because I knew what I would be faced with at bed time. I was told it could be the hydrocodone so I stopped 10 days ago. I was given .5mg xanax and 10 mg ambien.
Avatar f tn You can take Xanax too and Xanax being a sedative, hypnotic, anti-convulsive, anxiolytic medication will make you even more tired and dizzy since you are already on Seroquel which is very sedative in its anti-psychotic kind of med. You get the extended release which should cause less sedation but still when mixed with a benzodiazepine such as Xanax it will add up and make you feel like you mentioned above.