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Avatar n tn i have i dont have hydrocodone in my urine when i see my pain dr today and im sure i dont but i do have weed in it if i use somone elses urine that has nothing in it and put a hydrocodone pill in theirn urine and soak in it for a little bit will it show in their urine
Avatar n tn So I'm 18 years old almost 19.. I've been a daily weed smoker for years since I was about 15 (not sure exactly) and recently picked up a cigarette and caffeine addiction as well. I've tried a lot of drugs, mushrooms, extacy, coke, opiates (hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, ect..), 2-ci, salvia, nitrous, and others.. But I've only really ever been hooked on smoking buds and never let it effect my life too much.
Avatar n tn s a sensitive subject around here, but I honestly feel that weed helps with WD. Takes your mind off of things, and helps you relaaaaaax.
Avatar f tn I am 22 as of last week. My mother is almost 60 and she has a real bad back and knees. She has been taking hydrocodone for as long as I can remember. Well, when I turned 13 I got into smoking marijuana. Still do to this day. And I think it is what opened me up to the other drugs I have done. Anyways, when I was around 16, I had real bad mestrual pain and my mom offered me one of her pain killers. Bad mistake. The first time I took it, I got sick because I didn't eat.
Avatar m tn Prayer is helpful if your a spiritual person. I also like to smoke weed when I am withdrawling, it helps me with the pain and appetite. I have read mixed reactions to that but it works for me. The part that I struggle with is the cravings (As you can see, I have relapsed many times). I am currently working on identifying my triggers. This last releapse I was doing great for about a week. Was driving past the place where I meet my dealer and that all it took.
Avatar f tn Yes, they can do drug tests and they don't need your consent. You need to be honest with your doctor, if they find any in your system and you weren't honest, you're definitely less likely to be taken seriously. At this stage, your baby will need to be watched as you're weened off from them because he/she may be addicted to it as well.
Avatar m tn how do you deal with the withdrawls of opiates and weed when i decide to stop which is now
Avatar m tn Hi I'm new to this site. I'm trying to get off hydrocodone 7/750 which I've been taking 6 to 8 a day for 3 years. I had back surgery 7 years ago and got better for a while but then my back has been getting worse again and then started taking the pills. This seems so common. So last night I went for 8 to 3 and already had a little bit of a rough night. I'm trying to taper it a little because I know what's coming. I tried this before and didn't make it.
Avatar f tn I live in texas. I am almost a month clean now and feel great. I slept fine with the valiums and weed. I had the ***** a little but not too bad. I just wanted to share this with people that are having ahard time with tapering. This actually worked great and believe me I have tried many ways and have been through withdrawel hell many times. I was very comfortable this time even coming off a lest 250mg a day. And I started these due to two herniated disks and artho on my left hand.
1624977 tn?1299260466 hello there jason , i am a patient who also has had a runn of bad luck!. i had several back problems and neck problems and bad disc's galoure!! 8 total. i had amotor cycle accident in 93, was a passenger in a truck accident in 94 ,and a head on t-bone accident in 97.. i still worked up untill i could not bare weight on my right leg. in 2009 i applyed for dis ability. i got it after fighting for 2 and 1 half year's .
Avatar m tn I would say its more likely he would need to go to the hospital for APAP toxicity than hydrocodone overdose. APAP (tylenol) is mixed with the hydrocodone and is not good for the liver in high doses. Just tell him not to go crazy and make sure he doesn't mix with alcohol or other drugs (besides weed), and he should remain alive. Might end up with a wicked addiction though!
Avatar m tn Short history here- male, 32, emotionally abused and a few instances of physical abuse as a teen (step parent). I don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol anymore, but I am addicted to hydrocodone, weed, porn and I was an alcoholic in my twenties. I've been toking multiple times daily for a few years.
Avatar f tn on our year anniversary he didnt even say happy anniversary all i got as a present was the big news that he had began to smoke marijuana again. i hate weed with a passion i dont see why people say it isnt harmful, it helps those who are ill but if your healthy it could be very harmful. i always tell him to stop and he refuses and he knows i really am NO fan of weed he always argues with me telling me it isnt a drug but to me it is!
Avatar f tn s first thing in the morning then at least 8 or more during the rest of the day and no tellingwhat else. I’m scared because I’m the only one going to be with him and I know he will have Bad withdrawals.
Avatar f tn now i have come to my wits end with answers on how to deal with this. i have read up a lot about depression and i am tryin to be as supportive as possible please give me some answers and tips on what i should do please help!!!
Avatar f tn How do you think being on 1 5/500mg tablet of Hydrocodone per day in conjunction with the Nexium (Every day) will affect my liver/kidney in the long run? He has told me that such a small dose will NEVER cause me harm. Somehow, I am not addicted to the Lortab and it continues to take a very tiny edge off of the pain so I am able to sleep somewhat better - there are days when i may have to take two, but that might happen 3 times a year.
595559 tn?1241140638 What do you guys that know me and my background with being addicted to opiates think about me smoking weed to help with my Bipolar disoder???? And I mean every now and then.....not everyday. I am of course, also taking my meds from my pdoc. I would like some input.
Avatar m tn about 3 years ago i had a bone spur in my foot, which the dr. prescribed hydrocodone. it also helped with the pain i would sometimes get in my stump.(leg). i liked the feeling i got when i was on the pills, so i kept taking them even if i wasnt in pain. after 3 years i was addicted to them, the past 8 months taking 10 pills 10/650 or 10/325 a day. when i finally got tired of the guilt, money spent and sneaking around i decided to get help.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if it will hurt me to smoke weed doing the triple therary for hep c.
Avatar m tn Im 21. Been smoking weed for about 10 years everyday like i had something to prove. Cutting back on it now. Been taking benzos for a few years..trying to stop...not so easy...probly gonna end up in rehab...I quit oxycotin and pain pills cold turkey, it was hard since i had such cheap and easy access to whatever i want. felt like **** but made it. I did e pills alot, i overdosed...all the drugs i mentioned in the title i would sometimes do them all in the same day..bad bad bad idea.
Avatar m tn For word jumble fans: Begin with 'W', ends with 'E' with an 'O' smack in the middle.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used weed to help with morning sickness? What are people's takes on doing so? I've been so sick everyday and been told by multiple people to try it, but I'm scared it harms the baby.
Avatar f tn Even used in the child birthing process to help ease pain (back centuries ago before modern medicine came out with a stronger drug). ALL natural weed, with NO additives, has been found to do little to no harm to babies. It's when you go out to a dealer and buy stuff that has god knows what in it that harms the baby. It's the stuff people put in weed that causes harm.
Avatar m tn When you buy weed they lace it with all kinds of things to make it more potent. Sometimes they will even use household chemicals. Too there is the whole thing about the drug trade causing world wide crime and harm to innocents. I personally think that weed should be legal, but until it is you have no clue what you're getting and you are hurting real people by buying it.
Avatar f tn like im no goodie goodie I did smoke in the beggining it helped a lot with morning sickness but after that went away I quit idk if shes jealous or something but like shes supposed to be my bff...I just had to vent about it...
Avatar m tn I smoked weed for about 5/6 months, averagely 2 times a week at most 3. Towards the end of my relationship with weed, i started getting higher strains of it. There was this one deciding factor that started to put me off it. I had the strongest stuff i had ever smelt, i smoked it in a blunt so it affected me more. Within about 10 minutes i started to trip out. (This affect had never happened before on me.
Avatar f tn HI I agree with the others here ....your baby will be fine my wife smoke occasionally with our first mainly to avoid morning sickness and Mat turned out fine he is 28 bright and intelligent....the other 3 my wife dident touch the stuff out of fear but there right if anything elicit turns up cps gets involved so you need to quit smoking now it a differt world then it was 28yr ago good luck with the baby take care of your self and God bless....
Avatar f tn I SMOKED WEED 5 times and all the times i had a panic attack but the last time i smoked it i had two spliffs to myself and i felt horrible i lay in the corner of my mates room panic and it wouldnt go away untill like 3 hours when i felt really weird like i dindnt even exsist i went to my other friends house got the munchies and went to sleep to wake up feeling the same like drousy and weird and i have felt the same for like 9 months maybe longer and i have been diagnosed with anxiety does anybod
Avatar m tn Hello, can someone please read my question, and answer it. I've smoke marijuana a few times. I know its not for me, because I'm not a smoker. However, I was with my co worker best friend one night and I dont know anything about her. He asked me if i smoked, and i told her sometimes, and I was hesitated to tell her because I was afraid. We were riding on the road and she asked me if I could break down weed, and I told her "no" I've never done it.