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4983320 tn?1378402268 So like a couple week ago I noticed I had a bunch of little red specks about the size of a pin point on my neck and chest, one by my eye and a couple on my arm. I know they are like little broken blood vessels and figured it was due to increased blood flow, but is this normal and will it go away after pregnancy? I sure hope so, it's not very cute! Oh and I'm 19 weeks as of tomorrow.
Avatar m tn As well, my legs have also developed quite a few small, red, pimple-like spots with a white spot on the middle (However, I do not believe this to be folliculitis). Any ideas?
Avatar f tn im 7 week 5 days its red butvreally tiny tiney specks almost not visable. i have rang docs got an ultra sound booked in for wednesday. also had one last friday and everything was fin just hope its the same on wednesday.
Avatar m tn This time it was a solid stool and was marked with similar red specks, except the red specks were discoloring the water around it and pooling at the bottom the way blood in water can pool at the bottom of the bowl. When wiping the paper also showed up brown with intermittent red. I wish I took a picture of it but force of habit caused me to flush. When the next day started I wanted to see how my next trip to the bathroom went before calling the doctor.
Avatar n tn throughout my life i have had teeny tiny pink specks appear on my skin. they are pale, not raised or itchy, and they never come in groups. its always one small individual one on my hand or arm, then it goes away after a while. it isnt a rash or bug bites, its very small and hard to see. it think they are quite common because i have seen them on many other people. it isnt anything like keretosis or petechie, just little pink pinprick sized specks, almost under the skin.
Avatar m tn During the last two days, I noticed very small red specks in my stoll (it looks as if I have paprika powder in my stool,very small, but many).The only red thing I ate these days was strawberries. I had internal hemorrhoids before (5 months ago) and I usually get bloated and find a very small amount of blood on the toilet paper after I accidentally eay something spicy or drink something with milk like latte or milk tea.
Avatar f tn I treated it with my usual 1-day Monistat suppository and two days later I noticed that there were some red specks in my discharge that almost looked like small red pepper flakes (sorry for the visual) which is something I have never experienced before. I thought maybe it wasn't a yeast infection but instead something else like bacterial vaginosis. I went to my doctor the next day and as I was sitting in the waiting room I started to full on bleed.
Avatar f tn However, just about two/three weeks ago, these specks started getting larger. Not red, still dark. I also found myself dealing with extreme nausea about everyday (some days worse than others), especially after eating. Once in a while I have some mild waves of vertigo as well and I found myself feeling much more fatigued than usual. Sometimes I have abdominal cramping, but it's more discomfort than actually sharp or dull pains.
Avatar n tn If you don't mind, what was the outcome or diagnosis? I have a similar problem that my urologogist has not been able to diagnose. I've had brown urine that settles out residue at the bottom with what looks like small blood clots and tiny black specks. I would be curious to find out if you got a diagnosis.
Avatar m tn I have Morgellons disease and all the horrible skin symptoms as described, however previously, I did have black specks, was DX with IBS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis, mmigraines, mixed connective tissue disease). The common thread among Morgellons victims is white, blue, red, green fibers that can be very fine like lint that can emerge from pores after bathing, or from sores, or specks, and sand particles of white, and black, and much more. Good luck and if you don't have please pass the word.
Avatar f tn Two days ago, even with hydrocodone in my system, I was feeling stabbing pains in my right side. Yesterday I woke up at 4 am with severe pain in my groin and it felt as though the pain was moving down my side. I thought my stone was passing and was so happy to be done with it! At about 3:30 in the afternoon, I felt something pass during urination and luckily it was caught in the strainer. It was an oblong piece of what looked like a whitish-yellow mucus with some blood on one end.
Avatar f tn In February I went to the doctor with painful urination and discharge after oral sex. I was given bactrim and azithromycyn at this time. I was also teste dfor various things, which came back gonnorhea. Byt he time the tests came back i was given Ceftriaxone injection which apparently cures gonnorhea. I have 4 lots of tests since all come back negative for any STDs.
Avatar m tn I have been to a slew of doctors(GP/GIs) who have done numerous tests including multiple ultrasounds, amylase/lipase serums, ct scan with contrast, and a hida scan with all of them showing negative results. My pancreatitis seems to come and go for no apparent reason. Most recently it had been silent for 8 months then flared-up out of nowhere. I went to my GP again since he has been the only one who consistently tries to determine the cause, despite no luck yet.
Avatar m tn the black specks are actually red. they are bed bug poop.
584238 tn?1235769865 I have these red blotchy specks in patches all over my face. Mostly on the sides, my forehead, and some around my eyes. They don't hurt or itch but it sure is noticeable. I have extremely sensitive skin and I'm not sure whats exactly causing this. I've been taking benadyrl in hopes that it would help, because it looks like an allergic reaction to something but I don't know what. It only ever happens when I'm at my boyfriends house for an extended period of time.
Avatar f tn Each time has given me about a day-and-a-half of relief and visibly reduced dandruff(?)/specks after each wash although it gets super itchy again and the specks reappear over the following days. Just today I have noticed itchiness all around my mouth and my lips have been very dry and itchy in particular. No amount of beeswax lip balm seems to help.
Avatar f tn After church service today. I went to restroom to find two bright red specks of blood . I'm 34 weeks should I go to hp or is it normal to spot at this time?
Avatar f tn So a couple months ago (roughly 5-6) I had unprotected sex with a girl that worked at a hospital in which i meet online and said she has never had any signs of anything.. However I had some red speckles pop up on my penis recently just under my pee hole ( 3 to be exact) and what looked like a cut on the rim of my penis (I'm cicumzied) they did not hurt at all but the cut hurt queit a bit.. I did feel a little uncomfortable when urenating but not if I drank a lot of water prior to urenating..
Avatar m tn I got little specks of skin groth all over my left underpit, what causes this?
Avatar f tn I went to the restroom to pee yesterday and when I wiped it was a clear discharge with brown specks like old blood. Then all day today I had no brown discharge and I was happy. Until just now, I wiped and there was light brown discharge and little brown specks. (No its not from my butt haha) but seriously, is this bad? It's like old blood. Very very little. But why is it happening? I'm scared. And I've been having lower back aches. My legs are achy.
Avatar n tn I was reading a closed post where someone said their doctor said it was normal and not to worry. Recently i have tons and tons of flat black specks in my bowel, yet nothing else is wrong with it or my body. I was wondering what the doctor might have said was the problem. Was it non-digested food? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/229902'>black specks in bowel</a>.