Hydrocodone with ibuprofen dosage

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Avatar n tn 5 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/100 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/100 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 5 mg/500 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/ibuprofen, and 15 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/ibuprofen
Avatar m tn m not really sure what else there is in a comparable strength. Those meds are also available with ibuprofen instead of acet, too.
Avatar n tn The stim is helping a great deal but I am not pain free, my question is my dr. just started me on 15 mg. hydrocodone compound with no acetm. or ibupf. he was concerned about liver damage, I just recently came off 120 mg. er morphine daily and am opiate tolerate, I seem to have the tolerance of a few horses. I don't feel much relief with this new med,, is it straight hydrocodone if there is not acetm. or ibupf? I can't find any info about it.
14459885 tn?1434632442 This drug is hydrocodone/ibuprofen. Hydrocodone is probably the most prescribed opiate pain medication. Ive never heard of hydrocodone and ibuprofen together. It's much better than hydrocodone and acetaminophen because the acetaminophen is very hard on the liver. Depending on the dosage (hydrocodone is usually prescribed in doses 5mg, 7.5mg and 10mg) You may have some mild discomfort or something more like a true opiate withdrawal. Tell us a little more about your situation.
Avatar m tn The moaning got a lot worse now. I have human benadryl tablets, hydrcodone, and ibuprofen with me. Can i at least make her comfortable qith these until i can get her to help? Please help me!
Avatar f tn m concerned about my liver. My doctor refuses to put me on hydrocodone with a lower dose of acetaminophen. I've been on this medication for 10 years-again, rarely even taking 1 full pill a day. It is hard, because I make myself suffer through the pain in order to keep my liver going. I don't have an addictive personality and throughout the course of this, I have not formed an addiction to the pain medication (which I find a blessing).
Avatar f tn ve had severe chronic pain since 1983 and was diagnosed with HCV in 1986 and with cirrhosis in 2004. Before my liver got so bad I used a variety of different pain meds, but have had to be way more careful since 2004. For the last year I've been using Opana (oxymorphone) ER twice daily and a small dose of oxymorphone IR for breakthrough pain. It has worked well for me, contains no acetaminophen, is okay with my hepatologist, and has fewer supply hassles than OxyContin did.
Avatar n tn Ibuprofen is a bloodthinner. They say you arent supposed to take it...only tylenol. Because when you are pregnant the volume of blood in your body increases by 50%. If you were to have an accident, go into preterm labor, etc...you could bleed out and hemmorage. Causing lots of problems!
Avatar n tn i am to take 2 tramadol twice daily or as needed along with 800 mg ibuprofen twice daily. i have not found any resolve with this medication (i have been on it 2 weeks). i also have not had any typical withdrawl symptoms from stopping the vicodin. i have degeneration of my t3 and t4 vertebre and spinal rotation and of course subluxation. i have had 2 diagnosises and both times the prognosis was long term chronic pain. i have blood work done every 3 mths and it has always been normal.
Avatar n tn Not really any difference. Vicoprofen has Ibuprofen with the Hydrocodone. Vicodin has Tylenol. Strength would be the same if they both were the same dose.
Avatar m tn Was taking Hydrocodone (10-325 @ 2 every 4 hrs) for about 2 months prior to shoulder surgery. Had the surgery and continued the dosage through for two weeks. Decided to go CT 96 hours ago and that is when I took my last pill because I didnt like how they were making me feel at all. Have only slept for about 3 hours since I took the last one and generally I feel like laying in traffic would feel even better. I do feel a little better every day but I really need some real sleep soon.
Business man2 Hydrocodone can be combined with Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen for pain. Both preparations have similar outcomes for pain relief.
Avatar m tn Tylenol is acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is also made with Ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn This was about 1 1/2 years ago, neuro stimulator placed doing well with pain control using ibuprofen and Tylenol #4. However according to PM Dr. last 3 dit have shown increased amounts of hydrocodone. I take ibuprofen, Tylenol #4, Prozac, diazyde, devastating, multivitamin, exception, and a topical compound which is formulated under Dr. order. I do not take hydrocodone. I am allergic to hydrocodone. I am at my wits end, what would cause this false positive.
Avatar f tn I actually have more trouble with Ibuprofen than I do with Tylenol. I had asked my Doctor about it and he told me that Ibuprofen was just as harmful in large doses. With you having an occasional drink and you taking the prescribed medication, I would not worry about your intake of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. It can be a concern if you take these drugs on a regular basis or long term. Most Doctor will not prescribe the medication with those additives.
Avatar f tn I had severe pain and kidney stones with my pregnancies. I passed a stone already with this baby but fought the pain when I get a next attack I will go in for pain killers. Also you can not take ibuprofen while pregnant.
Avatar f tn ring your pharmacy and ask... they should be able to tell you. I do know that oxycodone is a fairly powerful opiate but i'm not familar with hydrocodone. THey are both way stronger than codcamol (which is panadol and codeine) and neurofen (which is ibuprofen) Codcamol and neurofen are both avail over the counter at the chemist but you should only be able to get oxycodone or hydrocodone on prescription from a doctor.. Let me know if I have this wrong tho...
Avatar m tn Can Kidney pain be a side effect of taking Ibuprofen? I was taking ibuprofen last week consecutively for 3 days (400mg t.i.d) after laser eye surgery. A day or so after starting it I experienced mild pain/discomfort in my left flank that came in waves. When I stopped taking the ibuprofen the flank pain also stopped. The next day I took one more dose - the flank pain started again within an hour, but was gone the next day.
1148241 tn?1294052796 I recently quit taking Vicodin for my joint pain because I was concerned about liver damage. I have been taking Ibuprofen instead. I've been taking two in the morning and then two in the afternoon. It says don't take longer than 10 days though. I have to take something though. My knees and wrists and fingers hurt too much if I don't. I know you guys aren't Drs but experience counts for something if its what your Dr has told you. What do you guys take?
699217 tn?1323438700 Often they are combined with other drugs, such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen, and are marketed under many brand names. Oxycontin is, as mentioned, is time-release oxycodone. It carries a particularly high risk for abuse and overdose because if it is crushed before ingesting, or crushed and snorted, it causes a huge rush because an amount of drug meant to last 12 hours is released very quickly. I don't know much about Tramadol.
6708370 tn?1471490210 5 mg hydrocodone with acetaminophen to 5 mg. oxycodone - 1 morning 1 afternoon and 2 evening as needed for pain. Still works when needed. I'm careful not to take more because that could increase tolerance, higher dosage and risk addiction.
Avatar f tn Liver pain would be a symptom that showed up later in liver damage. If you stay with what your doctor prescribes, you should be fine. I don't think you have anything to worry about, especially since your doctor checked your liver enzymes. I'm sure you're aware that a lot of things have acetaminophen in them. So you just want to make sure you don't take anything else that has it in it. You also shouldn't drink alcohol, especially if you're at the upper limit.
Avatar n tn im not an addict of hydrocodone. my dr gave me narcos for my wisdom tooth being pulled this is the third day. but only second time i have had to take it. it makes me sooo tired. i have four kids. is there anything i can do to get some energy. i can barley keep my eyes open.
Avatar m tn I started out taking tramadol 6 50mg pills a day which worked for about a year then the pain got to severe. My doctor started me on 5mg hydrocodone about 80 a month then 5mg oxycodone 90 a month. Then about a year later I was given 10mg oxycodone 90 a month then it increased to 120 a month. That lasted about 2 years but I would usually go over and I would have to get some from a friend or as my doctor to fill the script early to eventually buying some off the street.
Avatar m tn Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Heat with stretching and then ice before bed. Dr's can only prescribe hydro- pain meds, that you get from a pharmacy.