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Avatar f tn I felt like there was no problem, it gave me energy to go out do things with her, be happy. That didn't last, it got to where I was to focused on getting pills to enjoy her and when I didn't have any for half a day, the frustration was taken out on her. I want to be normal again. I took my last pill friday at 2pm, I have not had one since.
Avatar m tn I was on hydrocodone for two years for a back injury,then I found out that I had cancer and they put me on morphine for the last 6 months. The doctor is trying to wean me off of the pain meds.But I think she is trying to wean me to fast. I have been very depressed and most days ,I do not have enough energy to get out of bed. I am being told that I most likely not to live another year.
Avatar f tn All through my tapering regime, I have posted on this forum - and written in my journal. If anything, I have become very humble towards anyone with an addiction - because I KNOW what they are feeling, thinking, existing... In other words, you are not alone. You worked hard to get where you are - I commend you for that. Somewhere along the way you took a wrong turn - but you are doing the right things right now to get back on your path. Continue posting!
Avatar f tn even if you find an all women NA meeting and go a few times and just sit there. stay HYDRATED. drink, drink, drink. you need to flush the toxin from your body. for me the restless legs are the worst symptom hot epsom salt baths heating pad icy hot or ben gay if it is real bad you can wrap your legs in ace bandages after taking hot bath and rubbing them down. then use a heating pad on top of all of that. sublingual b12 vitamins.
Avatar m tn The sugery was performed on March 24th and by any measure it was a complete success. I came home from the hospital with an Rx for more hydrocodone to treat the pain from the surgery. In Thursday evening, the 27th I took my last pain pill. I did OK for a couple of days but now I find I cannot get to sleep and am experiencing the other maladies that other contributors have noted. I will NOT take another pill. What should I expect before I am back to normal?
Avatar f tn after 5 days of the laziness and depression I found myself going to work with almost more energy than when I was on pills. my mood is much better and I'm not tired when I wake up in the morning. the first 5days was definitely tough but now I'm so thankful that I stayed away from them. you can do it and you will feel so much better once the withdrawals are gone. goodluck to you!
Avatar n tn try energy drinks if you are tapering now i havent been tapering off right now and im doing a slow taper. when i start to feel my body w/d and its not time for my next dose i drink a monster energy or amp they give me that little bit of boost and hyper to get through the w/d and in doing that the other day i was actually able to skip a dose i went from taking 2 perc 10s every 3 to 4 hours to taking 1 every 13 hours.
Avatar f tn I know it seams impossible with the energy crash but start out with a walk around the block and build up from there good nutrition is important go up to wall mart and pick up some whey protein shake mix ....its only 15 bucks for a 2 lb can and it is loaded with vitamins essential amino acids as well as the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal....
1160764 tn?1267117459 I am laid up on the couch all day until I get the kids from school, then it takes all I have to get enough energy to cook supper and help with homework. Has anyone else found a way to make it a little better without taking more meds? I do also have an inner ear infection that I was given an antihistamine, ear drops, and an antibiotic for. I'm just so ready to be a good wife and mom again! Any advice would be great.
Avatar n tn personally I have been taking a powdered energy drink with vitamins and minerals 4x a day called EMERGEN-C. I really believe it helps!
Avatar n tn During those short intervals, I did experience some level of discomfort, and I knew it was due to my body's absence of hydrocodone. Today, I'm going to really follow through with an aggressive plan to once and for all kick the habit! I've never been an avid drug user. In my younger days, I was a regular everyday drinker. In fact, I've had two DUIs. At one time, alcohol was the center of gravity for a once young lost soul.
Avatar f tn He has been on them for over 4 years he has been taken like 6 ten's first thing in the morning then at least 8 or more during the rest of the day and no tellingwhat else. I’m scared because I’m the only one going to be with him and I know he will have Bad withdrawals.
Avatar n tn I am 8 days clean and the first 5 days were hell. I have regaind my energy and the wd will pass I promise. You cn do this.
Avatar f tn I am a 37 yr old female that was dx with Hodgkins disease when I was 25, went thru the whole chemo radiation and surgery thing. Well i kicked that right in its butt and have been cancer free for 11yrs this month! Never a bit of pain med taken from then til '03. My life kinda took a weird turn in '03 when I started engaging in behavior that was abnormal to what I had been used to. Hell, I was a woman who beat the odds(against drs prognosis) and had a precious lil boy!
Avatar n tn I drink whey protein shakes twice a day you can get a 2lb can up at walmar for 15 bucks its loaded with vitamins as well as amino acids along with the protein all of witch the brain needs to heal...for the energy thing liquid B -complex helps a bit again you can get it at walmart for 6 bucks all of these are not magic cures ....but I noticed over time they seam to help...give them a try...right now you just have to focus on you and let the house go for a few more days....
1718647 tn?1437514339 But day 3 and 4 have been a world better. I actually wake up with energy in the morning which I never did on them. Get some Imodium, advil, and something to help you sleep and you can do this. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn Is there anyone out there who take these drugs not just for the feeling of getting high, but to feel good about yourself? I sometimes have a drink with them to maximize the effects. I know this is dangerous, but I can't help it. I started out taking them as prescribed, one tablet every four hours, to taking 3 at a time every 3-4 hours. The effect does not last long anymore. I am afraid I will start taking more and more just to feel better longer.
Avatar m tn I like to believe if i didn't have 2 surgeries in o6 i would have celebrated 21 years sober. I still havent had a drink, or other drug. so I fear i've met my match with these painkillers.anyhow I made thru school tonight and got home with no stops along the way. I dont know, I hope tomorrow's a little less dramatic.Thanksfor talking god bless.
2333944 tn?1342915967 it isn't as good as the hydrocodone, but it helps with my desire to take it. Then I did a search on Tramadol and found out it is a synthetic opiate too. So yesterday morning, I took one but no more, and I am through with those too. I had a horrible headache last night and ended up taking some ibuprofen which didn't help a lot but I got to sleep. This morning I feel horrible. The pain in my knees isn't so bad, but I feel like going to bed and staying there. I feel tired and nauseated.
Avatar n tn I have to take it with benydral because the codine makes me itch. So I am addicted to benedryal, hydrocodone, ambien, requip. I also have to take prilosec 2x's a day because I no longer have a stomach lining. I need to get this stuff out of my system. Right now I take 10-20mg each day.
Avatar n tn Just be sure to read all about withdrawals and what to expect because it's much easier to handle if you know what you are faced with. Take hot baths, drink tons of water, try to take walks. The first few days are bad but when you finally get enough energy you should get out of the house, keep busy, and be around friends. Most importantly, reach out to others on this forum. I do it on a daily basis.
Avatar m tn As Merri123 indicated (and as many of you probably know), I am still touch and go with my sleep and do feel a little lack of energy. Luckily I began this on a four-day weekend. During the initial few days of ct nothing aided my sleep. I tried flexiril (script for my back), which normally puts me out if I'm sitting down, and melatonin, nothing really strong. But now it seems melatonin has had a slight effect the last couple nights. Last night I dozed off for an 1.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for about 2 1/2 years at an increasing rate, ending up with the 7.5 strength and about 18-20 per day. I do have severe arthitis pain and am a 51 year old woman. I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage.
Avatar n tn I am on day 3 with no hydrocodone and I wish I can get my legs to stop shaking and the nasuea and depression what go away, I have to work and feel like this and its hard to get things done. I cannot afford to take off work at this point. I can't take the feeling like I'm jumping out of my skin. I thank all of you for the sound advise and help, it truly means alot.
Avatar n tn I started with half of 7.5 4x's a day. Thankfully I've never had to Dr. Shop... I've managed to do with my actual Rx's.... but I know I'm not in control. These pills have taken over my life. If I had to admit the truth to God and the World, I was thinking about finding another liberal Dr... to just get more. It's ridiculous. Am I kidding myself that I can do this w/o substitution ?? I plan on my first day being Tomorrow... in the hopes that by Xmas day I'll be somewhat human again.
Avatar n tn Can anyone just give me some support and suggestions about what to expect and/or do the next couple of days. Should I continue with the cold turkey. I really don't want to take anything today, but my body is asking for it. Thanks for taking the time to read. Reading everyone else's posts have been therapeutic.
Avatar n tn He is now on his way back to point A, and doesn't want to hear it. The problem with me is I now like to drink and take Vicodin and can't quit with it in the house, but depend on him for income for myself and 10 year old daughter. Outside of his addiction he is a wonderful and respected person. WHAT IN THE HELL SHOULD I DO?
Avatar n tn It does sound like his behavior could be consistent with someone taking too much of the hydrocodone (I am speaking only from personal experience--if I take more than 2 at one time, I get extremely irritable and frustrate and anger easily); did he exhibit none of these symptoms before you were married?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I have been taking between 3-5 10 mg hydrocodone every day, nasally, for the last couple of months. I quit once before with suboxone. Second time trying with suboxone was a fail. It made me sick. Felt horrible, vomited, just all around bad. So I went back to using the pain pills. They make me feel normal. Not high really, just no anxiety, depression, gave me a bit of energy and I feel like I can function, get things done. Here is my situation now.
Avatar n tn I've been doing hydrocodone/apap 10/650 for 3 years now. I started out only doing 10 a month and have worked up to 10 a day! I recently lost my job (due in part to Sept.11) so I no longer have health insurance and, of course, not enough money coming in to support this habit. I was no longer getting "high" on this amount and just do not want to continue this whole addiction anyway. I tried to find Thomas's detox recipe but could not.