Hydrocodone while pregnant

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Avatar f tn I just got prescribed percocet because I had to get my appendix out, the doctors said you can take them if you absolutely need them, but people who 'abuse' them while pregnant, the baby can have a withdrawal, they're just tylenol on steroids lol
Avatar f tn I know this is bad but I am 31 weeks pregnant & I have been using hydrocodone for 2 years now. Its a daily thing & it has gotten worse everyday. I can't start my day without it. I quit cold turkey 3 days ago because I don't want my baby born addicted & I am having withdraws. I will not return to using after 3 days of being clean because my baby means more to me then ANY drug.
Avatar f tn I had a daughter 9 months ago and I took hydrocodone daily while pregnant. No I am not proud of it and wish I had never done that. She turned out healthy but that is not always the case so you should talk to your doctor about it. I would also say stop taking them if you can as it is not worth the worry I went through during my pregnancy. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn hi, and welcome,i dont think you should take subutex while you are pregnant, but someone with experience of being pregnant whilst taking meds will help you, you have come to the right place for help. god bless.
5387794 tn?1373257093 Your doctor can help you with whatever decision you make. There are medications that are safe to take while pregnant I personally just don't trust them.
Avatar f tn I hope this gets better for you, did they say the clot will go away? I have not had to take hydrocodone, but have taken codeine for back pain. It is incredibly scary to take anything, but I would think your doc knows best. Good luck!
Avatar f tn It isn't a "safe" medicine to take while pregnant. But idk if it is prescribed by your OB then im guessing it might be fine.
Avatar n tn I have never told any of my doctors about my taking pills while pregnant, becuz i am afraid they might put me on methodone which is worse and will cause an addiction. I am afraid that my child might be harmed can anyone give me any advice.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Hydrocodone APAP 10/500 for over 5 years now. I take 2-3 a day. I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant ... I am going to try to wein myself down, I've already spoken to my doctor about lowering my intake. I am wondering what damage is already done to my fetus, or what damage will be done if I continue the 2-3 a day... Also, I plan on breastfeeding- can this be done if I am taking the meds??
Avatar f tn I haf surgery a couple weeks ago and was on morphine and hydrocodone. Also, I was prescribed hydrocodone. A doctor wouldn't prescribe you something that could harm your baby. My baby is perfectly fine and healthy! Don't fret!
Avatar f tn Hi. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant & have taken hydrocodone & oxycodone on and off up until 21 weeks. I suffer from sciatica & severe migraines and decided to stop at 5 months for fear of my baby becoming addicted. I suffered no withdrawals as I didnt take them consistently the first 5 months ( I'd take 4-5 a day for a few days, then try tylenol for a week or so and go back) just on and off. My concern is that it might be in my childs meconium at birth if tested.
Avatar f tn I'm on Day 3 of my detox off of Hydrocodone. I'm doing all the right things like eating well, drinking lots of water, vitamins, etc. My body is sore, and the hot water helps a lot, but has anyone ever gotten a massage during detox? Does it help or make you feel worse!
Avatar f tn When it comes out you can see and monitor distress, this is much harder to do while you are still pregnant - so do not stop your medications, you can taper them down Very slowly, but if you start to feel any symptoms of withdrawal then you've gone too fast. And for your other question,I was on a much stronger medication and my baby was fine!
Avatar f tn she wanted to prescribe me hydrocodone to help but i dont like taking meds let alone pain killers like that while preggo...she then told me 1 ibuprofen once in a while until your 32 weeks is ok as long as you dont take them every day. I took one and immediately it went away. I would see what your doc recommends for you.
Avatar f tn I passed a stone already with this baby but fought the pain when I get a next attack I will go in for pain killers. Also you can not take ibuprofen while pregnant.
Avatar n tn More than likely 1 will not do any harm. There are people who are prescribed this and many other drugs/painkillers while pregnant and they deliver healthy babies. You can ask your doc. but I have a feeling it's totally fine. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there have any advice for pregnant women coping with hydrocodone withdrawal?
Avatar f tn Please talk to your OB asap. I abused Lortabs while I was pregnant but never found out til after giving birth that it can cause pre-term labor. And I did begin having pre-term labor at about 30 weeks. It was after I told my OB that she was able to treat me and find a place for me. Even going thru the pre-term labor I was terrified of revealing to her that I was abusing my meds. After about 2 weeks of going thru the pre-term, I finally broke down and told her.
Avatar f tn Hey everyone!! Well im 7 weeks pregnant and take hydrocodone [i have a scrip] I take like 6 to 8 a day. I have my OB app in like 2 days and very worried about whats going to happen. I have done alot of reserch on this an eveything is contradiciting itself. I went to my pain man. Dr an she upset me sooo much she told me that the babys arm, leg, heart, and brain will have birth defecs... then wrote me a script for the hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me hydrocodone to take. I'm assuming he's not going to give me anything to hurt the baby, but I'm not so apt to take it. Has anyone taken painkillers while pregnant?