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Avatar n tn no, hydrocodone is vicodin. Morphine sulfate is the active ingredient in morphine. If you are worried about a possible reaction to the medication, I would speak to your local pharmacists. I'm not sure if hydrocodone and morphine are in the same family of drugs. I know vicodin and percocet are in a similar family (due to codine), but morphine is much different. refer to this website. http://www.rxlist.com/duramorph-drug.
Avatar n tn A former colleague of mine swears that Tramadol is more effective for her than Hydrocodone. She actually went from Hydrocodone to Tramadol. Why is it effective for her? Because we are all different and different medications work differently on each of us. Actually your physician may be making a smart move. In my opinion it's worth a try. Tramadol is prescribed for the treatment of moderate to moderately severe chronic pain in adults. It works very similarly to morphine.
Avatar f tn 12 panel but they dont test for vicodin (hydrocodone) they test for oxycodone and opiates that are metabolized into morphine in the body, such as oxycontin, dilaudid, heroin and of course morphine. According to the pharmacist hydrocodone isnt considered dangerous enough to be tested for. I asked her 'do they live in a bubble or something??
Avatar f tn I would just add that based on pharmacology, hydrocodone (contained in vicodin, lortab, norco) is about 0.6 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 16 mg of hydrocodone). Oxycodone (contained in percocet, roxicodone, oxycontin) is about 2 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 5 mg of oxycodone). Therefore, 5 mg of oxycodone is about 16 mg of hydrocodone so oxycodone is about 3 times stronger than hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn I do not take hydrocodone. I am allergic to hydrocodone. I am at my wits end, what would cause this false positive.
723959 tn?1314744225 and after i took it, i realized that I took a 10mg morphine pill, that was in the wrong bottle. I have Never taken morphine before and I am scared. will I be okay, since I took the hydro at 5am.
Avatar m tn using narcotics during detox is not a real good idea as it is not defined as a detox if u r taking them....it will prolong this even longer if u continue...what was ur original dose? and DOC?...u may have needed to taper down a bit if it was a high dose...if u detox and quit taking narcotics the amount u used daily and the DOC can help determine how long til u feel better plus age, nutrional status and other things....1 week for most...2 weeks for some til the physical symptoms are gone...
Avatar f tn Hello, This is my first post. I am a cronic pain sufferer, I have a degenerated disk in my back (L5 I think?) plus arthritis in that same area. I have not had surgery yet but look forward to the day when I am pain and pain-med free. Here's my question: I have been on Percocet (10 mg 4 times per day, 1 pill every 4 hours) for about 4 months, before that 3 10mg pills per day. My dr. just switched me to Morphine Sulfate ER 30 MG, 2 tablets per day (one every 12 hours).
Avatar f tn It will get better. I was taking 60 mg of hydrocodone, 180 mg of morphine, 6 mg of dilauded and 80 mg fentanyl patches by 10 in the morning most days. Keep your head up. You can do this.
Avatar f tn I turned down morphine pump and nerve blocks got down to 50mg hydrocodone on my own, although lately pain swelling so much worse I have started taking higher doses of hydrocodone again to get grip on pain and function thru the day. I am seeing chiropractor just as of last week says he can help I am hopeful! Want off daily meds!
Avatar m tn im not sure what mg but i expect him to start me on 15 of morphine. will the morphine help me? should i talk to him about another option such as percocet? im scared that the low beginning dosage will affect my quality and comfort even more.
403399 tn?1201833095 The only reason why Tramadol (Ultracet, Ultram, etc.) is not considered a narcotic is because at the moment it is unscheduled in the USA and pretty much everywhere else. It is fairly new being researched and first put on the market in the 90's.
Avatar m tn I have bone spurs and disc problems in my neck I have been on hydrocodone for 5 years and they do not do what they started out doing I take 10/325 4 times daily the doctor put me on morphine 15mg 3 times daily but they make me very sleepy so he put me back on hydrocodone is their anything that does not make you sleepy stronger than the hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn I was on hydrocodone for two years for a back injury,then I found out that I had cancer and they put me on morphine for the last 6 months. The doctor is trying to wean me off of the pain meds.But I think she is trying to wean me to fast. I have been very depressed and most days ,I do not have enough energy to get out of bed. I am being told that I most likely not to live another year.
Avatar m tn I have had both oxy and hydrocodone. i think the hydrocodone is the lesser of the evils. not as strong and tolerence didn't build up as fast. also the hydrocodone seemed to last longer when you take it. from what alot have said, i think the hydros are easier to come off of too. but all of them will sooner or later get a hold of you. there are no good, safe opiates to take.
Avatar f tn html#fentanylpatch On this site they convert various fentanyl doses into an equivalent morphine dose. It is widely accepted that morphine and hydrocodone are fairly similar, almost identical in terms of potency (http://www.globalrph.com/narcoticonv.htm) although i consider this comparison too generous and see hydro as being more akin to dihydrocodiene So, 12mcg of fentanyl is equal to 22.5mgs - 65mgs of morphine per day which in turn is equal to the same amount in hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn question: if 1 mg of suboxone is equal to 20-30 mgs of hydrocodone would that be the same for oxycontin would 1 mg of sub be equal to 20-30 mgs oxy then?