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Avatar m tn ive taken 3500 a day of tylenol for 2 years but only ones a day and the time of the day is at night allways
Avatar m tn There isn't an OTC for Hydrocodone. Try looking it up under herbal remedies. Maybe there are some similar herbs that can help. If I know what type of pain and where you are experiencing it I'm sure we could help you more.
16785591 tn?1451596681 Not sure why but often times about this time of day I get a bit less groggy right now I would say that my state is about average. I have been prescribed 10 mg hydrocodone 325 acetaminophen for breakthrough pain up to four day. With the fentanel 75mcg I am mostly pain-free. Occaisionally two but in the last couple of weeks not more than one a day.
Avatar m tn If you could message me with a little more information, I may be able to help you more...
Avatar n tn What are the worst case scenarios for occasionally snorting xanax and hydrocodone (not together)? I do it occasionally for quick relief. I'm just wondering if, even with moderation, this can be dangerous?
Avatar f tn My first HcG level taken was 54 a few days later it was over 3600. I'm about 5-51/2 wks but look 21/2-3 months. Is my HcG level normal or is it too low/high for where I'm at? What is a normal HcG level? And is anyone else big so eary on? Everyone I encounter asks if I'm expecting twins and I also didn't want to announce my preg. yet but everyone is asking me. So much for waiting.
Avatar n tn hydrocodone? Causes everyone to itch, but some ARE allergic. Call poison control, a pharmacist, or a doc.
Avatar f tn My HcG level went from 54 to over 3600 in 4 days. Is that a normal or low increase. I'm now about 5-51/2 weeks preg. but I look like I'm 21/2-3 mon. preg.
Avatar n tn I looked them up and was confused at the potency. I know w oxycodone or hydrocodone the perscription are usually 5 to 10 mlg a dose. the dosage was 650/150 its a pink oval pill that says 5114 v. how many would he be taking to "get high" im worried about how much he put in his sytem.
Avatar m tn I am currently on 10 day hydrocodone withdrawl. Any insight out there. would love some input.
Avatar f tn the the combined result of blood test and NT ultra sound put me at 1 in 3600 for downs and 1 in 86,000 for tri-18. they said i just need to to the standard quad blood test and 20 ultrasound amnios and CVS tests are very safe these days, they do them with an ultra-sound, risk of miscarriage or complication is 1 in 800. I'd suggest asking about them on the 35+ board if you are considering further testing. most women over 35 get them.
Avatar m tn We recently pulled three dogs from animal control, and within 24 hrs all of them had kennel cough. The puppy has been sick with kennel cough for over a month. We've had her on clovomox, and then we had her on cefadroxil. We've had her chest x-rayed and she doesn't have pnemonia or anything more serious. The vet also had her do a round of panacur in case it was a lung fluke. We had her on hydrocodone, and that didn't even curb her cough.
Avatar m tn Vision express asked £3900 for the MPlus, the Finevision Trifocal will be £4800. I was looking at Gemini eye clinic in Zlin (Czech Rep) where it would be £3600 for the Finevision using Femtosecond, but travelling there is a real pain from the West Country. To say intermediate distance was the longest to achieve at only two months in, is wonderful. So I guess you are well happy with the outcome.
1435613 tn?1283790710 hi just cam eback from the doc...did blood test..my hcg level is 3600..for normal pregnancy its around 300-500 reading rite...what can i expect from this reading of 3600?
Avatar f tn I paid $3600 for a Crystalens. Reading is harder than it's ever been, and glasses are required for driving. Am I entitled to get my money back? I'm on Medicare, so most patients pay nothing.
Avatar f tn Is gaining 2.5 pounds a week healthy??
1168718 tn?1464983535 Hi , I'm currently on 3600 mgs the max. right now and it took about a week to see whether there was a difference. At first I didn't think it was working then when I started to wean myself off I then knew it was helping. My GP told me to up it slowly and when I up it, give it a good week. If there is no change up again slowly and give it another week. If you are weaning off you do it the same way. Very slowly until you see that difference.That's how I was told to do it.
Avatar m tn IBKleen: I have only had the night time RLS, for now. I start to yawn and stuff and runny nose stuff like that. But i know it's coming. vicki595: I have stopped before but I was much younger about 15 when i started and almost 17 when i quit cold turkey. Now i am 26 been back on with the monkey on my back for over a year. I usually start my day off with 20mg of hydrocodine and continue popping 1 or 2 every two hours until i go home. My wife don't know nor does any of my family.
Avatar m tn 5 weeks i took blood test my hormons level is 1999. yesterday i took blood test now im 8 weeks. Doctor said 3600. its enough.
Avatar f tn thank you for your help I heard back from the doctor this afternoon and she said my hcg levels were at 5200 2 weeks ago they were 3600 still concerned but I go back to the doctor in 2 days to check again.
Avatar f tn Me and my family are going on a 9 hour car ride to NSW tonight and im wondering how bad is it to drink a V while pregnant? Ive never dranken one during a pregnancy before and only considering it cause my partner woke up at 2.30pm today and have to drive them hours after already being awake for 11 hours. I would loke to stay up and watch around while wer driving. Im already tired so should I have a V or na?
Avatar f tn I felt very dizzy for about 4 days and went to see my midwife and after tests she advised me to keep eating every 2-3 hours and keep hydrated. I hope that helps and you start to feel better!