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Avatar n tn I have a urine test , trying to wean off . How long does hydrocodone stay in urine before considered being clean? Is it 72 hours or longer.Trying to get clean and get job!!
Avatar n tn I ran out of it, I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab). I have to take a urine drug screen. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken a script that is not for me but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!
10363722 tn?1409606789 I borrowed one of her percoset that are 10 milligrams. I went to the doctor a couple days later and had to do a random urine drug screening. I am scared to death now. What happens if that percocet shows up? Will they totally take me off of all my pain meds? Are they likely to give me a second chance?this is not a typical thing that I do. I really need to be on my pain meds as I work two jobs and I'm on my feet all the time.any insight on this would be appreciated. Scared to death and worried.
Avatar n tn I am not a medically trained physician but I am a law enforcement laboratory technician who routinely handles evidence including specimens for drug screens. A drug screen is a complex thing and the higher tuned (more sensitive) it is the more complex it becomes. You see, drug screens can be adjusted to detect various trace amounts of many different types of drugs.
Avatar n tn My question is, how long does Hydrocodone and Oxycotin show up on a blood and/or urine drug screen? Need the real deal on this, looks like I might get hit this week and I need to prepare if i can.
1401392 tn?1280808747 My heart goes out to you. I am very sorry to hear about your current situation. Unfortunately these errors in Urine Drug testing occur way too often. I have seen statistics that claim error rates can be as high as 70-80% with the majority of errors being human. I cannot guess why your drug screen was inaccurate. As far as your recourse you have little if any. Sadly when you signed the PM Contract it was to protect the clinic or physician and not you.
Avatar f tn A certain portion of hydrocodone is metabolized to hydromorphone, so if you were doing a urine drug test on somebody who was taking hydrocodone you might also see hydromorphone in that person's urine. That's important to know.", to bring into your doctor and hopefully clear your name. Good luck. http://www.medscape.
Avatar n tn Hello Lass,First off is this just routine,or is their some reason of diversion like due you work as a nurse ,and if so,are they checking only you or are you on a Methadone program and all they want to know is there any hydrocodone in yopur system to bebin with,as same not so bright addicts say that they are on this and that and when they run a urine screen,nothing shows up,even the drug that they say is their drug of choice.
Avatar f tn can u fail a drug test, done with urine/ with no lab there, for morphine while taking opana er 40mgs. 2 times a day without taking any other pain meds.?
Avatar n tn I have a upcoming drug test,I will have been clean for 72 hours prior to the test.I am taking total cleanse, drinking ua clean and detox tea.What are my chances of passing my test?Also is it true that a drop of bleach will give me a negative ua?
Avatar f tn She was the one who ordered the drug testing, but it seemed that day everyone in the waiting room was having them. This last drug testing was very different from my first. My first drug screen iincluded my signing my name across the strip on top of the urine samle, along with signing the form that was being sent off to a zero drug testing facilty.
1381087 tn?1279226927 I think everyone that is subject to routine urine drug screening feels similarly to the way you do. regardless if they are a vet or not. This does not seem to be limited to you....if that makes you feel any better. The actual statics on the accuracy of the urine drug screening tests are frightening regardless of what opiate you are being prescribed. There are some conclusive studies that say the error rate is as high as 70%. Doesn't that say if you haven't failed one you will?
Avatar n tn HI, spook, question, do you know of a legal way I could obtain buprenorphine through an Aussie pharmacy? I've also heard that hydrocodone 7.5 mg with asprin is an OTC drug in Australia. That sounds too good to be true. Is it? I've considered taking my chances in Mexico, which might prove to be my best bet. It's just that you see these "onlinepharmacy" and "onlinepillbox" sites that promise you a legal way to purchase bup and other controlled substances.
Avatar f tn How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
Avatar n tn I have heard that oxycodone for some reason comes up negative in a 1st level, 5 panel drug screen. Something about the molecular structure (something I know squat about). If they however take the test to the next level it goes like this. A kind gentlemen who does forensic work for the DEA explained this to me. Beach is right a mistake using this method is "highly" unlikely. A sample is introduced through a hot injection port, which vaporizes the sample.
Avatar m tn I read on the internet under the drug name percocet (which I am on), that the drug is not detectable in the urine after 2 days of taking it. Had a friend once who had a drug test coming up and she quit using for 3 days, drank gallons of water and passed with flying colors (for what it's worth).
Avatar n tn most are a standard 5 pannel drug screen- which test for-- marijuana (THC), cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines and opiates (heroin, morphine, etc.).
Avatar n tn So I see my doctor today and he says that my drug test showed only Soma in my urine and NO Vicodin. I told him I take the Vicodin every single day. He told me I was a liar and said he knows the truth and the truth was on that paper he was holding. He said I was probably selling them or I gave him someone else's urine (ewww!). I DID NOT!!! He was just mean. He said that paper would hold up in a court of law and it did not matter what I said. But I take my meds as he prescribes them!!
Avatar n tn Metabolites have specific characteristics of the medication and are what a DR or Lab sees on a drug test or in a drug level) Hydrocodone comes up as hydromorphone metabolites. So if your DR is not aware that this can happen it will be seen as abuse of another medication they did not prescribe to you. I also wanted to mention that you will want to get a copy of your medical records.
Avatar n tn A negative result should be further investigated, say by taking several blood and urine samples over a course of several hours, giving you a known quantity of the drug after verifying that you don't have any in your system, to see how your body processes the given medication. They should also perform a microarray gene test to see if you have the normal genes or some variant; current tests can discriminate on 2D6, 3A4, and several other CYP450 genes.
Avatar f tn In January i did a random urine drug screen I was hoorified at the results there were drugs in there I have never taken even an illict drug. My name wasnt on the cup it was placed by me in a room where there were several other cups no one checked the temperature. no chain of command. In february they filled my ms contin and in march now they cut me off and said i could get narcotics from another docter but still use them for epidurals and such.
2016728 tn?1328362441 Chronic pain is responsive to hydrocodone and to provide a concrete evidence that you are using this medication you can have a urine drug screen done. In regular users this screen should remain positive for two days. Also please ask your doctor or enquire at the lab, if they are using a hydrocodone specific product for screening, as the more common opiod screening for morphiods does not detect hydrocodone presence. Emphasize for the specific test. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn i recently changed drs due to moving and when i went to appt they drug tested my urine. she said positive for hydrocodone and asked if i took any loratab loracet, norco.....i have def not. I was positive for oxycodone, xanax, adderall....Those are my rx's . now I do have a rx for viibryd, an antidepressant, and for mobic for arthritis, and a high cholesterol drug......now im outta meds, and dr wont see me until results come back from lab.....what the hell????
Avatar f tn They agreed to have me switch to Butran's Patch, 5mcg/hr, once a week. 1 month later I was seen at Pain Mgmt. They did a urine screen...NEGATIVE again. Pain Mgmt refused to prescribe because of this, but did Occipital Nerve Injections, x2 (2nd just recently). During this time, I went back to PCP, and had them take a blood test. NEGATIVE for that too. WHY!?!?
Avatar n tn I read on the Internet that Paxil (or any SSRI drug) can cause a spike in blood pressure and possibly a stroke when mixed with Methadone. My doctor is now recommending Effexor in place of Paxil. Isn't Effexor also an SSRI? and to your knowledge, does it pose significant risk(s) when taken with Methadone? If so, is there an anti-depressant that can be safely used with Methadone?
Avatar f tn I am trying to do some research into how you can have a false negative drug test for Hydrocodone. Can other meds interfere with this urine test? Other medical problems? Can taking Lasix, being diabetic, or blood pressure meds cause this? I just know that the meds are being taken and the urine test came back negative and the Dr was rude and will not give me any answers to why. So if anyone knows how or where I can look into this I would be in your debt.
Avatar n tn I started feeling better went I got some vitamins and days between my nightmare.It hurt for 15 days then the mental **** took over.Thats when I began the vitamins.I felt better on day 21.I have been using since I was 16.I am 44 now.Last 12 years on hydro,oxy then tapered with methadone.It was harder than anything I have ever done but I can promise it gets better. Once your body gets something that helps the way you feel,it allows you and your brain to heal also.