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Avatar f tn Anyway I am preg and was addicted to hydrocodone 10 mg 3X a day. I wanted to just stop cold turkey but was unable to cause of the WD and being preg. I went to a Dr w/my OB's advice to get on Suboxone,but he wouldn't cause he said Methadone is what is used while preg as it is safe? He started me on 10 mg 3X day which is WAY to strong so I am now trying 5mg 2X a day. Anyway, it seems this Methadone is much stronger than the hydro's were and that its addicting to. What is the point?
Avatar f tn I never scored high enough on the withdrawal scale to start suboxone so the PA prescribed gabapentin (if they start subs too soon you go into withdrawals X 20, so you have to wait for a high score). This was a mystery to me and my fellow detoxers because I was using significant amounts of oxycodone before checking myself in to their program. My only real explanation is that I didn't really do anything with drugs until I was in my 50s.
Avatar n tn I am on a high dose of oxy for medical reasons but would like to get off. Can I use Darvocet to taper off of the oxAny advice would he appreciated. Thank YOU so much!
Avatar m tn I am going to see my Dr. today and I have been perscribed hydrocodone in the past to treat chronic lumbosacral pain. How is Oxycodone 5mg compared to Hydrocodone? I take Hydrcodone 5/500 APAP. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Hydrocodone? What are your experiences?
Avatar m tn So I am attempting again to get off hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn Been taking 5-6 5 mg hydro a day due to a disc protusion, really want to get off of them and am taking them for the high not the pain as there isn't any...messed up...
Avatar f tn I am 22 as of last week. My mother is almost 60 and she has a real bad back and knees. She has been taking hydrocodone for as long as I can remember. Well, when I turned 13 I got into smoking marijuana. Still do to this day. And I think it is what opened me up to the other drugs I have done. Anyways, when I was around 16, I had real bad mestrual pain and my mom offered me one of her pain killers. Bad mistake. The first time I took it, I got sick because I didn't eat.
Avatar n tn i have been with my boyfriend for a little over 8 months now and he is addicted to hydrocodone. when we have problems or he has problems with his work he takes them to "get high". he says that he has been trying to get off of them for 5 days now and he is still saying he is sick, ie having an upset stomach and votimiting. i have never been around anyone whom has been on drugs ever in my life and i do not know how to deal with it.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for over 3 years and I want to stop. I am wondering what i the best way to do this. I do not have any hydrocodone left, so basically I will be quiting cold turkey. Is this a bad idea?
Avatar f tn Dont end up liek soo many ppl I know and hear about every day, I would love to help you get a taper plan to get off of the vicodin. It ahsnt been to long and the wds will pass within a week, you jsut have to set up a tapering schedule that fits your needs and your bodies reaction/wds. It is definitely doable and I would be more than happy to work with you and come up with a schedule or anything else you amy need.
Avatar f tn do I need to be hospitalized for the withdrawal? I was only able to be without the hydrocodone for 24 hrs. before I went to the ER! I'm 61 years old and scared that my heart isn't going to hold up to this ............... my blood pressure went to 159/104. I live in a very rural little town and no other doctors or clinics or anyone will let me be seen or prescribe hydrocodone.
998317 tn?1253741438 I am addicted to Hydrocodone. It's my daily goal to get them, and make sure I have enough to last through the day.....when I don't, I freak! I have been addicted for about two years now. I had found out that my oldest daughter had been molested at age five while Spending a summer at her grandmother's house. A friend gave me a Vicodin 10-650, (which we call "blues" up here). I had so much energy after taking that pill, and I had never felt better in my life!!
Avatar n tn Ive used hydrocodone twice, and Im already addicted to it, is it normal to get addicted that fast?
Avatar m tn I agree, I dont think that after two week you should be dependent enough that their will be major WD symptoms. You may feel like taking more, just because it feels good, but get off before its hard to get off.
Avatar f tn and the Surgeon sent me home with Tylenol #4 to take with the Opana for pain and I was to get a refill from my Primary Care Physician. When I saw my PA in Jan. we discussed me taking the Tylenol #4 and how I got it and he said ok. Its even written on my summary of visit that I was taking Tylenol #4. Then in March I went in and they asked for a urine test, I had no problems doing this as I only take what I am prescribed.
1316076 tn?1274155718 Has anyone heard of the Waismann Method? I really need to get and trying by myself to cut down and off by tappering. VERY HARD!
Avatar m tn It took about six months for the doc to schedule me for surgery and that gave me plenty of time to get addicted to them. I was prescribed 60 pills at a time and finished them within 10 days and all I had to do was call my pharmacy, which did all the work of calling my doctor and authorizing a refill. After the surgery, I stopped taking them, thinking that everything would return to normal.
539620 tn?1220990377 t be laid up in bed for days straight so while you may be a little short tempered w/your kids you will still be able to function for them. CT it takes everything you have just to get to the bathroom and back to bed. Best of Luck. hope this gives you some information.
Avatar m tn I finally had to get my doctor to refill my restless legs meds (non addictive) to get some sleep. If nothing works,your doctor might help. Benedryl or OTC Alteril helps some with sleep issues and you will have them. One hour at a time is all anyone can ask. After 2 weeks it gets a little better and I started to say, One day at a time! Your brain will do all sorts of things to get you to take a pill. I found if I was hungry..the cravings got worse.
Avatar m tn s over before you can have the power in yourself to stop. The WD is kinda miserable for a few days, but you can get thru it. To answer your question, yes, it's bad for you. Very bad for you! You have to quit before your habit gets out of hand. Are you still getting them from your mom? If so, you have to figure out how to deal with that part if you quit. (if she has a lot of pills) Let us know. We can help you!
Avatar n tn I learned quickly there is no magic solution to help ease the pain of the withdrawal symptoms other than making up your mind that you are done letting a pill control your life. We continue to chase that high we used to get from just 1 pill and next thing you know you need 5 times that just to feel 'normal'. Break that cycle once and for all and get your life back.
Avatar f tn please help me through this i want to start tomorrow but am tryin to get some xanex to help. i thank you so much in advance, i am ready and any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Sounds to me like you should "refill" your antidepressant medication, sounds like you went off course for a bit (like we do), but you've said that they seemed to work for you, so why wouldn't you try this again? Unlike Optimus, you have no need for pain relief ant you are experiencing addiction behaviour (canuck lol), I've been clean and sober for 13 years, after getting off of coke,crack, heroiin, oxy's (for my back), alcohol.
Avatar f tn Withdrawal is horrible and I do not want to get addicted again. Is it even possible to take daily painkillers and NOT get addicted? My condition is PMR - polymalgia rheumatica, which my doctor says is far more serious and more painful than fibromamyalgia; my bloodwork shows my inflammation rate is 98, and around 20 is normal. Help me please, someone! How can I take these narcotic painkillers and NOT get addicted? They've also started me on a low-dose chemotherapy, hoping that will help.
Avatar f tn I took hydrocodone 10/325 at 8 - 10 a day for 5 years and hydrocodone 5/500 at 6-8 a day for 4 years before that so I was on a fairly high dose, not as high as many people on here, but it was high enough to get my body dependant on them. It is for you to decide if you think you will have the mind set of taking them as prescribed if you truly NEED them. If you can't take them like that and still need them, do as Meeg said and have someone dole them out to you.
Avatar f tn I take 20 - 30 10/325mg hydrocodone pills a day. I need to stop but don't know HOW. Tapering is very difficult and I get very sick when I stop cold turkey. Any advice??
Avatar f tn I have an appointment the 28th of April to see the surgeon. I'm going to hold off till then on the pain pills . But they get to where they don't do any good anyway and I would hate to go to anything stronger. I didn't really abuse the hydrocodone before according to the pain. The doctor always refilled them. But was a pill pusher before the law cut down on them. I just don't want to take anything if I can make it without them. What do the chronic pain suffers do?
Avatar f tn A few months ago I got a nasty cough and I took a tablespoon of the hydrocodone. Boy did I get an amazing high and made me sleep so amazing.. Even after my cold went away, I found myself wanting a tablespoon of hydro every night before I go to sleep cause it relaxes me so much, puts me a great mood, and allows me to sleep very good. I started trying to hold off on it and only do it a few nights a week but it's hard lol.