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Avatar n tn I had many side effects. Headaches, severe heartburn accompanied with hiccups. Blisters and discoloration all over my tongue and back of my throat. By day 6 my feet and ankles were badly swollen and it was getting difficult to swallow. My doc said I was having a systemic reaction and to quit immediately. We are going to try Subutex now and I hope it works. On all the info I found, the only side effect I had that was listed was headache.
Avatar n tn As with all medications, you may experience side effects when you take WELLBUTRIN XL. Side effects may be more common shortly after you start treatment. The most common side effects with WELLBUTRIN XL are weight loss, loss of appetite, dry mouth, skin rash, sweating, ringing in the ears, shakiness, stomach pain, agitation, anxiety, dizziness, trouble sleeping, muscle pain, nausea, fast heartbeat, sore throat, and urinating more often.
909257 tn?1242668182 Pain medications have numerous side effects and those who do take pain meds on a regular basis do usually have some kind of depression due to the fact that they do have chronic pain but as far as the meds causing depression or bipolar no I do not believe so.
Avatar f tn I just started on Zohydro ER because the idea of not taking acetaminophen with hydrocodone was tempting. (There's a Black Box warning about the acetaminophen in Vicodin). The first day I started the Z. (about 5 days ago) I got less pain relief and much more pain than I had with 5/375 Vicodin! That's seems totally wrong but it happened. The dose of the Z is the same as I got for the number of 5/375s I took per day. Anyone else on Z. and how do you like it? Any side effects?
Avatar m tn but around 2pm i start getting flu-like symptoms and they last till i fall asleep. im not sure if they are side effects from the suboxone(it is listed as common side effect) or if im not taking enough suboxone and having wd.but like i said i feel fine in the morning.
1301089 tn?1290666571 ve never had the hiccups due side effects from medication. I can see how this is irritating. I can not stand having the hiccups.
Avatar m tn Sooooo---get ready for some reaction here bc but i think if you are telling the truth and the whole truth about the hydrocodone use---and if you are feeling good and no big side effects---then please do not change a thing!!! Larry it could kill him at this age to go thru any kind of wd's ok. BC----i can share more with you if you like so post back and let us know you are still breathing HA! (ya know---the age and all!). Alright post back old man.
Avatar m tn Hi Augy, I am sorry that you are experiencing this side effect. Your right that it needs to be addressed. One of the side effects of Lyrica is decrease in libido. Hydrocodone lists the side effect as altered sex drive. Everyone responds differently but I take hydrocodone and have not experienced that side effect. I do not take lyrica. Unfortunately you are taking two medications that can mess with your libido. It may be the combination of the two for you.
Avatar f tn When I started treatment they warned me of the side effects, flu like symptoms, depression, headaches and all that good stuff, but the treatment wasn't too bad, they started me on an anti-depressant and medication for my headaches. But for the last yr or more I have been having the flu like symptoms, major body aches mostly in my upper torso, back problems and I have had every test imaginable done to figure out why I am in so much pain everyday. Some days are better than others.
Avatar m tn but around 2pm i start getting flu-like symptoms and they last till i fall asleep. im not sure if they are side effects from the suboxone(it is listed as common side effect) or if im not taking enough suboxone and having wd.but like i said i feel fine in the morning.
Avatar f tn oD They showed NO negative side effects from the medication I was on, and believe me, I was on a lot of it for an extended period of time :o( Just praying that the same holds true for this little one, I am now 23 weeks along and have just had a MISERABLE week of pain and medication. My doc even upped me to the 10/500 MG, so as worried as you are, try to relax, your baby should be fine :o) Hope you are better now!
Avatar m tn What are the long term side effects of taking prescribed pain-killing medications (opioids) when the patient is using for chronic pain correctly. Specifically Hydrocodone and Morphine Sulfate as a chronic pain patient who is considered a narcotic dependent patient by virtue of time used, in excess of five years continuously.
Avatar m tn I prefer the oxycodone, only because I want to have control of how much acetaminophen, or other NSAID I take. They can have serious side effects too, as in liver damage. So, I like being able to take each separately as needed.
Avatar n tn Please tell me the side effects and potential problems when taking all of the following medications by prescription: Cymbalta (60 MG), Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Ibuprofen (800 MG), Mobic (15 MG), Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Plaquenil (200 MG), Xanax (0.5 MG).
414490 tn?1202550861 I have read countless posts about addiction and it is so true. I have also read alot of misinformation about the side effects of Hydrocodone....they do not cause heart trouble and liver problems.
Avatar f tn i am sorry that any of us who is suffering from this drugs effects i hope there is something that can be done an reverse what this has done to us...if anyone has had simaler side effects as me plz let me know i am a nervous wreck.... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200405'>Levaquin Long term Side effects</a>.
Avatar m tn m pretty new here, have been on a couple of medications for the past 21/2 to 3 months. Hydrocodone 40 mgs a day and Tramadol 200 mgs a day. I quit the Tramadol cold turkey with no side effects, lucky. I'm now just weaning myself off the Hydrocodone. I'm down to about 25 mgs a day without any side effects. Does anyone think I will suffer if I just jump off. I don't want to go much longer taking this for my back injury.
Avatar n tn THat is why one of its most prominent side effects is constipation, and when you go off it, most people experience diarrhea. Im one of the very rare folks that has never gotten the diarrhea while detoxing. not a single time but i am now a lot more regular LOL. Anyhow It could be your stomach and digestive system still trying to adjust to things. Id give it a bit longer and if its still causing these symptoms in another week or two, go to the doctor to be checked out.
Avatar f tn but im being kind of paranoid.. She only gets hiccups when i lay down on my left side? Is this normal? I dont want to be hurting her or cutting off oxygen so could somebody please help!
Avatar m tn hi everyone,i have been taking 10mg hydrocodone for about the past 5 months, i take anywhere between 4-6 pills throughout the day,i suffer from extreme restless leg syndrome but it only effects my feet, suprisingly the hydrocodone relieves this sensation i have in my feet and im able to relax, without them my feet drive me absolutely insane and causes mental agitation,depression,anxiety,anger and overwhelming thoughts.
Avatar f tn Geno 2 and 3 usually treat 24 wks as opposed to 48 wks for geno 1. Unfortunately, the treatment side effects for all geno's are the same accross the board.