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Avatar m tn I take the lowest dose of hydrocodone for pain. My physician tells me I have to be seen by her every three months in order to get my prescription refilled. That is 4 times a year and my insurance only allows for 4 co-pays a year. That means if I get sick and have to be seen by the doctor I have to pay full price, because I have used up all my co-pay visits just to get my prescription refilled. Is this right?
Avatar f tn I have been of off Hydrocodone for 1 yr now. I detoxed in jail, but I stilll have craving for them and I still have chronic pain- lower back and hips.............
Avatar n tn I'm taking 1-2 Hydrocodone 10/325 every 4-6 hours and I think that after 5 years at this dose I need something else...this keeps me right at the tear level on the charts..but the nausea and side effects from the Tylenol stuff adds to the problem...question is how to get my doc to understand? I was told that i should be on Oxycontin with no acetaminophen stuff...help??? I know it wont take the pain away...I'm just looking to be able to "deal" with it...
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydrocodone about four 10mg 325 a day since I was like 9 weeks pregnant. I have a hole in my tooth that causes me alot of pain. Im currently 27 weeks along and I want to stop taking them soon so my baby doesn't go through withdrawls. If I stop at 30 weeks will my baby still go through withdrawls at birth? I take less than I'm suppose to and I do not abuse them. All of my prenatal screenings have come back normal so I dont think the meds have had any effect on him.
266539 tn?1281402152 Here a home sitter gets around $30/day for 1 child. However if there are 2 or more in the same family, you're lucky to get 1/2 of that for the 2nd or 3rd child. The pricier places here are more than just a daycare, they intervene with state licensed teachers and a lot of enfases on academics.
645390 tn?1338555377 Do you think that maybe she misunderstood you? I'm on Copaxone and it cost about the same price. My copay is $15.00/month, my insurance covers the rest. I would call your insurance company and ask them how much it will be. If your insurance doesn't deal with shared solutions try calling Pression RX.
Avatar f tn Well I was using hydrocodone 10/325/ for about 7 months, I was taking about 12-15 a day and then for the last 2 months I started taking about 20 a day (6.5 grams of Tylenol) I am off it now and am finishing up with the wd's but I still have some lingering pain under the last rib on my right rib cage, I know i had to have done some damage to my liver, But what does that mean for me going forward? I know blood tests can tell the extent of the damage but I wont have health care for a while.
Avatar f tn ve been reading online about hydrocodone withdrawal and googled withdrawing from hydrocodone and todays date. So yes, this is the first time I've posted. Thank you for your reply. It does help to know I'm not alone.
Avatar f tn That is the price we pay for relapsing. Our addiction doesnt just stop after we go thru that. You have to get a plan in place with some sort of aftercare or nothing will change. Stay positive. There is a life here waiting for you............
Avatar m tn I struggle from chronic kidney stones, & Ive also had rotator cuff surgery...Im addicted to Lortabs & I want to quit badly...My insurance is terrible (almost like having no insurance)...I just want to get my life back...It's not like I dont have access to hydrocodone...It's just that I want to get off of them NOW!!!...
Avatar f tn It's a small price to pay once you make it through.
Avatar m tn Please, anyone could give a hint how to get ENTACAVIR at a good price? This medicine has been very effective to me and I'll have to take it "ad aeternum", BUT it is very expensive. Is there any program or any cooperative group buyer to reach and get some discount? I appreciate any info whoch could help me. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn Really a good news. I will like to know the possible price for the drugs and which company are going to be given authorize to deliver the drugs.
Avatar f tn Has anyone bought a fisher price rock n sleeper? Wondering who your baby likes it I'm debating between that or the fisher price bassinet. Any suggestions?
10869131 tn?1430198496 That was the price with insurance its 450 without..
Avatar f tn just called to tell me it went up 5000 dollars this month. Have to get approved again ! Thought price would be dropping or at least hold steady . Heck of a thing once treatment has started . Should be a price freeze or something . Walgreen spec pharm is where my ins . Makes me go and they won't accept coupon from solvadi .
649848 tn?1534633700 Just thought I'd let everyone know -- I picked up my refill for Tirosint this morning and the price has doubled, from what I've been paying. I've been paying $85.44 for 3 months; that jumped to $170.88 for 3 months. My insurance doesn't cover it, though it does save me a few bucks ($55 on this refill). I've contacted Akrimax, but don't know if they will respond or not.
Avatar m tn No, I'm not blame them for everything. But some of them could charge a price less abusive, after all are the same corporations that are profiting here in my country charging the amount I told you ($33). Why do you have to pay 5 times more?
Avatar f tn hi..please can anybody tell me how much is the price of baraclude 500 mcg in india?and also tenofovir..thank you very much for your help..
620048 tn?1358018235 Last time I ordered my three month supply the base price went up about $800. My co-pay stayed the same at $150 for the 90 day supply. I've been interested to see what insurance is charged when I refill again the first week of September.