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Avatar n tn What are the effects of hydrocodone? The primary effect of hydrocodone, the effect that hydrocodone abusers seek, is euphoria. This sensation is psychologically addictive and the drug itself is physically addictive. There are other effects of hydrocodone as well, including dizziness and lightheadedness, and a sense of comfort or well-being that disappears when the effects of hydrocodone wear off.
Avatar f tn hello, i am a 30yr female, i started taking hydrocodone after having my baby(c-section) and that was in 2004, i was not heavy on them then, but i did take them on occasions to help me sleep. In 2009, i had two wisdom teeth pulled and they prescribed the Watson 349's. After that, i begin taking them on a daily basis one in the morning and one at night. .
Avatar m tn 5 months ago I went to a pain clinic with MRI's in hand and was given a script for hydrocodone 10/325 - 6 per day. Well as time went by I found myself taking more and more until I ran out last weekend. My last pill was Saturday. I have been getting a few from a neighbor to hold me over however this time he was out. So I am on day 3 now and last night with some help from Melatonin I got some sleep. My wife works as a full time nurse and I stay at home with the little angels.
Avatar f tn I have been on and off of hydrocodone 5's for the past 2 1/2 years. For all of my teenage years, my mom was prescribed (and still is) hydrocodone and it sat openly in a bottle on her desk, I never touched it. I was a great student and so happy with my life, then I met my ex. I would like to blame him for my addiction, but ultimately he only opened the doors for me, I walked through them myself. It started out small, and I was fine with that until I had my youngest son.
Avatar n tn After a few years i was taking around 14-18 M357 pills per day just to feel normal. I knew some day i had to quit and did not even like to take them anymore,but i was hooked.
Avatar n tn I have been addicted to pills now for 2 years. started off with just hydrocodone 5 mg. a bottle of 60 would last me close to the whole month! now things have really changed!! Now I am on oxys 30 and do not take as prescribed. take about 6 a day if not more. Just got a script a week ago and almost out!!! its just digusting how I fly threw these!! Mother with 3 kids and I work 4 days a week. but I take them for engery and get away from my problems!