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Avatar f tn I was prescribed percocet for kidney stones in my last pregnancy. My doc said it's bad for you to be in pain because it stresses the baby out. If your ob have it to you and said to take it, just take it when it hurts. You don't want you or baby to become addicted. Good luck and I hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have really bad kidney stones my doctor prescribed me antibiotics and pain pills :-( I don't like taking the pain pill they make me sick and I don't feel like it is healthy for my baby.. Has any one been through this while pregnant?? I go back to work in 3 weeks and there's no way I can work with this much kidney pain!!
Avatar n tn I am 36 weeks pregnant and recently found out that I had a kidney stone. The pain is so unbareable! The doctor put me in the hospital for 2 days to try to flush me out, but sent me home still in pain. He put me on Hydrocort. 5's and that seems to help me manage the pain. But I'm not so sure about taking these pain killers until my stones pass. Can someone give me advice or information on this matter. It would really help me come down!
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tooken hydrocodone during there pregnacy any how long did it take to get out yours an your babys systems? No rude comments.
Avatar f tn I am wondering the same thing.... I have had kidney stones since ten weeks and recently found out my right kidney is blocked completely from passing urine. I have been on vicaden for pain off and on since 12 weeks but only take half to one a day otherwise my blood pressure spikes and baby stresses.
Avatar n tn lithrotripsy is a walk in the park ive had 2 of them and have kidney stones since 1995!!
Avatar n tn I have been taking Hydrocodone 10/500 for over a year now. I was going through 50 pills within a week and half, so about 6-9 per day. It all started when I became ill with Crohn's then I had a really bad, large kidney stone that went on forever and then I was actually hospitilaized. I continued taking them due to some realtionship problems I was and have been having. No one knows about this, I am ashamed of my problem.
Avatar m tn My husband, 56 excellent health, was diagnosed with a small, 3mm, kidney stone 5 days ago after a trip to the ER due to severe pain. They said to go home and wait. 2 days ago we ended up back in the ER because he was having pain for almost 12 hours with no relief. The hydrocodone he was prescribed does not help at all. They gave him dilaudid, which took the pain right away for about 12 hours, but it came back and lasted most of the day. That was yesterday and now today the same thing.
Avatar f tn Dear Bambamm, I have gone through your case history. Medullary sponge kidney (MSK) predispose to recurrent kidney stones and urinary tract infections. First I would like to find out what is cause of pain? In your case, probable cause of pain is either the stones or a hematoma. If a hematoma is causing the pain, It needs to be surgically drained. Decompression will relieve the pain. As for your stones, I think surgical procedure is the best treatment to relieve pain.
Avatar n tn I looked up TAMCK...it is Hydrocodone 7.5mg with 500 mg of acetomenophen. Basically a brand name. Hope this helped.
Avatar f tn I haf surgery a couple weeks ago and was on morphine and hydrocodone. Also, I was prescribed hydrocodone. A doctor wouldn't prescribe you something that could harm your baby. My baby is perfectly fine and healthy! Don't fret!
Avatar f tn Hey I was originally put on pain meds for kidney stones, I mean I was given everything ( Oxycodone, stadol nose spray, Darvecet, Dilauded, hydrocodone,) I have taken all of them at one point or another for the pain, but then I noticed how even when I really wasn't in alot of pain they made me feel so good, energy happiness powerful like I could accomplish anything so that is when the trouble began then I ended up on hydrocodone I should have never taken that first pill for the Fake Happy fee
900459 tn?1304993259 so i have been off the med for right at 9 days and now i feel like i have a UTI but i did a test and it said no so i am thinking i might have a kidney stone but my question is is this pain i am feeling just part of withdrawals and normal when getting off of hydrocodone?
Avatar n tn ) My question is, can Norco effect your kidneys? I have been having some symptoms of kidney problems that I never had before. Just curious.
Avatar m tn i am 53 years old, and on s.s disability. i was off hydro for about 2 days and almost went nuts. my wife said to try and quit cold turkey........i haven't had a drink in 18 months....and i want one bad......i have one kidney at 60% and i don't know what the hydro is doing to it.......i have been crunching the pills in my mouth for a fast high. i will take all the help i can get. i will do anything to get off these damn pills.....i would love to flush everthing down the tolet........
Avatar f tn BTW my anxiety hit the rough after stopping hydrocodone for C-section,ovarian cysts and kidney stones that required stents and lithrotripsy. I was one the hydrocodone for a total of about 17 months.
5262038 tn?1415312585 Thanks dozeman. My sleep has actually come Back fully. I've been at work all day. So I couldn't nap. I'm now heading to the doctors because I have a kidney infection.
Avatar n tn You could have a kidney infection, or other kidney issues. The doc can also advise you about options for quitting the hydro cold turkey, tapering, or refer you for suboxone.treatment. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Last time clean for a month, then kidney stone AGAIN -- although less doasage this time around (5/325) It has been a month and a half and gone through 180. Have been weaning a bit but not alot ... can anyone give me an indication of what w/drawals MAY be like. I am prepared with all the supplements! I kove you guys and was VERY hesitant to write - feeling like a failure.
779368 tn?1252646346 Oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone. As for the dentist, it really just depends on the specific dentist. I had a root canal go bad awhile back and was first prescribed hydrocodone and it didn't help much. He then prescribed oxycodone. My sister had a root canal done from a different dentist and all she got was codiene. I guess it's all just personal preference of the dentist. Lortab is just a brand name for hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn I have been given, hydrocodone, Tylenol 3, morphine, Vicodin, and others, I feel absolutely no relief from pain EVER, be it kidney stone or tooth ache. I have bottles of this crap. I tell drs I feel no pain relief ever! I do get nauseated and a bit sleepy. These r my only two symptoms after taking a pill, or they IV it in my arm. Otherwise nothing. My daughter for an arm break got down right loopy after some morphine.. It was amazing too watch. Me? Never. Drs never believe you either.
Avatar n tn Had this emergency surgery.today to drain fluid.off my kidney due to swelling and infection and its been such a long hard day... I'm 36 weeks and i'm so worried about all the meds.they've given me and the xrays and tests... They say baby.is great and everything is ok but I just feel like the worst mom ever for allowing the surgery because I was in pain and now I still am.... I don't know... I just keep praying. I really want hubby here but we really need him to get his hours.
Avatar f tn The pain just kept getting worse and worse even at the er. They gave me a dose of hydrocodone and it did not even touch the pain. By now I was up to about an 8/10 for pain level. Then as the hour went on my pain became a 12/10 to the point where I was literally moaning and crying in pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. They gave me two does of dilated at it did not touch it. Then they gave me another medication and it finally began to ease back to an 8/10.
Avatar n tn Hi All!! I have posted here a few times before and everyone is so great. Just a quick history, I was on lorcet (hydrocodone) for 2 years off and on at "only" 3 a day. I took myself off of them and had none for about a month. Well ... I ended up passing a kidney stone last Friday and was given the lorcet again. Used 14 in 5 days. My BIG ? is ... of course, will I have withdrawal symptoms now that I have quit taking them even though is was not alot ????
Avatar m tn i am addicted to hydrocodone. ive been taking them for 3yrs. the last 7 months about 10 pills a day. 10/650 or 10/325. i stopped a couple of weeks ago. my dr. put me on suboxone. my question is: ive seen alot of stories about addiction, like i said i was taking 10 pills a day, which i thought was alot, and maybe. but some people on here were to 30 and 40 pills a day. i havent seen a post where people talk about the damage the pills have caused their liver or kidneys.
Avatar n tn I was passing kidney stones at 19 weeks and 27 I was allowed to take hydrocodone as long as you don't take it every day, I took one each time to help with passing the stone, the baby will be fine, I was also in a car accident with my first at 35 weeks and was given pain meds through iv they said it would do the same to the baby make him sleepy
Avatar f tn The pain just kept getting worse and worse even at the er. They gave me a dose of hydrocodone and it did not even touch the pain. By now I was up to about an 8/10 for pain level. Then as the hour went on my pain became a 12/10 to the point where I was literally moaning and crying in pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. They gave me two does of dilated at it did not touch it. Then they gave me another medication and it finally began to ease back to an 8/10.