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482672 tn?1217108272 Anyone here had multi miscarrages related to IP or at least feel that they are IP related? Im pregnant with twins but Ive had fetal demise in the second trimester and Im going to try and get the babies tested but I dont know if I can get the $$ for it. Ive had 3 miscarrages but 4 babies lost since this was twins. I have two children with me, both girls, and one affected with IP and the other is not.
Avatar m tn Each teaspoonful (5 mL) of TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended-Release Suspension contains hydrocodone polistirex equivalent to 10 mg of hydrocodone bitartrate and chlorpheniramine polistirex equivalent to 8 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate. TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended- Release Suspension provides up to 12-hour relief per dose. Hydrocodone is a centrally-acting narcotic antitussive. Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine.
Avatar f tn The first was identical twin boys, with IP. Their nuchal fold was 6 mm thick - VERY abnormally thick. The second was another boy with IP - with a 5 mm measurement. Again, very enlarged. I am currently pregnant with a girl, and her measurement was just 0.6 mm, which is very good, in fact better than average. I just got my CVS results today and they show that she has IP, much to our great surprise. I was thinking if she had IP, that she would have at least a measurement of 2 or so...
Avatar m tn I think that is a one time treatment, with none after that. I did the ip like your mom, I got cisplatin day one ip, taxol day 2, and iv taxol day 8, for 4 rds. not heated. Since she had taxol they may just be doing cisplatin on your mom.
Avatar n tn m just wondering if anyone out there with IP or an IP affected child has family members without IP whom have IP related symptoms? My daughter has IP and is considered a spontaneous mutation as there is no one else who has ever had it that we know of in the family.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 23 year old with IP. I think this forum is great, I'm actually glad to know that there are many people with IP out there. Now most of the post are about women having children. My question is based on my mother that also has IP.
546640 tn?1267058557 My mother has it and passed it to me, but she was a spontanious mutation. My oldest daughter has IP, my second does not have IP. I have hand any miscarrages due to IP. I developed normally, as did my children. Of course I got stares from people asking me if I burned my child. I am missing adult teeth, and have vision problems. My oldest daughter has scaring from the blisters, and has alopecia, brittle nails, teeth problems (minor) and eye problems.
690874 tn?1263050440 Neurological problems are also a possibility with IP, but first confirm that she does have IP. IF you wish contact me firectly at ***@****.
Avatar f tn I am just curious if there is anyone out there doing IP chemo. I am currently doing Topotecan with Cisplatin and they recently added Avastin. The cycle is every 4 weeks and the Topo is delivery over 3 consecutive days which is challenging. My CA125 has responded positively since the cisplatin was added. I was just wondering if anyone is doing IP treatmnets with other combinations.
Avatar n tn I was the first person diagnosed with IP, although it is believe my Great Grandma had it as well. I am a healthy, 24 year old woman. Although my dental history is beyond that of anyone's I know, and I do have marble scars with no pigmentation on my limbs, there is nothing to date that allows anyone to guess I have a genetic disease. At some point in the near future, I would like to have children. I fear that my children's case of IP would not be as mild as mine.
Avatar f tn If you were to conceive naturally, you would have 25% of having a healthy boy, 25% chance of having a healthy girl, 25% chance of having a girl with IP, and a 25% chance of a boy with IP would most likely miscarry. You can also do in vitro with genetic testing on the embryos to ensure a healthy baby. Hope that helps! I would recommend contacting a genetic counselor when you are ready to have children to help you understand your options and risks.
Avatar f tn I had 6 IV of Taxatere 6 IP of Cisplatin and 3 IP of Taxol for good luck ha ha I am 16 months post chemo but I will tell you the joint and muscle pain is there. I am an active 55 year young just finished the Danskin triatholon yesterday but I wasn't breaking any records. So yes it is harder on you and is not a guarantee. But that is what I needed and I got it.
1737603 tn?1310668304 She appears to have the worst type of IP - the extremely rare form of IP which causes CNS issues and seizures which so far the doctors haven't been able to stop. She is currently at Cedar Sinai hospital being taken care by best neurologists and doctors. They are using the standard seizure medications - Topamax, Phenobarbatol, Penthobarbatol, Kapran, Versad - and working on dosages trying to find the right cocktail.
Avatar f tn I am new to this forum. I have 4 generations of IP. My grandmother had 8 girls. Two of my aunts with IP have been diagnoised with Myasthenia Gravis.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was diagnosed with STage 3c ovca in August, had optimal debulking and IP port put in. We started chemo in Sept Taxol/carbo and I leaked out the vagina the first chemo. A cuff repair was done and we tried on cycle 2 with another leak. The surgeon did laparacopy and replaced the tube which was sitting on the cuff and put it around the belly button. I was pleased because I had extensive surgery including Sigmoid colon resection and a small piece of small bowel removed.
Avatar n tn We told our doctor we wanted to get an amnio to determine if the baby has IP. My wife already got tested and the mutation was identified by Baylor. We went to see the genetic counselor today and she called Baylor and they said we were cutting it very close. My wife is 19 weeks pregnant and it would take 2 weeks to grow the cells from the amnio and another 3-5 weeks to test. By the time we find out she'd already be 24 weeks. So its our fault we didn't get this done earlier.
Avatar f tn It was decided that this was an ideal time to do a Lap procedure at NYU and have an IP port put in. This will be followed by IP topotecan the following week, three days in a row every 3-4 weeks. My doctor feels this will be the most effective way to proceed. Has anyone out there had this procedure and subsequent treatment? I would like to know what I am in store for now!
Avatar m tn My grandson has had preliminary diagnosis that he has IP. He was born with some small blisters on the back of his calf. They have subsided and now are now small dots like age spots 10-15 spots on each leg. The pediatrician of 40 years has not ever seen this before,and sent us to a dermatologist. She has said it is IP. From what I have read is that it is almost impossible to for a male to have IP. What is our next step regarding further testing and what other symptoms should we be mindful of.
2207528 tn?1338946518 Was diagnosed at birth with IP, only have a few symptoms now. Frizzy hair, cone teeth, and the marble like swirls on my calf muscles. I'm currently pregnant with my second baby. First one was born by labor being induced at 15 weeks due to the baby passing. Was a baby boy. Assuming his passing was because of IP. I'm hoping for a girl this time or to be extremely lucky and to have not passed the infected chromosome at all.
752590 tn?1233524464 My 11 week old granddaughter was diagnosed with IP last week (through biopsy). She was born with a few sores on her left arm that healed and then reappeared (thus the journey to diagnosis began) The rash has only appeared on her left arm from about the armpit to her wrist, but mostly from the elbow to the wrist. The dermatologist mentioned that it may a mosaic form of IP. Her Mom does not have IP that we know of, it is believed to be an original mutation...I think that is what she called it.
Avatar m tn I am 26 and I have IP. I was diagnosed at birth, due to the rashes. My parents and I participated in a medical study in Washington State. My younger sister was also born with IP. Recently my mother told me that as a part of the study several doctors advised her that having more children would be "irresponsible", this was news to me, and prompted me to do more research into IP (my symptoms have been relatively minor...
Avatar n tn Hi there my daughter who is 4 was diagnosed with IP @ birth! I live in in Winnipeg, Manitoba and just wondering if anyone else in Manitoba is dealing with this disorder & who they go & see? No one seems to know anything about this disease!
Avatar f tn I am 29 year old female with IP. I have no major symptoms other that a patch on the back of my head, some brown swirls on the back of my legs, no wisdom teeth. I have found out I am nine weeks pregnant. My partner and I are very excited but we're also concerned. I have been to my GP and have gotten a date for my first ultrasound scan at 14 weeks (another 5 weeks away). I it normal to have to wait for this length of time before we have our first scan?
Avatar m tn He considers that her actual treatment has begun after surgery which is why he is pushing for 3 more treatments to make it a total of 6 after surgery? For now he is inclined towards 3 IP treatments by giving Day 1 IP Cisplatin and Day 8 IP Taxol since she has already had 6 treatments with IV taxol he does not want to give this on Day 1. Would you agree with treatment plan?
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5 weeks old and i have just been told that she has IP and that i need to see all these diffrent doctors for her care its so hard because i have had 3 miscarriages and then I have this one baby and here i am a single mom who child may have all these problems and may not grow up normally me my self i have not seen a lot of hope out there for what she has it seems in one way or another something will be wrong then i fight my self for wanting this baby and bring her in to the world wh