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Avatar n tn Thew longest acute withdrawal symptoms last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the pharmacokinetics of the opiate medication. The residual depression and insomnia can last for several months.
Avatar m tn This is the 39th day off opiates, hydrocodone. I am having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep at night. Would like to know if anyone else has had this problem?
Avatar f tn I have been on hydrocodone/apap 10/325 for about three months for surgery on my hand{carpal tunnel and Dupre's} then I was taking it for knee pain which helped. I was given Meloxicam 15 mg once a day, this has made all the difference in being able to walk again. I went off the pain meds have not een able to sleep or get to sleep since I went off the pain meds, maybe 2 or 3 hours a nite.
Avatar f tn come out of nowhere. for me, the RLS and insomnia are the worst symptoms. the anxiety comes a little later for me.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for nerve damage relating to a cancer operation three years ago. I took the last of my medication today and fear the withdrawls that I feel coming on. What can I do to help ease the pain, dizzyness, and other symptoms that accompany the withdrawls? Thank You.
Avatar f tn I don't know about Tram but I do know hydrocodone,I am 15 days off my doc and I am still having sleep issues,I take Alteril it is an otc thta you can get at CVS or Wal-Mart, it gives me about 5 hours sleep without it I would still be getting about an hour,from all the post I have read sleep seems to be the last thing to return but it does return we just have to be patient hope this helps snowflake
Avatar n tn I have been on 100mgs of morphine 3 times daily,and hydrocodone 10-500. for eight years for chronic rsd.meds dont work any more so now I wii quit cold turkey. will I be allright? how long will my insomnia last,and constant moving from side to side I need advice. what can i do to speed up the detox process?
Avatar m tn Hey Guys, I am starting day eleven with no hydrocodone. I was taking a considerable amount daily but fell into it during a Xanax to Valium taper per the Ashton manual. I am still on the Valium taper at the advice of some on this site during the hydro w/d. Currently down to 15mg Valium daily and will drop again in a couple of days. Question is, why does it seem to be getting more difficult and not easier? I felt like I got over a hump at day 4-5 then it's been progressively getting harder.
Avatar f tn Fever, pain, chills, fatigue, insomnia. I am trying b6 , coconut water, Motrin, Xanax. Starting day three nothing is helping. Any suggestions. I can't stay down in bed a week.
Avatar n tn It was hard to stay positive, feels like your life is literally worthless. Now the main problem is the eff'in insomnia. I have averaged only 3-4 hours of sleep the past nine days. I have still tried to keep going to the gym, even went to a late night yoga session last night, doesnt matter though, still not sleeping. If I didnt have to get up and work everyday it wouldnt be a big deal, but I do. Any idea on when this will start to normalize?
Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms from Hydrocodone and how long will they last? I've been taking 1 or 2 10-325s a day for about a year for knee pain and quit a few days ago. I'm suffering from nausea that lasts from the time I wake up in the morning until about 12:00 noon. And I still don't feel well even then. I would really appreciate this information, as I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me. Thank you!
Avatar f tn As the result of a back injury in February, I began taking Soma and 10 mgs of hydrocodone at night to help me sleep. I took no pain killers during the day, just Skelaxin. I stopped taking Skelaxin several weeks ago and am now in the process of discontinuing the Hydrocodone. I took the last Soma and 1/2 of a 5 mg tablet several nights ago. This is my second round with trying to get off this med. The problem is the insomnia or sleeplessness that occurs in the middle of the night.
Avatar n tn It will be a few days of not feeling well and low energy. Maybe some insomnia, but it shouldn't last too long. You were not on it that long, and your dose was not real high. Don't give up. Going back to the pills is not the answer or a fix to the WD. It only fixes it temporarily. The best thing is to go thru it and get it over now! It may not be as bad as you think. Take hot baths and drink lots of fluids! Good luck!
Avatar f tn i've been takin hydrocodone 10/500 or 7.5/500 for a couple years on and off like maybe once or twice a month.until about 5 - 6 months ago it was everyday atleast 1 a day till it was 2 a day then 3or4. his is day 3(i stopped for one day then took 1 and a half of 10/500 now im back to day 3 of not takin it) of not takin it and i feel a little bit better but i couldnt sleep and felt agitated and anxious. i would get maybe 2 to 3 hours a sleep a for the past 2 nights.
Avatar n tn Not to say you will be w/d free, but tapering from 5/day I would imagine your physical w/d wouldn't last more then a week (body aches, insomnia, diareaha, restless leg, flu like symptoms). Read some of the posts with taper in the title and best of luck to you....we are all in this together so let us know how your doing.
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to hydrocodone for about 3 years, i could not take it anymore and quit cold turkey.. and have been hydro free for since jan 23. im slowly feeling better, but i just can not sleep!! its driving me crazy. im tired and i will just lay in bed all night hoping to GOD i can just doze off. but i may get two hours max every night and its wearing me down. i also take cymbolta for my severe anxiety and depression and kloapin 0.5 mg about every other day.
Avatar f tn My question is this...I've been on 60mg of hydrocodone a day for 5 years now. They are doctor prescribed, but lately I've been trying to cut down. Every time I do, for instance, take 2 a day, my legs ache intensely and I'm sooo fatigued. If I go 12 hours without one, the pain is so bad, I have to take one. I'm not sure if this is WD or has something to do with my other diagnosis. What are the average WD symptoms for going without lortab?
5204799 tn?1365460384 I wouldn't describe the withdrawal symptoms as horrible, they're more like a bad case of the flu for a couple of days, morphing into mild but aggravating restlessness with insomnia problems for a couple of weeks. Then you're free. It's very much worth the trouble to go through with it. I wish you the best of luck as you progress your way to freedom!
Avatar f tn Before when I quit, the insomnia was the thing that got me crazy. I take muscle relaxers every once in a while when I need them (they make me sleepy). Last night I took 2, and usually that knocks me out. I probably got 1 hour total of sleep though. Also, I work the next 2 days. Any advice on what can help me out? Please & thank you!!
Avatar f tn Before when I quit, the insomnia was the thing that got me crazy. I take muscle relaxers every once in a while when I need them (they make me sleepy). Last night I took 2, and usually that knocks me out. I probably got 1 hour total of sleep though. Also, I work the next 2 days. Any advice on what can help me out? Please & thank you!!
Avatar m tn Hard to breath, can't sit still, sweating/chills, insomnia, stomache pains. Is there anything I can take or do to at least ease them up. Even the xanax are not helping and I don't want to take more than prescribed because I have already went through a benzo withdrawl and will NEVER go through that again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn First RLS kept me awake and then just plain old insomnia. In 3 weeks I was sleeping fairly well with a bad night here and there. My energy level is back and I'm working out at the gym, walking 2-3 miles a day w/2 dogs. I walked every day throughout detox, no matter what or how i felt. Energy begets energy. After a week's WDs I went into aftercare so I won't have to repeat WDs again! Wish you luck! Keep posting and let us know how yr doing!
Avatar n tn Hello all, methadone/hydrocodone has almost destroyed me!! Could anyone please reply to my message just to let me know i'm not the only one feeling these....er, feelings. NO doubt there are people out there who have gone through alot worse than me... but nevertheless, its still hard to endure. 10 days free of it now.... (13/09/07 was the last dose) Say i took a small 10 dose at 9pm, go to bed for 11pm, by 1am i would be wide awake sweating, dizzy and feel like pukin my guts up...
Avatar f tn My husband came to me Sunday & informed me he was addicted to Hydrocodone. It was a slap in the face to me because I had NO idea. I noticed we had less money than we should but I never this never crossed my mind. He has Gout with severe pain. I knew the dr had been prescribing this to him but did not know he has been buying it illegally and is spending over $1000/month to get it. He wants to quit and wants to be completely clean from it. He wants to do it cold turkey.
Avatar f tn I started taking hydrocodone, percocet, etc. Basically whatever I could get my hands on. Well that went on until September 2011 started taking methadone. 40mg and day from September 2011 - June 2012. I came clean to my grandmother & stayed with her for about 3 weeks. She helped me so much. Slipped a few times and found myself on the hydrocodone again :( I'm so tired of this!!!! I love my daughter more than anything in this world & I want us to have a good life.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 10/650 hydrocodone for over nine years. I was taking around 10 per day, along with Soma 325 mg. The hydro did nothing without Soma. My doc found out I saw another doc 4 months ago when I didn't have the money to see him. The pharmacy called and told him. My scripts were destroyed and I was released as a patient. I also had been taking Baclofen, which I have about 35 left, with two refills.
Avatar n tn So I went to the Doctors, and He gave me a perscription for Ambien CR 12.5 (for my horrible insomnia) and REFILLED my perscription of 7.5/500 Hydrocodone @ 4 to 6 times Daily. Now I just got off the forum about Ambien, and it's highly addictive attributes, so I switched to 3mg of Lunsta. Now I have been on and off of the 7.5 Hydrocodone for about 3 years now (due to dental work, usually took 3-4 a day for about 3 months, then I would quit for a while until my next major dental appt.
Avatar m tn So SWIM's on day two now. Had some really weird dreams last night, none about hydrocodone thank god! =P Anyway, woke up with some of the runs, some chills, and felt like a 10 lb weight was attached to SWIM's back. Took some ibuprofin and an imodium and feel better. SWIM's looking forward to a brighter tomorrow and only regrets not realizing what the drugs were doing to him sooner.
Avatar n tn did you take any med 2 help you sleep? insomnia is a big problem for me ambien does not work!!getting 2 sleep is not a problem, waking up after 4hrs of sleep is!!!