Hydrocodone in early pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Im 29 weeks pregnant taking hydrocodone occassionally for pain. Ive weaned myself off is my baby still suseptable to withdrawl?
Avatar f tn ve read and been told by my pain management doctor, vicodin/lortab (hydrocodone) is generally safe in pregnancy. Although they really haven't done enough research into it, if it is neccessary in pregnancy, they generally consider it safer than some other meds. I have to take stronger pain meds every day and am hoping for the best, myself. From what I've read, it's relatively safer than the stress and agony caused by constant pain. I hope she gets some relief, too!
Avatar f tn It didn't say how they tested them? & it didnt say how long hydrocodone stays In their system! That's what I really need to know! Please & thank you for helping so much! & yes I am done!
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydros thru the whole pregnancy but no more than 2 a day! If I stop by 30 weeks will the hydrocodone be in the baby's system when he is born? How long does the hydrocodone stay in the baby's system? When should I stop taking them? I'm 28 weeks pregnant now! How does Texas test newborns? Please help I'm scared!
492921 tn?1321289896 I would call your OB. hydrocodone is actually considered safe during pregnancy, but should only be taken with knowledge and direction of your OB. But it is considered safe in small, monitored doses. Just give them a call and tell them what's going on... they should have someone who can call you tonight.
Avatar n tn I can tell you that my dr did RX them to me later in my pregnancy due to the same issues you are having and I limited my use as well and my son is fine. He was born early only b/c of my high blood pressure and so they took him about 6 weeks early. Also, before I found out I was pregnant I was taking them for my back pain and stopped the day I found out I was pregnant and my OB was fully aware of all of this. I just want to make sure your OB KNOWS YOU ARE TAKING THEM!!!
Avatar f tn I was given percocet in the hospital or hydrocodone, whatever. I think they are all the same right? Unfortunately you are extremely concerned which is the only concerning thing about your story. If a Dr. gave you meds, there is no reason not to tell the new Dr. IMMEDIATELY, especially when you had to fill out the new paperwork. SO, that being said, something smells fishy!
Avatar f tn I was prescribed percocet for kidney stones in my last pregnancy. My doc said it's bad for you to be in pain because it stresses the baby out. If your ob have it to you and said to take it, just take it when it hurts. You don't want you or baby to become addicted. Good luck and I hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn I was only taking the oxycodone occasionally. . The hydrocodone I was taking a couple every couple of days in the first and second trimester. .sometimes I went several days without anything.. im just curios to know if the opiates will still be in the babies system when he is born if I dont take anything else the rest of my pregnancy. .
Avatar f tn Have you spoken with your doctor about this? I know a few women that have taken hydrocodone throughout pregnancy. The doctor basically decides that the benefits of the medicine for the mother outweigh the risks to the baby. Your doctor could guide you into making the best decision, and also if you did need to taper off in the last trimester, give you a reasonable schedule for doing so. I went a completely different route with my baby, I had been on opiates for way longer than 2 months.
Avatar f tn When i was pregnant with them i did everything by the book but smoked cigaretts in my 2nd pregnancy. Im asking people from experience to help me out on this. Please dont be to harsh.
Avatar f tn like i said initially my back was killing me and the doc started me on hydrocodone. That was in March- i started abusing them in May until recent. So luckily i don't think there was much in my system to cause a weeks long detox. Thank you again! I also have a 6 year old from previous- she is wonderful and i was totally healthy all the way. This time around has been rough... my mother recently passed and after that a lot of other issues have been coming up non stop.
Avatar m tn I am totally scared right now. I have took hydrocodone a few times will being pregnant. I have not told anyone about this. I only took them a few times for pain I was having in my lower back. The problem is, I am now 33 weeks pregnant and starting to become scared about it. The last time I took them was when I was 31 weeks. Like I said, I was not taking daily. Just every now and then I would take a couple to take away the pain.I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn Ok I am about 15 weeks pregnant and found out I have a blood clot in my lung. The doctor put me on hydrocodone 5/325 for pain and said it wont cross the placenta, and its safe for the baby. Has anyone else had to take this while being pregnant.
Avatar f tn When I was in my early stages, I didn't believe I was pregnant. I had cramps just like my period, just a bit lighter. I ended up taking 5 tests and guilting my midwife into giving me an ultrasound because I didn't believe it!
Avatar f tn Does sex in early pregnancy cause bleeding and if so what color is the bleeding supposed to be and how long ?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced bleeding in their early pregnancy and have had or going on to have a normal pregnancy? I'm 6 weeks and i have been bleeding since 4 weeks. It started off as brown blood but is now red. My hcg levels this week showed a rise but I'm waiting until Monday until i get my next result. This is my 2nd pregnancy, my first ending in a miscarriage at 12wks.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to orgasm in early pregnancy? I am five weeks and I cramp up each time.
Avatar f tn Ok this is my third pregnancy so I know what it feels like to have contractions.. A couple hours ago I started hurting in my stomach. It was like my stomach was balling up. It hurt so bad to the point I wanted to cry. The first thing my husband asked me was if I was having contractions but I didn't think you could have them or bh this early in pregnancy. I will be 17 weeks tomorrow. I know I have been so extremely stressed out lately and I don't know if that could be causing this.