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Avatar m tn Been taking 5-6 5 mg hydro a day due to a disc protusion, really want to get off of them and am taking them for the high not the pain as there isn't any...messed up...
Avatar f tn I am 22 as of last week. My mother is almost 60 and she has a real bad back and knees. She has been taking hydrocodone for as long as I can remember. Well, when I turned 13 I got into smoking marijuana. Still do to this day. And I think it is what opened me up to the other drugs I have done. Anyways, when I was around 16, I had real bad mestrual pain and my mom offered me one of her pain killers. Bad mistake. The first time I took it, I got sick because I didn't eat.
Avatar n tn i have been with my boyfriend for a little over 8 months now and he is addicted to hydrocodone. when we have problems or he has problems with his work he takes them to "get high". he says that he has been trying to get off of them for 5 days now and he is still saying he is sick, ie having an upset stomach and votimiting. i have never been around anyone whom has been on drugs ever in my life and i do not know how to deal with it.
Avatar n tn Ive used hydrocodone twice, and Im already addicted to it, is it normal to get addicted that fast?
Avatar m tn I agree, I dont think that after two week you should be dependent enough that their will be major WD symptoms. You may feel like taking more, just because it feels good, but get off before its hard to get off.
Avatar f tn I have done urine tests in the past without a problem. The PA I was seeing sent me to get back surgery in late Dec. and the Surgeon sent me home with Tylenol #4 to take with the Opana for pain and I was to get a refill from my Primary Care Physician. When I saw my PA in Jan. we discussed me taking the Tylenol #4 and how I got it and he said ok. Its even written on my summary of visit that I was taking Tylenol #4.
Avatar n tn I dont think using 1 drug for getting off another is a good idea but has anyone ever tried using Tramadol to help get off Hydrocodone during withdrawal period? I stopped taking hydro's about 6-8 10/325mg a day and started taking some Tramadol and it seems to help with the withdrawals. I thought that it would ease the symptoms while the opiates get out of my system. Tramadol is not an opiate correct? I was gonna use for a few days and see what happens. Any ideas? THanks.
Avatar f tn I took hydrocodone 10/325 at 8 - 10 a day for 5 years and hydrocodone 5/500 at 6-8 a day for 4 years before that so I was on a fairly high dose, not as high as many people on here, but it was high enough to get my body dependant on them. It is for you to decide if you think you will have the mind set of taking them as prescribed if you truly NEED them. If you can't take them like that and still need them, do as Meeg said and have someone dole them out to you.
Avatar f tn I live in a small town where everyone knows your business and the doctors are not very open to giving meds in the first place. There really isn't anyone I can see or confide in in this area. I am also a nurse who graduated Summa *** Laude......so you can imagine the reaction I would get from the medical community. And I would probably never work again either if they knew. I am not working right now because of my addiction.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment the 28th of April to see the surgeon. I'm going to hold off till then on the pain pills . But they get to where they don't do any good anyway and I would hate to go to anything stronger. I didn't really abuse the hydrocodone before according to the pain. The doctor always refilled them. But was a pill pusher before the law cut down on them. I just don't want to take anything if I can make it without them. What do the chronic pain suffers do?
Avatar m tn Can chiari cause high bloodpressure? My pcp said I have high bp and inflamed tempral arteries.
Avatar m tn m not sure why everyone seems to chase that buzz or high feeling because when I take the percocet and get that feeling, I get anxiety really bad, feel nauseous and can't wait until the feeling goes away. I think that pills work differently on each individual, and that there are many uses for the same pill that are not all listed on sites such as drugs.
Avatar f tn s comments, experiences and words of encouragement---even when hard to hear. Its funny---you get through a couple days of not feeling any high and all the sudden the "problem" that brought you here doesn't seem so bad. I guess that is called addictive thinking huh? best wishes to everyone and I'll stay tuned to this forum.
Avatar n tn I am on a high dose of oxy for medical reasons but would like to get off. Can I use Darvocet to taper off of the oxAny advice would he appreciated. Thank YOU so much!
Avatar f tn I started going to a clinic 7 days ago to seek help for Hydrocodone withdrawals. I had been on Hydrocodone for about 4 years and my new Dr felt Methadone would help. Day one they gave me 30mg. I could not function and I was very sick, vomiting, etc. I told them that was too high that I wanted no more than 10-15 mg per day. I was a little shocked at their encouraging people to take high doses and increase 5 mg per day.
Avatar f tn how long does hydrocodone stay in your system been takin about 6-7 a day for 8-9 months?
Avatar f tn I was clean from hydrocodone for 4 days and relapsed. I've been relapsing for the past 5 years. I can't stand that I was ever I introduced to hydrocodone! It was never for pain in the past but for the "high" of it. I want to be myself again! I miss me! I have an appointment today with a suboxone doctor and it's suppose to help me have Zero withdrawals and have No More cravings for hydrocodone. I'm praying that this works!
Avatar f tn Is there any reason a hydrocodone urine test would come back negative if the meds were being taken?
1845824 tn?1333374427 Well...I know that after I detoxed, about 2 months later I ended up having to take pain meds for about a month due to impacted wisdom teeth and surgery...after my surgery when I stopped taking the meds I was terrified that I would withdraw, but I didn't. Chances are if you stop now cold turkey, you would have minimal withdrawals, in my experience. I would try stopping right away, and give the remaining 10 to your wife.
Avatar n tn Well, i got caught at school with hydrocodone. I guess its what i really needed to realize what i was doing. Im going to classes now, and everything seems to be looking up. I had to quit, cold. If i continued at the high dose i was, i myself and my doctors agree i wouldn't be here today. Thank you everyone for supporting me. It is possible.
Avatar f tn If you have not already done so, we strongly urge you to seek medical attention. Overdoses of acetaminophen can cause serious damage to the liver, along with the obvious ill effects of hydrocodone. Please seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.
Avatar f tn do you plan on stopping altogether or just wanting to get thru wds until your refill can be picked up? just trying to get a little info about you so we can help.....CT can be done....i did it as many others here has as well....we can help you get thru WDs.....the Thomas recipe at bottom of page is great.....i was taking 14-16 a day and went CT after one day of taper....i didn't have the strength to do a taper and knew i would take more than i should....
Avatar m tn If ur looking nto Suboxone its a great medicine and will help u out alot. The key is to not get put on a high dose and to not stay on it long term. I used it for 3 months to get off of the methadone. After i made the jump from it i went thru very lil and doable withdrawls. How much hydrocodone are u using and how long have u been using it?...
Avatar m tn If someone had been taking roughly ten Hydrocodones a day, a combination of the 5/500's and 7.5/750's for about week and 1/2 what kind of withdrawal can they expect? Mostly the 5/500's. It was just to get high but has only gone on for that short a period. Will the physical symptoms be bad? Will it be obvious to other people?
Avatar f tn Youd honestly have to take hydrocodone for your whole pregnancy before your chances of yur baby coming out addicted is a possibility.i was prescribed hydrocodone and i took it as needed, i know some people get addicted but you dont sound like the type anyway. Tylenol is another pain pill you can take...
Avatar m tn howdy and welcome to the forum. I quit smoking for 6years after I started using pills and noticed I was startin to crave smokes. and I finally gave in after about a year of taking them. and I also noticed when ibwas taking the pills I would smoke a lot more! then when I wasn't high. is there a connection? it sure seems like it.. lol I have been pill free for 17 days now and my smoking remained the same. I have been ob the patch for 2 days now it helps me a lot with cravings.