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Avatar f tn I was clean from hydrocodone for 4 days and relapsed. I've been relapsing for the past 5 years. I can't stand that I was ever I introduced to hydrocodone! It was never for pain in the past but for the "high" of it. I want to be myself again! I miss me! I have an appointment today with a suboxone doctor and it's suppose to help me have Zero withdrawals and have No More cravings for hydrocodone. I'm praying that this works!
Avatar n tn Begin your detox with regular doses of Valium (or alternate benzo). Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day. The goal is to get through day 4, after which the worst WD symptoms will subside. You shouldn't need the Valium after day 4 or 5.
430403 tn?1204081539 Help with withdraws from Hydrocodone by JDub26 Send Message View Profile JDub26 26 years old Radford - VA , 7 minutes ago Ok well I really don't know what to put, this is my first time on this website I was just looking around to see what would help me with the withdraws. I had cancer 5 years ago and the dr put me on hydrocodone 10/500 mg. I was taking 6 a day like the dr told me to do. Even the days that I'm not hurting I've took them to make me feel better.
Avatar m tn 4 years ago I started hydrocodone / ib 7.5/200 3 times a day for pain caused by spinal stenosis. It helped allot but another side effect was relieving the moderate depression and anxiety I experienced for 20 years. Unfortunately anti depressants either don't work or have significant side effects.
Avatar n tn Good luck and my dosage has been about 3, sometimes 4, 10/500 hydrocodone per day for the last 6 months. Prescription says 1 every 4 to 6 hours.
Avatar m tn i have one kidney at 60% and i don't know what the hydro is doing to it.......i have been crunching the pills in my mouth for a fast high. i will take all the help i can get. i will do anything to get off these damn pills.....i would love to flush everthing down the tolet........thank you all !!!!!
Avatar f tn I have been taking an average of 25 painkillers per day for the past 2 months. Sometimes as high as 40 pills (in the form of hydrocodone & oxycodone- Vicodin, Percocet, Percodan, Tylox, Loritab, etc...) I use to buy these drugs illegally, and am now in the 54th hour of completely quiting. I went from 19 pills on Wednesday, 10 pills on Thursday, and 4 pills on Friday....to none from their on out. The withdrawl has not been easy, to say the least. My question(s) is this.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Some of you may have seen the recent news surrounding hydrocodone, but I wanted to share it here for those of you who haven't as it’s an important issue that could potentially affect millions of people. To give you a brief overview, an advisory panel to the FDA has recommended tighter restrictions on hydrocodone-containing drugs, which would essentially classify them among the most dangerous prescription medications available to patients.
Avatar n tn Went to the dr at 4pm and she said it likely was WD symptoms and to taper off, so I started just taking a lower dose - 5mg/500 - 4 times a day. Well, I've taken the hydrocodone now for a full day and I still don't feel better?? Does anyone know if I could still be having WD symptoms?? Or do I really have the flu? I did lower my dosage, but would I feel this bad?? If I need to give out more info, let me know. I can't afford to miss work right now. Thank you for listening.
Avatar n tn If you really are on a high dosage, would a detox rehab be a consideration? Or at least done under a dr supervision? I know that feeling you have....the pills run your daily life...it really sucks...I was starting to feel like a shell of myself so I pray that you will be successful in this! Lots of good people here to help you so keep posting and ask any questions you may have!
Avatar n tn This includes drugs such as tramadol (Ultracet and Ultram) codeine (Tylenol #3, #4), Darvocet, Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco, Lortab and derivatives), Oxycodone (Endocet, Percocet, Oxycontin), Morphine, Demerol. Fentanyl, and Dilaudud. There are many other opiates not listed, so if you don’t see it listed, you can still use these suggestions if it’s an opiate based addiction. None of these apply to benzodiazepine based addictions. These addictions should never be dealt with by going cold turkey.
Avatar n tn Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day. The goal is to get through day 4, after which the worst WD symptoms will subside. You shouldn't need the Valium after day 4 or 5. During detox, hit the hot bath or Jacuzzi as often as you need to for muscle aches. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of hot soaks.
Avatar n tn I had better success with the cold turkey method, but as everybody here mentioned everyone is different. Tapering to me was just prolonging the agony. With the dosage you were taking and being hydrocodone, I think that you will have around 3 days of having flu like symptoms, then you'll be fighting the lack of energy after that.
Avatar m tn I had been on oxycodone and the new-oxy for about 12 years and this October 13th decided enough was enough. I too live in chronic pain, relatively high levels of pain which were there regardless of the medication. I have now been "off" all narcotic medications completely, for over a month....I did a weaning process which was still difficult, but necessary. Now it's a matter of getting my guts back in order. If I can do this, you too can do this. The support here is fantastic!
Avatar n tn I injured my back playing football back in high school almost 15 years ago and have had back pain ever since. I never wanted to get on pain killers but about 4 months ago decided I didnt want to live with the pain and my doctor talked me into taking hydrocodone to ease the pain. It had worked wonders for me and for the first time in my life I felt like I had a new back. I would take two pills in the morning and two in the late afternoon.
Avatar n tn They key is to stave off withdrawals, not produce a high. If you're getting a high, you're taking them too close together or taking too much.
Avatar n tn It is true that you can do it, my fiance' has the same problem. After a couple of years on a high dosage of 3 different opiate drugs, he just went cold turkey and stopped. He said he didn't want to be dependent on them. He refuses to have back surgery, so he lives with the pain, or takes a milder drug (on occasion). I wish I could be that strong myself, I know everyone is different. But this is just another example to show you that it can be done. There is a better life!
Avatar f tn I have been taken them so long that my tolerance is pretty high and very expensive. I was taken any where from 10 to 25 a day! Anything less than 10 was a bad day. I never got any from doctors just off "the street" and where I'm from they are 5$ or 6$ a piece! So do the math!!! Well I just had enough and I hit Rock bottom. Lost my job, my marriage is crazy bc of all the lies, my twin sister is always asking me what's wrong. It's just time to quit.
Avatar n tn I am 55 almost 56 yr old female and I have lived on hydrocodone 10 and 15 mgs for the last year.. I have 4 left in my pocket and can get no more until next friday... Please help me... I am scared to death.. No one but my doctor knows I take these but I can't imagine getting up in the morning without them. My knees and hips hurt me so bad but I am taking 30-40 a day and I know I am addicted... What am I facing here? Can I do it alone?
Avatar m tn My advice to anyone who is self medicating on a high dosage is that its all in your head. You can make it a much lower dosage to avoid total c/t till you can quit. Many here would say bad advice, go total c/t, and they're right. I'm still going to quit in the next few weeks, as I have no street contact, and the doc prob will stop filling scrip before too long. Thanks again to all the caring people who posted.
Avatar n tn Hope this helps at least one person, but withdrawl from most any oral narcotic analgesic (except for maybe Methadone) is pretty much the same ... painfull, dreadfull, lonely, and humiliating ... but not nearly as serious (or life-threatening) as Heroin or other potent IV-administered narcotics. So all I can do is share what has (more than once) helped me get off a heavy-dose Vicodin addiction with relatively mild withdrawl symptoms.
Avatar n tn The clonidine was prescribed to me for anxiety, but I did not need them as I was taking the hydrocodone, so I have alot of them. I just don't know what the recommended dosage is. I'm having a hard time cutting down, and am constantly craving. I am trying to work on a daily basis to keep my mind elsewhere, but have a hard time concentrating. It has gotten a bit easier at times so I know it is possible. Keep posting it's good to vent and identify.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, This is a new forum for me as I used to use another site that was apparently cancelled for one reason or another. I realy enjoy interacting with those that are experiencing, have experienced or are just interested in addiction to drugs, more specifically, Hydrocodone. You see, I was a vicodin addict for about 12 years give or take a year. I was taking 8 5/500's at a time in about 3 hour intervals. I could tell you everything about 5/500's, 7.5/750's and 10/650's.
Avatar n tn I want to withdraw from Hydrocodone. I've been on pain meds steadily for 2 years. A year and a half ago, I came off cold turkey from Percocet which I had been using for 6 weeks. It was the worst experience of my life. Physical symptoms were horrible, but the depression was worst. I have always struggled with depression and take effexor. I have used the drugs to self-medicate. Lately i've been taking Vicodin ES. It no longer gives me that HAPPY feeling just keeps me going.
Avatar m tn Just a rough few days/nights right after ct. Of course I probably had an easy way since my dosage wasn't as high as others, but the good news is it can be done...especially with the help of you folks in this forum. Thanks again and good luck to all!
Avatar n tn I cut down on the dosage because it can cause the runs at high doses. But for your first week, you need the high dose of L-Tyrosine and should just put up with the runs. It only happens once after each dose (if it happens at all) and it's not the "burning runs" that you get from withdrawal. It also happens within the first hour and won't return, so it's something you can plan on. Also, the Imodium just might cancel out the runs, anyway. So, it's livable at least for that first week.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 4 hydrocodone a day for the past 2+ years and have been increasing up to 7 per day. I feel like its destroying my life and am scared for my little girls 4 and 8. I need to get off for them as well for my health but withdrawel is the worst feeling and I feel like I will not get through it and succeed. I know many will tell me it will last a few days and get better in about a week. But will the craving for it ever go away or will I live with the feeling forever?
Avatar f tn Some people are really against the thought of using this method- but if you're planning on breastfeeding it may help with the withdrawal symptoms for the little one. Your dosage isn't particularly high, but it is a medication known to cause withdrawal in adults- so I can only imagine it would cause some discomfort for the baby.
Avatar m tn I have been on HydroCodone-Acetaminophen 10-325 for about four months for severe back pain due to osteo-arthritis and bulging disks, etc. in my spine. I started out taking two pills a day - one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. I decided to reduce the dosage as I had a dreadful withdrawal about a year ago while on Oxycontin. Is it possible to feel symptoms after cutting out one pill a day?
Avatar m tn I went 5 days without any hydrocodone. No real problems since I'm not on a very high dosage... (2-4) 5mg tablets a day. Anyway, no real withdrawls but I tried to quit taking them because I didn't know if they were helping me or if I was just helping myself to them. What I found out was that my back pain is near intolerable at times when taking this light dosage and even worse without them. I am still in the middle of finding out exactly what is going on with my back.