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Avatar m tn I know it's cough syrup. Or, more precisely, it's hydrocodone that is used for, among other things, cough suppression, as well as pain management. That is why he told me to use it for sleep - it suppresses any pain and actually works well. I'm not sure why it comes as a syrup - maybe people with a cough want cough "syrup", not pills? As for Doctors prescribing it for anything else, it's called off label use, and unfortunately Doctors do that all the time.
Avatar f tn Well I start reading up about the medicine today and I find out that it has hydrocodone in it!!!!! WTF? Is it the same hydrocodone as lortab???????I am freaking out!I worked so hard to kick my habit.....any advice or info would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Well, tussionex is part hydrocodone which is a semi-synthetic opioid and part chlorpheniramine which is a type of antihistamine. So some people can be more sensitive to the hydrocodone (vicadin) part of the cough syrup. It is a fairly addictive drug and some people have genetics (an enzyme called cpy 2d6) that increases the duration the hydrocodone is elevated in their blood. This leads to exaggerated effects or feeling of euphora and other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I know that the show Intervention did a story on someone who was addicted to cough syrup and I saw how out of it they were. Hopefully you can get some help to stop! Good luck!
498159 tn?1209849782 hows it going, never been on this site before but i was wondering if anyone had any information that could help me with my addiction to cough syrup. i've been taking extreme amounts for about 3 of 4 years. I pretty much can't go a day with out taking it. Does anyone have any info or advice?
Avatar f tn The original NL i saw... i do not like at all! The pharmacist okay'd the cough syrup with my other meds, however, I have never seen a specialist and have no idea how obstructed my flow is in regards to pressure. I know the coughing can't be good for my head, so part of me wants to try the cough syrup to help stop the harmful coughing... but if the cough syrup could b harmful too.... hmmm...... I tried asking the pharmacist directly about chiari... and he gave me a very boggled look.
Avatar f tn Instead of whatever she was supposed to get.. Usually for post op tonsilitis they give liquid Loritab or liquid hydro that comes like cough syrup.. This doesn't sound right>..
Avatar n tn Try Black Elderberry syrup from boots
Avatar n tn I am three days clean from a four month addiction to hydrocodone wheteher it was lortab, viciton, or hydrocodone in cough syrup. I feel like i have the flu. When does this get better. I do have some valum and xanax but do not know what to take. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn i have fiorinol for migraines, but i have imitrex, so i can ditch the other. hydrocodone cough syrup, is it safe to have it around, or is that a temptation? flexeril with cod?? please advise!! thank you!
Avatar f tn Also,I read recently that some doctors are using dextromethorphan (like in cough syrup) for RLS and the results were excellent. It wouldn't hurt to try that in small doses.... Hang in there...
Avatar n tn you will get alot of differing views on "how many" hydrocodone are enough. It's tough because if you're an addict one is good, two is better, then pretty soon you're up to a lovely 25/day. If you cannot tolerate the pain without narcs you should set a limit of how many you will take daily......not more than 4,5,6. You will still have withdrawals even from these low numbers, but mixed with antiinflamatories(from your doc.) you should be able to get substantial relief.
Avatar n tn I have been taking hydrocodone for about 2 1/2 years at an increasing rate, ending up with the 7.5 strength and about 18-20 per day. I do have severe arthitis pain and am a 51 year old woman. I have to cut down and recently cut down to 10 a day and have experienced physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. I have some clonidine and don't know how much to take for withdrawal. What is the recommended dosage.
Avatar f tn My PCP actually gave it to me for cough when I had the flu (since there is an ingredient in the cough syrup that we preggos cannot have). Just make sure your OB is aware that you are taking them and do NOT cut down too fast. Withdrawal and the stress that comes with the withdrawals are more harmful for the baby than the actual medication.
Avatar f tn He knows what to do and is very supportive. I don't even want the cough syrup cause of the potential addiction it can cause. So it's a very good test. And haven't had any in about 12 hrs. And won't tAke any unless the coughing is behind control.
Avatar f tn I had a bad cold with my son and I lost my voice. My ob prescribed me a cough syrup with hydrocodone in it. I tried everything and nothing relieved my cough or tickle.
Avatar n tn After a week my cough got worse so i went back and the doctor placed me on sick leave for a week and in addition to the medication he gave me before he gave me flixotide and a cough syrup. My cough has gotten even worse, i have even gotten dizzy and my feet gave out after one of my coughing spells. I need help. What can i do to stop this cough?
Avatar f tn I need some answers- I have been abusing Hycodan (Hydrocodone cough syrup) for several months now. I recieved the first prescripton a couple years ago and noticed that i liked it. I would get another Rx off and on for bronchitis or whatever, and during these times i would take more than i should at a time, but when i ran out i never had any w/d. Over the last 6 months or so i have had several refills and hardly went without the drug for more than a day.
Avatar f tn ANY help is GREATLY appreciated. Anyone out there been on physician prescribed Hydrocodone syrup and gotten addicted? I was prescribed Hydrocodone about 6 months ago after a surgery and have taken it since then. I had some complications from surgery and had additional surgeries so they kept prescribing it to me. I've just quit cold turkey (yesterday) and need some support! I couldn't sleep at all last night and I am wondering what to expect. What can I do that will help me.
Avatar n tn There have been some stressful times in the past year that I have taken more of the cough syrup than I should have. Everything caught up with me right after the holidays. THe pharmasist and doctor cutme off from the cough syrup. This is the beginning of week 2. I seem to be done with the initial withdrwal symptoms, but I am feeling SO LOW and SO SLOW. I have been taking Lexapro since last spring. The doctors gave me some Xanax XR and some CLonidine tablets--but I am hating them.
5298012 tn?1366233919 Truth be told, I'd use pretty much whatever opiate pills I could get; vikes, percs, ltabs, codeine, cough syrup... You name it, I've probably eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've had my share of bumps and bruises, breaks and fractures along the way... Including 2 open heart surgeries when I was 16. That's when I was introduced to prescription pain meds. 3 shots of dimmeral a day for 10 days, then I go home with nothing but a zipper on my chest and a get well balloon.
Avatar f tn broke your arm, knee surgery, dilaudid cough syrup for that nasty cough, etc. LOL). However, they provide some exceptions. For example, if the patient demonstrates that long-term opiate therapy helps them be more productive ("Doc, I can chop more lumber when I take these pills"), or, if the patient demonstrates continuing *improvement.* THEN, the guidelines go on to suggest that for chronic pain, longer-acting opioids (e.g.
Avatar n tn i doctor hop everyday going to over 3 and 4 doctors a day searching for this drug.i take the cough syrup and the pills whatever i can get my hands on . the cough syrup makes me feel better since it has no anihistimenes in it .cough syrups like codi clear,tussionex,hycotuss,hycadan,vicutuss,its all a liquid form of hydrocodone,i often find my self going to emergency rooms around my area going for coughs and i seem to get it everytime.
Avatar n tn i have fiorinol that i take occasionally for migraines, but i have Imitrex, so i don't have to have the fiorinol, should i ditch it? Cough syrup that has hydrocodone in it? should it go? Flexeril w/cod - please, tell me, should all of this go?? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I have some hydrocodone cough syrup. it has Homatropine Methylbromide in it. What exactly is that, and what does it do? My Dr. says it helps you sleep, I read it helps dry out the throat/sinuses, and I also read it is included in the syrup in sub-therapeutic doses to discourage intentional overdose. So, what is it, and what does it do? Can it make you sick, or feel sick?
1363471 tn?1305403527 Just treat your symptoms for now. Be sure to drink as much as you can and get some food in! Buy some cold meds OTC,cough syrup etc...take Motrin 3x a day @ 800mg and,really,keep drinking!!
Avatar n tn I take approximatly 12 a day (taking 2 every 3 hours) before that I was taking any kind of cough syrup I could get my hands on that was a narcotic. I am very concerned about my liver, does anyone know if this is a doseage that is sure to have caused liver damage, what I mean is would this be an unusually high dosage for a lortab addict? I want to quit but I have not been able to. I am very afraid but I sometimes feel it is to late to quit, other times I think I am just worrying for nothing.
Avatar n tn I just found out I'm about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. I just need some advise on taking a small dose of codeine cough syrup , I have a horrible nagging cough that won't let me rest and otc cough meds make me jittery. I can't see the dr till next week. I just need a nights rest. Trust me, i don't plan on taking this regularly. Just like half a dose once. Will it hurt?
Avatar n tn Wow, I suspected, and was just confirmed by the symptoms you listed that I accidentely overdosed on cough syrup the other night. I really didn't mean to, I hate cough syrup but I had a really bad cough so I gave in. I choked down the exact amount I was supposed to as instructed on the bottle and at first it was great and i fell asleep really fast; but then I woke up at 1 am nauseas and dizzy. I had a strange feeling that something wasn't right.
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescribed 2 Vicodin per day to reduce the amount of Hydrocodone intake. On top of all this - I a have been on Prozac and Wellbutrin for 5 years and have a drinking problem (2-4 beers per day). I know I need to just STOP and I am trying. Reading the posts here have really helped! I am down to 1 Vicodin per day and 2 Wellbutrin and I try to not drink at all - IT IS HARD!!!!!!!