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684676 tn?1503186663 t drank in weeks) , and until the recent change in FDA rules on amounts of APAP in Hydrocodone /APAP formulations, was using cold water extraction to crush and filter APAP out of Hydro pills (mainly 10/660's) as have had high alt in past (80's 90's)now alt-42 lipase-78 , so not bad, but have been having terrible stomach issues starting aprox. 6 months before detox.
Avatar f tn Look up cold water extraction it takes the Tylenol out so you don't hurt your liver or get sick. It's very simple and tastes horrible but it's much better for you because that much Tylenol WILL cause severe liver damage over time. Also NEVER take Vicodin with any other meds containing acetaminophen such as Tylenol , Midol etc... Always check the ingredients. Not o is another option and it has 325 mg of Tylenol instead of either 500 or 750.
Avatar f tn I've been given a bottle of Hydrocodone after getting my wisdom teeth surgically removed. I've only taken it 3 times because i believe i've come to the realization that i get really bad nausea from it, and have already thrown up 3 times (from one-two doses). I've followed the instructions on the bottle, but have discontinued use since yesterday, and since then have been taking Advil Liqui-Gels, but i am still very nauseated. How long would this nausea tipically last?
Avatar n tn I got progressively worse and finally found myself using the cold water extraction to enhance the buzz. This occured about a month ago. That is when I really knew that I was in trouble and that what was next I could not even imagine. I have not had a drink in 10 years and am terrified that I will pick up eventually and let me tell you I CAN NOT DRINK without death being right behind. Anyways, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I had to quit the pills.
Avatar n tn After the removal of your tooth, you will feel good because the area where the extraction took place will be numb. It will take a few hours for it to wear off and after that you may experience anything from a mild tooth ache to a great deal of pain...it's hard to tell. I cannot tell you how to take your medication but I can tell you that when I had my tooth extracted, I waited until the Novocaine had almost wore off and then took a pain pill.
Avatar m tn The pain is excruciating and unbearable. I was given a prescription for hydrocodone but get no relief whatsoever. I called my dentist office yesterday to let them know I am still suffering and they had me come in immediately to check my progress out. Of course everything looks wonderful and she said the healing process is going right at the pace it should be and inquired on my pain.
Avatar n tn Tooth extraction done at 22 weeks.. I am going to be ok is the baby.. Can I take pain meds.. The doctor said try to avoid them if I can..
Avatar n tn The only thing that stops the excruciating pain is a sip of cold water washed over the teeth. The pain radiates to teeth around it on top and down in the bottom jaw bone. I aslo have an impacted widsom tooth on top beside the tooth that seems to be the source. Gums are so tender can't stand for food to touch them. I am very confused and in severe pain, any ideas as to the cause?
Avatar m tn Rinse mouth with warm water with teaspoon salt in it or clean seawater if you can get it. Oregano tea either cold or hot can take of infection. Oregano oil is also available. Chose this before taking antibiotics.
Avatar f tn The Dr has had me taking 10mg of hydrocodone 5x a day. He wanted me to wean off. I weaned from 5to1/2 in two weeks against his orders. Still feeling horrible 2 weeks later do you think it's just better to just stop all? I just want to get through this quicker so I can get back to carrying for my family. I can barely lift my own arms so how bad cook old it be if I just stop taking any? Thank you for any advice. Vitamins more water anything.
Avatar n tn Approximately 6 days ago, my SO (a 40+ YO WM alcoholic) had an extraction of a molar after being on 10 days of Pen-Vee K; no antibiotics post procedure. Five days later, he is now having shaking chills alternating with sweats/feeling hot (no thermometer available, so temp not documented). Negligible solid intake until yesterday, with minimal appetite but able to keep down small quantities at a time. Also, some complaints of frequent soft bowel movements but no diarrhea per se.
Avatar f tn t I be feeling better and do I need to see an oral surgeon. I have done everything the dentist asks. Warm salt water rinses. Chewing on one side. Drinking lukewarm liquids. Keeping the area clean. I'm miserable! I wish I could be put in a temporary coma so I wont have to continue feeling this pain.
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1839856 tn?1318553457 I have been taking hydrocodone for severe pain for almost 2 years. I was wondering if quitting all at once is safe for my unborn child. My ob/gyn has me on 6 5/325 mg norcos a day and I'm really worried about my baby. What should I do?
Avatar n tn When is it going to end? I have been abusing hydrocodone for 8 years. I am seriously determined to quit, yes on my own. I''m ashamed to go for help because people don't see it the we users see it. It is a disease and they see us as weaklings. Im on day 2 and I feel like crawling out of my skin. I have Xanax and have used maybe .25 per day, since, This doesn't help. I sleep w/ NyQuil and my liver test doesnt look good. Help, what to do?
Avatar m tn No, you won't die from hydrocodone withdrawals, maybe Methadone or Tramadol but not hydrocodone. But cold turkey don't seem to be a very good option for you. That's how I did it, three (3) times. Cold Turkey and I did not use any other drugs either. All three times I made it to 100% normal again. It took 21 days to be at about 95% Normal each time, but the bad part for me was only for three days. After that it was much easier. And I worked every day while withdrawaling.
Avatar f tn This doesnt seem to heal as it is sore when it is touched or with cold water or hot, I think the cut went to the bone section or at least is showing nerves. It is a straight cut from the pliers used. It doesnt look infected but I want to know how to close it properly so the nerves dont get attacked evertime I drink something. Can you help? I have got an antibiotic mouth wash called corsodyl, and have tried putting on pravelen but nothing has happened. I think it has healed open?
Avatar f tn I have hypercementosis(mis spell) and had an extraction of number 4 tooth 6 weeks ago. I'm experience a lot of pain and the only thing that helps is my finger in place of the missing tooth. I've had two course of antibotics. The area has been checked twice and they thought I might need a root canal in tooth number 5. Specialist checked with no reaction to hot, cold and pressure so she prescribed oral rinse. I looked and the area is white but doctor said that it's healing.
Avatar f tn I recently had to have a wisdom tooth extraction. That is NOT fun... and on top of that I developed a dry socket! Which is worse than having the extraction! To make a long story shorter, I have had difficulty becoming addicted to painkillers. I finally ... after months of addiction, kicked the habit. Before, during and after my surgical extraction my doctor prescribed me oxycodone as well as hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn Ever since I got my wisdom teeth taken out over a year ago, I've been getting a strange taste/smell in my throat and nose. It's not constant, but after I've had a bit of a cold or something it gets worse. It's mostly in my nose currently, and whenever I sniff I can smell it. I went to the doctor once and they prescribed a nasal spray (nasonex I believe). It helped but didn't make it go away completely.
Avatar f tn Following extraction of an upper molar and wisdom tooth, I have suffered from miserable coated tongue, a sensation of dryness, and loss some of sensation in my upper lip. Could this be the result of any nerve damage from the extractions?
Avatar n tn I used to use hydro (cold water extracted) daily for 3 weeks in June 2007 until i had a panic attack. The depressed breathing scared me ******** when I thought my heart skipped a beat. Soo, I quit cold turkey and went through some serious withdrawal symptoms for about a week and a half. The thing is, now every once in a while I get these very weird feelings as if I'm going to faint and my heart beat is very faint or something is just terribly weird.
Avatar n tn I have been on pain pills and antibiotics. The pain is worse when I bend over, hot or cold, or cool air hit the extraction site. I went back to my dentist 2 days ago and they said that it is healing nicely, no dry sockets, and just wait another week. The pain is probably in my jar (TMJ). Has anyone else experienced this kind of pain?
Avatar f tn I would recommend using warm salt water. Not anything with peroxide in it. Did your dentist say if you can put a cold pack on your cheek? I would call and ask if it's alright. Does the socket look okay?
Avatar f tn it may take over a week to really get better. U can rinse with warm salt water twice a day. that seem to help me alot. U can also put a cold compress on the side it was pulled. 15mins then leave off for 10mins. Also I have had bone come through my gums where the tooth has been pulled. it made the area really hurt. but it will work its self out.
Avatar n tn I have had wisdom teeth removed, a bad tooth extracted and my gallbladder removed in the past. For each of these I was prescribed either hydrocodone (vicodin) and tylenol 3. I have terrible reactions to these meds.I feel sick to my stomach, very dizzy, and I usually end up vomiting or having dry heaves (not fun when you have abdominal stitches for a gallbladder extraction.) They didn't help much with the pain either and I decided the pain was preferable to the side effects of the drugs.
19028025 tn?1473902866 Hope You are fine after the extraction. I encourage you to drink alot of water.