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Avatar m tn Norco has three different strengths (5mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen, 7.
Avatar n tn I apologized after we got home ( but I was so abusive in my comments that she left dinner without me and I walked home alone), and she accepted and understood my issues and all is good.
Avatar n tn Under normal circumstances, alcohol and medications don't go together. Taking wine would defintely enhance the side effects of Lortab, and these include drowsiness, nausea, lightheadedness, constipation. Severe side effects include slow irregular breathing, anxiety, severe constipation,difficulty in urination, and even liver damage, as you have stated.Signs of liver damage include jaundice, which is the yellowing of the eyes.
Avatar f tn My dose is 10mg hydrocodone/350tylenol and I take 2 every 6 hrs. The med is called norco and 1 is 2x the strength of a vicoden. With my first son I had to take vicoden about 3-5 days a week for the last 5 months of my pregnancy and my son was born fine at least when it came to not having anything from the meds. I also had a glass of redwine 1-2x a week (i told my dr.
384150 tn?1399904816 They also are more likely to be of average weight, and practice healthier lifestyle habits. The wine drinkers were less likely to smoke; smoking has been shown to prolong time to conception. Other confounding factors such as caffeine consumption, partner’s age and frequency of intercourse were not evaluated. She cautioned against drinking alcohol specifically to try to conceive, since this benefit was quite mild.
Avatar m tn Theoretically is someone were to put HIV infected blood in wine and it sat for a bit and u drank the wine, without knowing, with a fever blister could I get HIV? I'm struggling so please be nice in your comments. I think I'm developing OCD and I'm about to start medical school. We left a bottle of opened wine alone for like 20 minutes in a cabinet I'm a hostel. Scared someone did something, no proof.
Avatar f tn hello, i am not much of an alcohol drinker but the other night we had pizza and cake and 4 glasses of wine for a birthday party and later that night i woke up with severe pains in my lower chest that went straight through to my back and it was really worse than labor i have 3 kids so i know, anyway my doctor says its from wine and i can no longer drink it, that seems crazy to me is this possible?
Avatar n tn as a breast cancer survivor and wine lover i cant help but feel guilty every time i pour a glass of wine. do any of you know of a correlation between the 2. i know it isnt advised but just trying to hear some opinions.
Avatar f tn I felt my intestines churning and woke up with signs of diarrhea on my underwear. Last evening, again after a great meal and red wine, I took a Tums. In the morning, same thing -- diarrhea signs on my underwear!! Does anybody know if antacids interact with red wine to cause diarrhea?
Avatar f tn I dont think anyone should ever drink knowingly pregnant u just cant be sure (im not talking about ppl drinking before they know) ur body is not just urs anymore and drinking while bfing u can do but pumping and dumping does not get rid of the alcohol any faster u have a time frame that u cant feed baby in depending on ur alcohol intake
Avatar f tn I think wine coolers actually have less alcohol than wine so I don't think it could hurt.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks and have had 3 glasses of wine and 1 beer my whole pregnancy.. I've been pregnant through Christmas, New Years, my hens night, my wedding, my honeymoon and soon to be my birthday lol plus alot of other birthdays so I've had a few small glasses!
87651 tn?1259602403 I have got to support the idea of wine (booze) and thyroid meds. Mixing alcohol with the meds causes me to suffer more panic than usual the next day. EAster I had a few too many Paul Masson's. That night I felt grrrrrreat - but in the wee hours of the morning I woke with such a panic attack - it was horrible. I haven't figured out IF it truely was /is the actual alcohol or if it is due to it converting into sugar.
Avatar f tn I have had days were I have a coupe glasses of white wine and be fine and the next time have one glass and get tachycardia. It really ***** I miss being able to have a couple drinks with friends and not worry about this. I had 2 glasses last week, but was outside and overheated as well, and had an episode and in front of all my friends, very embarassing.
Avatar m tn Well I/we know she has a drinking problem, she has started drinking again. She said she researched and drinking Red Wine does not hurt her Pancreatitis. In my feeble attempts of research I have not found anything that supports her thought process. What scares me is she was in a Coma for about 5 weeks and came real close to death for the first week or so, the doctors didn't think she was going to live.
Avatar f tn I LOVE wine, and have found through tea-totaling for months between 6 month visits and being cleared to drink again that a few glasses a week had no impact one way or another. I think the ibuprofen may be more suspect, so I try to be spare about using it. Over 5 years on Rebif and the only constant on my liver panels is inconsistency. I do find that a second glass makes my pins and needles come on something crazy. So I keep it very light on wine drinking.
988694 tn?1332359479 It really not unrealistic to blame the thyroid when consuming wine. I found red wine reacted harder on me and still does. While wine wine seemed to be milder to a degree. It also depends on my body cycle on how much I can consume. Sometimes I can take in a bottle - sometimes a glass gets me uncomfortable. This volume goes with not just wine - but beer or mixed drinks. I don't have a solution or answer as to exactly why but there are some theories and research.
Avatar f tn btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery and took hydrocodone. I am on synthroid and cytomel for my thyroid. No problems noted. Hydrocodone on the other hand is a whole new set of problems if you start taking those every day. No thanks.....I would look at a different avenue. The narcotic pain meds are too addictive physically and psychologically.
Avatar f tn she has quit taking the hydrocodone 6-7 weeks ago but the hives are still coming (every single day) and in different places on her body. is this an allergic reaction to the hydrocodone? and can it take this long for the hives to go away?
783714 tn?1237997265 I am having the amniocentesis next friday and by then I will be 20 weeks.I have been taking hydrocodone for 2 years. I went from 2 10-325 norcos to 1 and a half.Is it my fault my baby may have ds? Will tapering off of hydro harm my baby?How safe is the amnio test?Thankyou for any help you can give me.
Avatar f tn Personally, I don't feel that any alcoholic beverage is safe during pregnancy. I definitely think you should ask your doctor what he/she thinks about having a glass of wine. Yes, I've known women who have drank a glass of wine here and there and had no ill effects. But, just because one person had a good outcome doesn't mean you will.
455051 tn?1255826518 I did not ever feel the need to until I was in labor, and at that point I said to hell with wine, give me a beer. So I had one beer and delivered a healthy baby 18 hours later.
Avatar f tn I know this is a controversial topic but honestly I dont have anyone close to me who is pregnant so I just wanted to get some opinions. I have always liked wine and have heard people talk about drinking a glass of wine here and there during pregnancy. I'm 22 weeks and asked my doctor about having a glass but he said he's old fashioned and doesn't believe in that. From a medical standpoint I feel like he is saying that because of liability reasons.
Avatar f tn I did some research and alcohol is a big no no in my conclusion. I don't think it's worth the risk..you could research and decide for yourself though.
Avatar m tn hello moderators i asked a question earlier and would like the opinion of teak please Dear Doctor we are are in the south of france and i took my business associates to a restaurant where my friend works he brought the wine bottle and while removing (i don't know how to tell in english) is the aluminum cover using a knife he cut his finger . i noticed and no one else did i kept quite and went to the kitchen and saw that his cut was pretty deep.
Avatar f tn when talking about certain subjects. I will never forget when I went on a cruise with my kids and husband and my son practically burst into tears when he saw me light up a cigar on our vacation. It was just one, mind you, I don't smoke or anything, but we went to a place that wrapped their own and I enjoy the occassional cigar. But apparently, my son's elementary school convinced him that I was going to get lung cancer and die from one cigar. Inane.