Hydrocodone and water retention

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Avatar m tn The swelling stays in my feet and legs pretty much all the time and then it will involve my thighs. I try to control it with salt and water restrictions and diuretics but it doesn't seem to work. I can no longer wear any of my shoes and I can't always get pants over my legs is they are straight legged. Please tell me if anyone else has experienced this problem with swelling. I want off of these medications! Please help.
793305 tn?1493925518 s up with the major water retention? Any ideas out there? Other than waking up 5 times tonight to go to the bathroom? My ankles are starting to look like oranges. Not that they were all that shapely to start with. : ) But they're starting to feel a bit tight. Any ideas? I think I'll start with some green tea.
Avatar f tn I'm pregnant and retain water like crazy too....but the more water you drink, the less you retain I been told by numerous doctors.....
Avatar n tn If he finds himself thristy a lot of the time, he could suck on crushed ice. It seems to work better than plain water for quenching thirst. and it takes a lot less to get the job done. If he drinks alcohol, he needs to quit. If he smokes, again he needs to quit. If he has excess weight, he needs to lose it. If he is sedentary, he needs to get up and move as much as he possibly can, but never to the point of not being able to catch his breath, or carry on a conversation.
Avatar n tn I do watch my sodium intake, I drink a lot of water, eat healthy and exercise 5x/wk 45--75 min. I have my yearly eco scheduled the end of this month and will discuss it then, but would appreciate any feedback and comments.
Avatar f tn Try to get a book called the Waterfall Diet which helps you identify why you have water retention and gives a diet to release it.
1563109 tn?1295585149 Is water retention normal after Transflap,& hernia surgery? What does Lymphodemia act like? Some days it is worse. but my Arm feels like a log, I am told it is Arthritis in my fingers affecting the arm.? not from the surgery. After the cancer surgery & Lymph node removal I started the exercises and have continued.I felt like I knew its symptoms well and worked with it to maintain.
1553083 tn?1296232321 Fluid retention was one of my biggest bug bears when I was trying to prove I was hypo.I called it Belly Bloat. I looked like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters! You will find however many women get fluid retention when starting the menopause. It is always a good idea to get your kidney function checked, as I did, and found I was a little on the not so good side, and had to take some diuretics to kick those little buggers into gear.
Avatar f tn I have now restored to 155 pounds, and feel like I continue to gain weight. I also have constant water retention. Is this normal to still be so bloated even once I'm restored and even past my initial weight? I'm not sure if the distension in my stomach is weight gain or bloating. Anyone experience something similar or know what could be going on? I have attached a picture of what my stomach looks like naturally (no pushing out). https://ibb.
Avatar f tn How long have you been on Synthroid? Water retention is often a hypo symptom, and until meds are properly adjusted, which can take a while, you can actually become a little more hypo as your body rebalances.
Avatar m tn 3 days later her stomach gained about 4 inches (11cm) more water, we took her to another vet, he withdrew clean water out of her belly and said she might have a underdeveloped liver. The vet wanted to put her down, but I refused that. Got her on meds, but had to drain the belly when it reached 33.5 inches (84cm) with 1.57 gallons of water, that's 7.1 liters. It went well for about 2 weeks now, but now she doesn't want to eat, she's pick up some inches and then drops again.
318582 tn?1248118551 i feel like im treading water wating to be transplanted thoracentsis is being done once a week and pulling off 1.5 liters each time by the end of the week im so out of breath. and no appitite i think the fluid is pressing on my stomach..........
Avatar f tn Before i got pregnant the same thing happen to me, my friend said it was water retention. I started drinking more water, before i didnt really drink much so that helped. Now that im pregnant my feet do get swollen but not as bad as before.
Avatar f tn celery onion parsley garlic peppermint eggplant cabbage cranberries asparagus corn cucumber grapes watermelon Some sources say to reduce intake of parsley and celery to avoid water retention. I believe this is based on the fact that they contain a significant amount of natural sodium. Organic, or naturally occuring sodium, may be helpful by keeping table salt in solution, helping to eliminate it.
Avatar f tn I just came from the dr today. And she says i have water retention in my lower stomach. Anyone have this and any advice?
Avatar f tn Water "renton?" WHAT is that?
Avatar n tn water retention is a sgn your kidneys are not functioning properly. the 650mg. of tylenol is what worries me more than the opiod. think 650mg x 20 this could cause renal failure for sure. 2 questions. 1 personal, is your urine restricted? what is NAC? im not a dr. probably call the hospital and talk to the charge nurse. sometimes they can advise you w/out the e.r fee.i would also start drinking tons of water to flush kidneys. hope this helps a bit.
Avatar f tn i noticed after i had my tt in aug 2006 that while i was in hospital i was constantly weeing and when i got home i had lost 5 pounds and was a size smaller in tops however although i never went back up in my top size my stomach (look pregnant) and hands were more swollen, i have read that this a symptom in hypo and it can cause water retention. so was wondering if anyone else had noticed this after tt and do you know if i could try water tablets.
Avatar n tn Hi, Since January I have been having problem when I drink alcohol. I INSTANTLY retain water and can't pee it out! For years, whenever I drank alcohol I would pee it out all night and even feel lighter the next day. Now, after just a few sips I can feel the water coming on, and I will be a few lbs heavier over the next 2-3 days. It's horrible to not be able to enjoy drinking anymore and I love doing it socially! What can be causing this?
Avatar m tn All of my weight gain has been my arms and legs rather than torso and I was wondering if it could be water retention. My legs are extremely obese but my body is reasonably normal for my age/ height. It really bothers me for silly reasons. I can't get trousers to fit without falling down at the waist/bum but they're tight on my legs. I can't wear skirts because I don't want anyone seeing these things with the shape and girth of elephants legs. Is this a common hypo response?
10948614 tn?1414173719 I have no symptoms except for extreme fatigue and water retention and some slight swelling on my outer ankle bone. I found out I am gluten intolerant so that means damage and inflammation for the last 45 years but I am gluten-free and almost grain free now. I drink a lot and pee a lot so it is almost like my body is somehow intolerant to water or leaking it through my intestines? Diuretics have never worked and I have no signs of kidney disease.
Avatar m tn A good friend of mine for the past two years has developped a condition where her boody starts to retain water literally her whole body swells up she vomits and is very weak because of it. Has anyone heard of any condition like this before. Doctors are giving her medication that works for most people but does not work for her.
Avatar f tn m on Levythroxine 125mg (not sure thats the correct spelling) My calves and knees are so painful with fluid retention. Should these tabs be helping to remove it? My skin is still dry. I havent noticed any changes. I have been on the pills for 8wks and had them increased over several weeks, been on 125mg for 2wks now. Any advice would be superb... I am not the sort of person who like having the legs up all the time i get bored!
5886921 tn?1379639057 I delivered my bby on the 14th and I just noticed my feet and legs are swelling up .. my mom yold im retaining water what can I do to help get rid of fhe swelling???