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Avatar f tn And I flush a ton of fluids as I dehydrate fast between vomiting and diariea. My intake is all fluids. And a lot of caffeine because of meds I’m on that need it. My intestines don’t function without it. I know I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t get this. I’m so upset.
Avatar f tn had a pretty good day. I think most of the physical stuff is over, now I'm still dealing with a bit of the mental junk. I really don't want anymore ultram or hydrocodone but I've noticed I'm a little more emotional than usual, but I'm sure that'll pass too. Again thank you all for your support.
Avatar n tn Tussionex stops coughing well, but it carries a risk of potential side effects, including drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness, and vomiting. The hydrocodone component is also an addictive medication and should be used with caution.
Avatar f tn The pain just kept getting worse and worse even at the er. They gave me a dose of hydrocodone and it did not even touch the pain. By now I was up to about an 8/10 for pain level. Then as the hour went on my pain became a 12/10 to the point where I was literally moaning and crying in pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. They gave me two does of dilated at it did not touch it. Then they gave me another medication and it finally began to ease back to an 8/10.
Avatar n tn Please stay on this forum and read all of the posts. Post and ask more questions if you like. There is much knowledge to be gained from this site, and knowledge will help you help him. Better yet, try to get him on here. I don't know if he is knowledgeable about how important after care is, and how to combat cravings.
Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms from Hydrocodone and how long will they last? I've been taking 1 or 2 10-325s a day for about a year for knee pain and quit a few days ago. I'm suffering from nausea that lasts from the time I wake up in the morning until about 12:00 noon. And I still don't feel well even then. I would really appreciate this information, as I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me. Thank you!
Avatar f tn The pain just kept getting worse and worse even at the er. They gave me a dose of hydrocodone and it did not even touch the pain. By now I was up to about an 8/10 for pain level. Then as the hour went on my pain became a 12/10 to the point where I was literally moaning and crying in pain in my lower right side all the way around to my back. They gave me two does of dilated at it did not touch it. Then they gave me another medication and it finally began to ease back to an 8/10.
Avatar f tn Felt great until day 6, then started vomiting and having bad anxiety(the only way i could describe it was like having my stomach in my throat) but the vomiting came quickly and couldnt stop and lasted a couple days until my doctor prescribed zofran and subutex thinking maybe I couldnt take an ingredient in the suboxone (generic). Well again did great with new med now on day 6 same thing is happening starting to throw up and having bad anxiety....
Avatar f tn I started going to a clinic 7 days ago to seek help for Hydrocodone withdrawals. I had been on Hydrocodone for about 4 years and my new Dr felt Methadone would help. Day one they gave me 30mg. I could not function and I was very sick, vomiting, etc. I told them that was too high that I wanted no more than 10-15 mg per day. I was a little shocked at their encouraging people to take high doses and increase 5 mg per day.
Avatar m tn My husband, 56 excellent health, was diagnosed with a small, 3mm, kidney stone 5 days ago after a trip to the ER due to severe pain. They said to go home and wait. 2 days ago we ended up back in the ER because he was having pain for almost 12 hours with no relief. The hydrocodone he was prescribed does not help at all. They gave him dilaudid, which took the pain right away for about 12 hours, but it came back and lasted most of the day. That was yesterday and now today the same thing.
Avatar n tn I am still unsure of what to do, I have chronic somach issue that cause extremly intense pain and vomiting. I had all these problems before taking the Norco 10mg/325. I am losing weigt at a high rate and feel worse every day. I definitly depend on the meds to act ut a normal life, that makes me sad as I notice my children notice my moods and pains asociated with the lack of meds. I do want this to end but I am perplexed on how it will play out.
Avatar m tn There was a lady who had this disease called porphyria, and almost all of the symptoms she had my wife is currently having. She has severe abdominal pain, night sweats, twitching at night, nausea, vomiting, panic attacks (no history of), chest pain, problems breathing, severe anemia, shes taking birth control for the anemia, nexium for the abdominal pain along with hydrocodone. No purple urine, though i have not put it in the sun. This has been going on for about 6 months now.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Hydrocodone for about 5 years now. Started with 2-3 a day and stopped at 16-18 a day. I have cut down to 4-6 a day and am on the 3rd day. I have been soooo nauseated and had a general feeling of discomfort since then. I don't know what to do...I am taking Phenergan for nausea and half of a 0.25mg Xanax for anxiety. The Xanax seems to help but I don't know how much longer this will last. When will I start to improve? I don't really have any cravings for the pills.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with H pylori and have been on triple antibiotics- Amoxicillan, omeprazole, metronidazole. I am also on Sucralfate for acid control, promethazine for vomit control and Hydrocodone for pain control. Does this really sound like H. Pylori or is there a possibility that something else is going on?
19681337 tn?1531695242 For my decompression I was given morphine and was sick for several days vomiting....for a ankle surgery I was given hydrocodone and was itchy all over inside...I thought I would go mad scratching an itch I could not reach....and I had a knee surgery before the decompression and was given morphine with no side effects or issues..and it was only 6 months earlier....so it is odd how these issues change. Do you have EDS as well?
Avatar m tn Pain relievers should be avoided by persons with liver disease since most medications are processed by the liver to include Hydrocodone. Dizziness and vomiting are also side effects of Hydrocodone. You will find the side effects listed here and you should consult your doctor if they occur. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a601006.html Often (not always)Hydrocodone will also contain acetaminophen.
Avatar n tn I have had wisdom teeth removed, a bad tooth extracted and my gallbladder removed in the past. For each of these I was prescribed either hydrocodone (vicodin) and tylenol 3. I have terrible reactions to these meds.I feel sick to my stomach, very dizzy, and I usually end up vomiting or having dry heaves (not fun when you have abdominal stitches for a gallbladder extraction.) They didn't help much with the pain either and I decided the pain was preferable to the side effects of the drugs.
Avatar n tn I have been losing weight so fast over the last couple years since doing this, and now I cant eat. The last couple days I have had bad cramping and virus like symptoms vomiting up green water, diarrhea, just very weak an extreme pain. Is this a virus or from too much pain meds on an empty stomach. I want to quit but dont think I can...
5111430 tn?1377663221 I have severe gallbladder pain on my right side it radiates to my back and right breast. When i stand it hurts worse, i get headaches vomiting and dizzy. I seen a general surgeon yesterday he scheduled me a ultrasound for Thursday. I don't know what to do anymore I'm so sick and weak I can't keep nothing down, I can't take care of my 11 month old my Ob/gyn won't do anything, he just says keep taking Zofran and your 5mg of hydrocodone.
9083451 tn?1401688405 ve been vomiting diarrhea sweats cold and hot sweats my stomach and lower back hurts terribly and I couch a lot and my hearts pounding fast I can't sleep at all I try and I wake up running to the toilet I need help plz someone tell me how long I have till I'm better and I can be me again tyvm
1794671 tn?1338795391 m horrified that your doctor said you would not experience withdrawal if you just stop taking the hydrocodone. You WILL experience withdrawal and that is the very last thing you and your baby need right now. Withdrawal could very easily put you into labor so don't even think about quitting cold turkey. I'm actually more worried about the tylenol component of norco rather than the hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn Kindly, Concerned, keep me posted on your progress PS/dont be embarrassed about the addiction to hydrocodone--we are only human, and living with pain of anykind is torture.
Avatar f tn btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery and took hydrocodone. I am on synthroid and cytomel for my thyroid. No problems noted. Hydrocodone on the other hand is a whole new set of problems if you start taking those every day. No thanks.....I would look at a different avenue. The narcotic pain meds are too addictive physically and psychologically.
867582 tn?1311627397 Vomiting after taking Hydrocodone? Maybe the Lortabs got you barfing. If you can't keep sips of water down, I'm not sure Phenergan suppositories will break cyclic vomiting. If they don't work within an hour, I'd be heading to the ER. An IV and a couple of liters of fluid are the best way to rehydrate a vomiting patient. Plus they can monitor your hydration with a UA.
Avatar f tn she has quit taking the hydrocodone 6-7 weeks ago but the hives are still coming (every single day) and in different places on her body. is this an allergic reaction to the hydrocodone? and can it take this long for the hives to go away?
Avatar f tn I also heard from my mom that she had the same problem and asked her doc about it and the doc said that womens hormones can cause the nausea and vomiting when taking pain meds.
Avatar f tn I can tell you what I am dealing with off of morphine oxys and hydrocodone 41/2 years. He's got to want to get clean and if so it will be a approximately four days until he can see the light at the end of the tunnel and be able to think a lil clear. The first will be rough take loperamide for the trips to the john emitrol for the nausea and vomiting. And others here have vitamin list and directions. He is lucky to have you there.