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Avatar m tn good drug and bad drug both are addictive. Hrdo gives more pain releif with less bad effects but both have them. Tramadol ultram is just no good.
Avatar f tn My doctor did prescribe ultram, which as I have been reading other posts, it seems to be a controversial topic. For me, however, it has been wonderful. Today is my 5th day hydrocodone free and I feel better already. My question is, when should I leave the ultram alone and should i wean off of that? I take 2 4x's a day as needed (it has really helped). Any advice or suggestions would be great!!
Avatar f tn 00 and am having withdrawals from ultram after without ultram for Wed. nite till Fri. nite would like to know how long I have to wait before taking another ultram and getting off the hydracodone?The last dose of ultram was at 8;30 Thurs. nite .
647120 tn?1256601651 When I started seeing a pain manager for chronic leg pain last fall, she said it was nerve pain without doing any diagnostics. She put me on morphine, and I've had ups and downs with it. Now I am considering going back to square one by weening off of morphine and seeing what my pain level is. It is almost a year since I had L4-5 spinal fusion, and I hate the side effects, costs, and stigma that go with taking this class of drugs. Has anyone tried this? What was your experience?
Avatar n tn 24 and took 50mg Ultram at 11am, 5pm and 11pm, and was amazed to find, I had no restlessness what-so-ever, whereas hydrocodone told me when to take a dose, by a tingling in my back, or dancing of my feet. I only take a half of Ambein at night, because Ultram causes drowsiness. No more restlessness! (I hate that word.) It is a miracle that I was able to go directly from Norco to Ultram, without more tapering. I didn't have to use the 5/325 at all.
Avatar n tn ve ever had was from Ultram (Tramadol)...so much so, once i ran out of Vics and was craving real bad and had the opportunity to get a bottle of trams and said, "HEEEEEEEECK no...." Ultram is verrrrrrry addictive...even though Dr's may not agree...
479459 tn?1246742019 s were hoping pain pts and addicts would thankfully accept this ultram (to protect their licenses) and are finding out pretty quickly that it is both useless and worse to detox from. I'm sorry you let them put you on it. Your dose is EXTREMELY high. On a positive note, it attaches to kappa and is a weak mu so at least the length of time for your w/d's will be less.
783281 tn?1259691431 Using a Fentanyl patch 50mcg/hr for a year or so.......My back is giving me problems and I am wondering about a script my doc gave me for Ultram ER....He says this is not an opiate but I have read a lot about Ultram on here....not seen that much about the "extended release." Any info would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to go down that road if it will lead to disaster (again).
Avatar f tn m having going from 40-60mg Hydrocodone a day to 20 mg a day in one week; 100mg daily of Ultram down to 50mg daily in one week; and from 90mg daily Cymbalta to 30 mg. a day in one week? I feel like I could bite nails in half. My head is in a vice and has these startling wooshing-type things. My legs are getting restless. I'm tired but I can't sleep very well. Any help at all would be appreciated.
492921 tn?1321289896 I know how addictive hydrocodone is. I have taken it for years here and there I don't like it and most the time it just sits in my cabinet. I only take it when the pain gets severe. It's Sunday and my Dr never really gets back to you in a timely fashion on the weekends. I guess I'll just wait to talk to him in the morning after I see my chiropractor.
Avatar m tn i stopped taking the hydrocodone about 2 months ago and went solely on ultram for 2 months...... i put that down, thinking i am done with all this and im not hooked. Well, mentally im not.... have never craved them, etc... but physically i feel like im gonna die. My QUESTION is this. if I take 1 ultram today will it stop the obvious physical withdrawal I am going thru from Ultram?
Avatar f tn Hi Jujubean48, First, I want to welcome you to the PM (Pain Management) Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. We are all CP (Chronic Pain) Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. Would you mind letting us know the reason that your Doctor gave you for switching you? Was the Norco 10/325 not managing your pain as well as it used to? Had you asked for the amount to be "upped"?
Avatar f tn thank you for the responses, I was given it for my leg that is still giving me problems and i refused anything that had any hydrocodone or codiene(sp) i rode that train before and not going back I just want some pain relief and otc"s are just not working.also is there anything you can take for the nausea it gives you?
Avatar f tn He once gave me one of those plastic bags like you get at the grocery store FULL of little bubble packs of Ultram. Each bubble pack contained two Ultram and it ended up he had given me something like 500 Ultram! They didn't work for my pain,but I can't help but think that my doctor wasn't the only one who was doling them out that way!
Avatar f tn had a pretty good day. I think most of the physical stuff is over, now I'm still dealing with a bit of the mental junk. I really don't want anymore ultram or hydrocodone but I've noticed I'm a little more emotional than usual, but I'm sure that'll pass too. Again thank you all for your support.
Avatar n tn You are insane to make such a broad statement like that - Everyone is different and medications react differently to everyone. I have happened to take both, hydrocodone, and ultram, both for years and never had an issue comiing off of either one of them. I am lucky, but I have litterally seen the impacy ultram has had on some people, with non-addictive behavior like patterns. I was told the same thing when my doc gave me trazadone for sleep and was told it was non-addictive.
Avatar f tn This will not continue as there have been MANY cases of severe w/d syndrome associated with ULTRAM and the word is out to most doctors that combining tramadol with the anti-depressant fluoextine causes "serotonin syndrome" The docs do not tell us that trams are weak mu-opioids, just as addictive as full agonist narcotics, and to boot, have quite the anti-depressant effect. So not only does one have to feel the physical w/d's, there are the mental w/d's as well.
Avatar m tn Whcih one were you addicted to originally? I would choose the one that was not my drug of choice in that situation and stick to the prescribed dose...tramadol is not as trong as lortab/hydrocodone for pain relief...but 3 -7.5s daily would not help me anyway because of my tolerence to them.....I am not sure what type of surgery u r having and how much pain that would be expected?
669241 tn?1236264344 i took them along side lyrica and requip and clonazapam and diazapam but they dont mix well with some drugs make you tired.
175688 tn?1297556647 Can anyone tell me what is so addicting about Ultram? I am kind of confused because it is not considered a narcotic but I have read on here that it is addicting. Can anyone tell me why? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Any suggestions would be helpful. Due to a personal finance crash, I am coming off Hydrocodone, Cymbalta, Ultram, and Lyrica all at once. I'm tapering off but it's not feeling very good. I've been off Ultram for a couple of days. I've tapered from 90mg Cymbalta to 30Mg in approximately one week. I've dropped from 40mg of Hydrocodone a day to 20mg. I haven't had to reduce the Lyrica yet but I will soon.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 yr old female with a muscle condition called para-myatonia congetia and I am coming off of hydrocodone and ultram. Not by choice at this moment, but because I took them all in a short period. I do have the desire to get off of them but I think it's almost impossible with the withdrawl systoms haunting me. Suboxone is really exspensive and I almost feel like there is no hope. I want help and I want it now. I have been off of my meds for 30 hours now.
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydrocodone for about two years now. The whole first year I had no idea I had a problem, but now I want to quit and I can't. At least I've been unsuccessful several times. I don't even have a pain problem, although I ache horrorible without pills! I am very serious about quitting this time, I want my life back and I hate the thought that I need a substance to feel normal. This is very hard...
Avatar f tn question: if 1 mg of suboxone is equal to 20-30 mgs of hydrocodone would that be the same for oxycontin would 1 mg of sub be equal to 20-30 mgs oxy then?
Avatar n tn I know of many people that are prescribed Vicodin (Hydrocodone) and Ultram (Tramadol) together with the Vicodin prescribed for breakthrough pain. However, as Sandee and Molly stated, you should call your doctor before taking these medications at the same time if they were not prescribed to you that way. The potency of the two medications may be too strong for you or may contradict any other medical conditions you may have. Feel Better.