Hydrocodone and red bull

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979425 tn?1251403163 Hi i drink red-bull about 4 times a week to stay up for homework or to give myself a boost. Is redbull not good for someone with bipolar?
Avatar n tn As Amber said...The answer is no. Your caffine intake should be limited when pregnant and Red Bull is LOADED with caffine and sugar.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to drink a red bull drink from a espresso stand or not safe? Is it just because the caffeine or other ingredients?
Avatar f tn but from saturday night she started geting rashes and small flat swelling all over her body.. is it because i drank red bull. and if yes now wat do i do... to clear my breast milk... she cannot take any other supplemrnt milk becuse she is intolerant to all. she vomits after taking it.. so pls tel me wat to do?
3093770 tn?1389739126 Red Bull contains caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, B-group vitamins, sucrose, and glucose In the last 3 weeks I had a few cans of Red Bull, maybe one can every third - forth day. It really help me tremendoulsy with the headaches. For me it works like this: headache leads to severe nausea and throwing up. 20 min after a Red Bull headache is gone, hence no nausea.
8550901 tn?1400740690 I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I was craving a red bull ? Can I drink red bull while pregnant? Is it consider alcohol?
8550901 tn?1400740690 Hello I'm 26 weeks pregnant and been craving red bull my entire pregnancy.will one red bull harm the baby?
401095 tn?1351391770 Yall...I made it out the door and got to work on time...I bought a red bull last night and drank it when i got up...dont like them but it sure perked me up! I think I am getting better with this cold too...a moderate energy day....but I do have energy!
874521 tn?1424116797 Thomas, Red was referring to just BULL DOGS...he and my daughter both have and they break out under their chins and paws. Is the Benadryl the human form? avail at pharmacies?
Avatar m tn Red Bull contains caffeine which improves focus and attention. However, prescription medications are generally far more effective than Red Bull for ADHD.
Avatar m tn so i stopped drinking red bull and the vomiting stopped. i've been on a crazy schedule lately, working 18+ a day and drinking energy drinks to stay awake. i guess the combination of red bull and cigarettes was causing it.
Avatar f tn Ya I'd try coffee. The red Bull doesn't just have caffeine. It has taurine, b 12 and a ton of other stuff. I'm sure your half a can is totally fine but not great for you. I know I have been craving them. My husband's drinks them and they smell so good but won't touch them.
446097 tn?1223694666 they dont affect everyone the same way just like hydrocodone makes some sleepy but it made me buzz around...i havent taken much ultram but i do think it makes me sleepy...just drink a red bull or something if u r feeling tired..or take some tyrosine....wouldnt chance it on an interview..
Avatar m tn red bull and bipolar are a no no , to much coffee is the same , don't your docs tell you anything . I am boarder line bipolar 2 , and manic don't happen much . but Bipolar 1 get to manic and the hospital zoo will be your next trip .
Avatar n tn , green tea, salads, red bull and amino acids all really do help. Good luck and stay strong mentally that is the hardest part...
Avatar f tn OK, I got some Adderol or however you spell it from someone almost 4 hours ago. I drank an 8 oz Red Bull and now I'm buzzing. I've never experienced a high like this! I'm sure this is not good but, I wish I could take this stuff daily and forget the Red Bull!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one else out there know abt the Adderol buzz??? I so should have not done this! I do not feel good at all. 1 in the morning might have been good, but I took this one at night and then drank Red Bull!!!!
1168172 tn?1263445152 Also do you think mixing multi vitamins with Yohimbe Bark and Male ehancement pills( Vim-25, Samauri-X) and Red Bull is screwing my system up? She thinks it is. I don't know.
Avatar f tn I'm in the same situation as you... Done it all... I haven't heard of red bull, but I already drink a cup of coffee and a soda everyday plus I don't really like energy drinks...
Avatar f tn I been craving to drink a red Bull is it bad if I drink some im 13 weeks 4 days
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Avatar f tn Im currently 22weeks and was just wondering is it bad for my baby if I drink a v or red bull...
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydrocodone and vicodin at least 4x a day, sometimes up to 8x a day (to chase the energy high and the "superwoman" feeling...oh, and for pain...), and I took my last one about a day and a half ago and I cannot stop sweating, feeling chills, insanity-provoking restlessness, insomnia, and total lethargy. I am also due for a surgical procedure next week, so I can't take any ibuporofen OR vitamins. Help! What can I do? I have to teach tomorrow....
823825 tn?1265071431 Red Bull is currently under investigation and may be taken off shelves completely. It's not good when you're NOT pregnant. So definitely do not take it while pregnant.
Avatar f tn You can try some natural remedies, drink pure grape juice and a red bull, the caffine in the red bull helps and the grape juice is a vasoconstrictor.(hope I spelled it right) also use warm or cool compresses whichever feels better. If you try those and it doesn't help go to the er. Hope u feel better soon.