Hydrocodone and oxycontin together

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Avatar m tn I have bone spurs and disc problems in my neck I have been on hydrocodone for 5 years and they do not do what they started out doing I take 10/325 4 times daily the doctor put me on morphine 15mg 3 times daily but they make me very sleepy so he put me back on hydrocodone is their anything that does not make you sleepy stronger than the hydrocodone.
699217 tn?1323438700 I wanted to know what the difference is between hydrocodone and like-oxycontin or oxycodone, Percocet, tramadol, is this all just types of hydrocodone? All I ever took was hydrocodone....
Avatar m tn as of today ive had only 4 10mg hydrocodone and no oxycontin...my calves and legs are absolutely killing me, and my worst withdrawal symptoms are mental, where i find myself feeling completely worthless and just plain bored....any advice would be greatly appreciated. my "mild dosages" are destroying my life.
Avatar m tn Not sure if you are talking about oxycontin or oxycodone pills in various mixes and forms. Either way, oxycontin and percoccet have the narcotic oxycodone in it. Oxycontin is pure oxycodone in a time release form while percoccet is a mix of oxycodone and another OTC pain reliever. Oxycodone is a stronger narcotic then the narcotic in vicodin which is hydrocodone. Both will cause WD. The WD from oxycodone was always much worse for me then hydrocodone but some say it's the same.
Avatar m tn I havent taken Hydrocodone in 5 years and Ive never taken Oxycontin. The dr doesnt believe me and Im probably gonna be released because of it. I cant make him believe me. Can anyone tell me if any of the following drugs can give a false positive for Hydrocodone or Oxycontin. The following drugs are all i take, No more and no less. Fentanyl 50mcg. Tylenol3, Tylenol, Norflex, Ambien,Seroquel, Cymbalta, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn It seems anything derived from codeine is nasty. Hydrocodone and other codeine based pain relievers are more likely to produce a high from normal prescription doses, and a stronger one than what someone may get from oxy, which is why it's the number one selling and abused opiate in the USA according to what I've read. I've never tried hydrocodone, so I wouldn't know.
517090 tn?1256727302 Let me tell you, I was in the worse pain in a long time. I had to call him and get some Hydrocodone, and that helped. So, I have two questions. Should I talk to VA about increasing my Morphine? Why didn't the Morphine work for my dental surgeory? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have been on oxycontin for 2 years taking 3 40mg 3Xdaily and taking 8-10 hydrocodone daily if not more. I am down to 4 pills oxys. What can I do without losing my mind. Is this withdrawel dangerous? I am already jittery and trying not to take any more oxy trying to save or wean myself. Not gonna happen, i know. Any suggestions would be great. I am so sick of this ****. Fortunatly i will be alone for the next four days. No wife no kids. Thank god wont be able to funtion.
Avatar f tn I tried to replace the Oxycodone with the Hydrocodone but it gave me tremendous nausea and terrible anxiety the one day I took it...I almost had a panic attack in the middle of the night and thought my husband was going to have to cal 911! Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way I can wean off the meds? I am extremely sensitive to all medications and hate to take anything, but the pain is still too severe to just stop.
Avatar f tn Would substituting hydrocodone for oxycontin help me in my efforts to withdraw from 40 mg twice a day of oxycontin. I'm getting terrible leg pains and restless legs, plus stomach bloating, cramps and severe digestive problems. I thought something was really wrong with my stomach until I read that those are normal detox symptoms. Any suggestions would help as my doctor is useless and don't want to take me off the meds but yet he claims I'm addicted to it. What can I do.
Avatar f tn I broke my c2 in a car accident 4 years ago. I had to get a screw put in-between my c1,2 and 3 to hold my neck together. I am trying to get on a pain management. I can not take oxycodone with acetemetaphine due to head aches and the oxycodone pill form gives me the bad mood changes. What about the oxycodone capsule? I have to go to the doctors in a couple of hours and think I may ask her about the capsules but I'd like to hear some input.
Avatar f tn I started out after my son was born, I had a tubal surgery (tubal ligation_) and my meds were perocet,hydrocodone and anything AFTER that I could get my hands on. I went through withdrawls once before when I 'tried" to QUIT and don't wanna do that again. THEY WERE VERY PAINFUL. can anyone tell me how much to taper off a day? NOW....I am taking 12 of the Norco 10/325 's and sometimes when I can't get my drugs...I go without about 18 hours at the most....when suddenly.
459155 tn?1264008142 your sister hasnt been on subs before so she has no tolerance for buprenorphine so there will be no problem there. she will most likely just get a stronger buzz cuz she took both buprenorphine and hydrocodone together...
Avatar f tn No, upon being clean for 4 days from vicoprofin (on them 5yrs), I went to the dr. and got a script for 40...40mg OxyContin and did those in one week. I know I screwed up. I told my dr. about it on friday, and he hasn't gotten back to me. I keep on plugging on, and am determined to do this...with the help of meetings and any other resourse I can avail myself...
Avatar n tn Hey Gigi Wow, you have been through so so much, and for that I am so sorry and I have empathy for you as I have been through the ringer as far as chronic pain and gallbladder disease until I had it removed (with complications, of course!!!)..but anyway I feel your pain girl. Why do you think you're fooling yourself? They are 2 different kinds of medication, one hydrocodone and the other oxycodone.
Avatar f tn question: if 1 mg of suboxone is equal to 20-30 mgs of hydrocodone would that be the same for oxycontin would 1 mg of sub be equal to 20-30 mgs oxy then?
Avatar f tn Its an interesting question, and maybe its a business decision because so many people crush and snort or crush melt and shoot, how terrible would that be if they could have developed them all this time but didnt want to lose that revenue from the addicts.
Avatar m tn The beginning was very hard, and I was so scared. But stay strong and cut down daily and slowly. It will happen for you, and by 2 weeks, you will be off. Try to stay busy watching tv, drinking lots of liquids so it leaves your system faster, and stay positive. You can do this, and so can I. Take my practical advise and stay disciplined. I believe in you!!! Love to you, and I care.
900459 tn?1304993259 I was actually wondering why your doctor did not try this or another ER medication before trying the patch. I am taking the Oxycontin and it has worked well for me. I also started out on hydrocodone. I believe it would be better for you as it is in a lower class than the ER versions of oxycodone and MS Contin and others in this class. Talk to your doctor about one of these drugs and save the patch for when/if you need a stronger medication than the Fentanyl.
Avatar f tn 12 panel but they dont test for vicodin (hydrocodone) they test for oxycodone and opiates that are metabolized into morphine in the body, such as oxycontin, dilaudid, heroin and of course morphine. According to the pharmacist hydrocodone isnt considered dangerous enough to be tested for. I asked her 'do they live in a bubble or something??
Avatar f tn btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Vicodin 10/325, 1-2 tab every 4-6 hr and Hydrocodone 40mg three times a day for pain suffered from a car accident with a semi truck and injuring my neck and back. My questions is in January 2014 I started having bilateral swelling in my feet that progressed to both legs to thighs and I read a post on here that someone else experienced this same problem. Medically I have been cleared for kidneys, liver and the cardiac cath came back ok.
Avatar n tn It is not extended release like the Oxycontin and I like it much better and do not have to worry about toxic Tylenol in the liver. I would ask at your next appointment, they make the immediate release oxycodone in 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, & 30mg. The Oxycontin is very expensive and most insurance companies require prior authorization and just won't pay for it... b/c there is not a generic for it. The oxycodone immediate release tablets are fairly inexpensive compared to the Oxycontin.
Avatar f tn t want to take drugs to help with sleep and the other nast wds that come with it.....I have been getting together a list of asian hebal remedies for sleep anxiety and energy.....if you would like I could message them to you or post them here just let me know...
Avatar m tn I took double the dosage for a few days (personal choice) and it helped so much..even with the withdrawals in general and the opiate trots which sucked. Hydrate and eat! Even if it is just a little every hour or so. You have to eat something to keep your energy up as much as possible. If you have Restless legs..it is hit or miss what works. Walking seemed to help me some. Hot bath with epsom salts..a little.
749490 tn?1233206933 To my knowledge the answer to your question is yes 20mgs of oxycodone/percocet is the same amount of oxycodone that is in a 20mg oxycontin, its just in an extended release formula. I was pretty heavily into methadone and oxycontin(various other opiates) and I still dont know if this answer is correct or not. Why dont you ask your doctor or pharmacist, they would be able to provide you with the info your looking for.
Avatar m tn I was clean of oxycontin and and lowered my cymbalta with the plan to taper off. I then realized anxiety was a large issue with my depression, so we tried clonazepam. That worked miracles. It may give me bad memory, but it is worth it to live normally. This all happened around Febuary 2008. In January 2009, I stopped using clonazepam. By March I realized I need to be back on it, I had the worst social anxiety of my life. Last friday I was fairly happy with life, back on clonazepam.
Avatar m tn i was on around 130mg a day of oxycontin and i would sniff 20mg of oxy and a opana 40 and i would be on my ***..