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Avatar m tn Treatment would depend on the cause and diagnosis. This may include immobilization, bed rest, systemic NSAIDS and opioids. Surgical correction might be required depending on the MRI findings. Take care.
Avatar f tn I am 5.5 months pregnant and being prescribed hydrocodone by my OB for a herniated disc in my neck. I have been taking them for about 2 months now - 4 10's a day sometimes more. I'm afraid to keep taking them for my bany's sake and I don't want my baby or I to be addicted. I've tried to go cold turkey and was shocked at how horrible I felt after.
Avatar f tn t work --- and I feel 10000000000 years old - and my muscles burn and ache and it hurts to lay there and it hurts to shift positions and everything throbs and hot fire shoots up and down my tendons --- and OMG - I can't even begin to describe it ---- so --- if it works for me --- it might be worth trying once NSAIDS don't seem to do the trick. Also - be careful - do some research on NSAIDS... OK?
975514 tn?1324997938 I stopped the NSAID for a short time and my body (especially my shoulder and my lower back) swelled up so bad. When I began taking the NSAID again my condition improved. I don't get pain relief per se from NSAIDs, but without them, I would have intense swelling. I have been tested for RA and am negative, at least one year ago I was. I don't really have a lot of trouble sleeping unless my shoulder or back is swollen. I frequently have to ice my shoulder to fall asleep.
Avatar f tn Excellent advice, Tuck. It took me a long time to realize this, and years of my husband trying to drill this little bit of advice into my head, but too many people elevate their doctor to "god" status and think that their word is the final one. That's completely wrong, and it's also the reason that so many people are living in pain today despite regular visits to their doctors.
Avatar n tn You have just explained to me what the cause of my hives may be,I had Dental work done in May I was given Advil (600mg strentgh) after root canal and a tooth removal I broke out in Hives and it has not gone away, I took the Advil and had quite a lot of it, also given Penicillin , so possibly finally I have found what could have caused it, I am not taking these now so why does it not go away, I have had no painkillers or Penicillin since that time.
439522 tn?1214951189 There is really no way to know why your DR prescribed it to you along side the clonodine unless you ask him. A complete and total guess would be because you have a problem taking NSAIDS and so besides narcotics and NSAIDS its the only other medication strong enough to support what your going through as advil is a weak NSAID itself. Your DR may not consider it to be as addictive as some others feel it is.
1266954 tn?1270217525 For the past years, I have been taking 3-4 7.5/325 Vicodin per day for "total body osteoarthritis". I have tried NSAIDS, aspirin, and Ultram without any relief. Also, because of a previous HA, I want to avoid NSAIDS. When Vicodin was changed from Schedule III to II this year, my GP became more reluctant to continue my 3-4 pill per day "habit" due to regulatory pressure to wean patients completely off opiods of any strength.
Avatar f tn Am age 65. Diagnosed with tear in posterior horn of medial meniscus extending into inferior articular surface, plus some arthritis. Ice, heat, NSAIDs, hydrocodone don't help. Cortisone shot helped a little. Pain puts me in wheelchair if I walk much, and walking was my life until 12/08. Had recurrent C. difficile colitis for 8 months in 2005 - 06, so am at risk of another recurrence if I need antibiotics. Are there other treatments besides surgery?
Avatar f tn Instead of increasing the dosage, he started prescribing NSAIDS to take along with the hydrocodone. I do not feel any better when taking the NSAIDS and every time I bring it up, he just prescribes a different one to try. I'm very frustrated and dont understand why he won't increase my dosage or prescribe something else that would be more effective. Just a quick background so maybe you can understand my frustration and not think I am just trying to get meds.
Avatar n tn It is a small, well defined, spot that looks like a light bulb if I were to enter a dim room. It comes and goes in cycles every minute or so, and can last anywhere from seconds to hours. Today I had an episode where I woke up and the "flash" was extremely persistant, it was there pretty much the whole day. Just for an experiment, I took 2 motrin and it seemed to alleviate the symptom. Any ideas why? Should I be more or less worried? Thanks for your input!
Avatar f tn If you have more advanced liver disease, sometimes the doctor will steer you away from NSAIDS like ibuprofen and Naproxen; they tend to affect your blood’s ability to clot, something that might already be a problem with later stages of liver disease. I agree that Tylenol (acetaminophen) is the most widely recommended analgesic for HCV patients. Taken in recommended doses, it shouldn’t present a problem.
Avatar m tn I am having a difficult time managing the pain which is severe and yet my primary care doctor prescribed a very small dose of hydrocodone (1 every 6 hours) which at least took the edge off the pain. The prescription is done and he tells me just to take Advil now. I am confused as to why a Dr. would be reluctant to prescribe pain medications for something as painful as this condition? Should I be seeing a specialist of some sort? I have been taking NSAIDS like candy and very little relief.
Avatar f tn After a few years on combination narcotic analgesics, (acet w/hydrocodone, etc,) I eliminated the tylonol all together, and now use oxycodone IR 15 mg. When we have multiple issues, they all interact. I've been fortunate to find pain relief through pain managment doctor, whom I've informed of my health concerns, and agreed to treat me with out tylenol, nsaids, etc...just the oxycodone. It does help manage all the other stuff too. It makes no sense being miserable day to day.
Avatar m tn At therapeutic doses Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) does not irritate the lining of the stomach nor affect blood coagulation, kidney function, or the fetal ductus arteriosus (as NSAIDs can). Like NSAIDs and unlike opioid analgesics, Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) does not cause euphoria or alter mood in any way. Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) and NSAIDs have the benefit of being completely free of problems with addiction, dependence, tolerance and withdrawal.
Avatar f tn This has added to the severe pain I already had. I am currently taking hydrocodone apap and zoloft as my meds. I also have a brain injury. I feel like I am falling apart. Is my limited arm movement from my neck or the tendonitis? Please help thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi, NSAIDs are known to increase the risk for atrial fibrillation. Your episodes of A fib could be related to NSAID usage. According to studies done, use of non-aspirin NSAIDs was associated with an increased risk of atrial fibrillation or flutter. Compared with non-users, the association was strongest for new users, with a 40-70% increase in relative risk (lowest for non-selective NSAIDs and highest for COX 2 inhibitors).
Avatar f tn After 2 and a half years, and starting to believe that maybe I was crazy, I finally had an answer.....FIBROMYALGIA. I am being treated with Cymbalta and Hydrocodone. I was little worried about the pain med. but I can finally get through a day with pain that is tolerable and as long as I follow my script it is safe. After years of taking OTC pain relievers that contain NSAIDS (non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drugs) I have developed a pretty bad case of gastritous. NSAIDS kill my stomach.
Avatar f tn never have been, never will be. In addition to the NSAIDs, I have been on hydrocodone/acet 5/500 2 tablets twice a day, and for a short period of time 3 times a day. I've never taken it more than prescribed, nor have I ever sought out the drug from any other means. I have only taken this medication as prescribed and only prescribed by VA hospital physicians.
Avatar n tn I too had GERD and never had problems with NSAIDS exacerbating the GERD. HOWEVER, .my stomach itself cannot handle NSAIDS for more than two days. I get bad heartburn. Have had a lap Nissen for the GERD and am doing great, but cannot tolerate NSAIDS for long. You may have to try and just see.
4363972 tn?1353428510 I am more often than not given NSAIDs that do nothing for my pain. Hydrocodone, 10/325 helps the pain in my feet and hands while Diazepam is used to relieve anxiety, muscle spasms, and the depression I go through. I also take high doses of Gabapentin for the Neuropathy that has set in. I have been suicidal for many years now. Most doctors do not listen, so I now take information to them from studies that have been done. Most of them still will not read what I present.
Avatar f tn I would suggest you to take NSAIDs intermittently to relieve you of any symptoms of pain and also apply ice packs regularly. You need to take some calcium supplements and continue physiotherapy. Achieve a BMI of less than 25 and get yourself some scans done on the present date. Get your MRI commented by an expert radiologist and take a second opinion near another orthopedician to get a proper diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar f tn Thanks, after talking to multiple other doctors and pharmacists, they all said the same thing. All NSAIDS can cause bleeding and flare ups, specially for Crohns patients. I'm fairly certain my GI has no idea on what he is doing.
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including aspirin, diclofenac and ibuprofen, are associated with an allergic adverse effects, ranging from mild rash to life-threatening allergic reactions. In such cases it becomes difficult to select appropriate pain killer. The next we usually recommend is paracetamol (you are allergic to this drug too). The reason for such allergy is cross reactivity which is seen in this class of drugs.
Avatar f tn It has been 11 hours since my last dose.. I'm achy, and keep going from sweating to cold, my eyes are watering, and my stomach (the source of my pain, and the reason I started taking the pills in the first place) is KILLING me. I also have a very bad migraine, and have been in the bathroom a lot.. I'm guessing I just should not eat until this is over? Is all of this normal?