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372416 tn?1242665752 My dad was on methocarbamol for years. When he was in the army he was shot in the stomach and it came out through his spine. He had to take something everyday for it. The methoc. was the best thing for him. It didn't interefere with any of his other meds. He also took a percocet when he went to bed if he was in severe pain. It always amazed me that he took drugs like this for 40+ years and never became addicted and I became addicted after one surgery.
Avatar f tn Yes, thank-you for pointing out that the posts are old. I am new to this community and probably got carried away -- methocarbamol is a hobby-horse of mine. However, the posts (old & new) do come up on a Google or other search -- I hope some of my comments may be helpful to newcomers. Now I've discovered this community I will try and get more current!
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm withdrawing from Xanax, weaning off 0.25 every 3 weeks or 4 weeks, but what I find most disconforting is the muscle aches and " like knots " that form in my sholulder blades and neck. I s methocarmabol effective against this symptom? Please let me know.
Avatar f tn I am so glad you decided to get off of narcotics and I am hoping you are doing well. You should not have withdrawal symptoms methocarbamol. Good luck to you. Feel free to ask me any other questions if you need help.
Avatar f tn t feel any results from the methocarbamol 750mg 2x daily. Does it take a while to become effective? The rain is killing me and they have forcasted another day of rain tomorrow. This has been going on four years now without relief. I can't take another day of pain and rain.
1351870 tn?1277732421 All I have left in my arsenal ;) is some methocarbamol - muscle relaxers... would this help with detox from anyone's experience?
Avatar n tn One medication may have been developed first and others later that are somewhat similar chemically and in the same chemical family but they may be completely different medications. I take Methocarb and that is prescribed for me to control dystonic spasms. It is an anti spasmodic. Meprobamate is an anti anxiety medication. Any of these medications can be prescribed for other purposes as determined by a doctor or psychiatrist or other treating professional.
Avatar f tn According to drugs.com, the pill you found is ‘methocarbamol’ 750 mg; the link includes an actual picture of the pill: http://www.drugs.com/imprints.php?action=search&imprint=v+4212&color=12&shape= Also, from Drugs.com: “Methocarbamol is a skeletal muscle relaxant. The precise way it works is unknown, but it is thought to depress the central nervous system. It has no direct effect on the muscle.” http://www.drugs.com/cdi/methocarbamol.
Avatar f tn s an alcoholic on top of me just finding cocaine in her car, which she denies, i know she pops percocet and vicoden like candy, and i just found a large white pill called " methocarbamol " which i have noooo idea what it is. Now, my question for you is should i be concerned about that white pill on top of everything else?? what should i do if she's in denial about her addiction?? please help!!
Avatar f tn I am on Nucynta ER 200mg, Nucynta, Valium for the headaches that everyday melodic am and methocarbamol. I had need surgery in April of 2011. I had a discectomy surgery at C4-C6 levels with infusion, but still have the neck pain can this be from my recent report. I need answers.
Avatar m tn Hello, Non bacterial chronic prostatitis is symptoms of prostatitis without a positive result after urine culture or expressed prostate secretion (EPS) culture. There is no direct treatment for this and treatment is mainly for controlling the symptoms.
Avatar m tn Your best bet would be to ask your Vet or a Pharmacist.
Avatar n tn When they did occur, it was very painful and strained. I talked to my doc and she told me to stop taking them. I eat about 30 or so grams of fiber every day and am 36yrs old. I am concerned now that it might be the beginings of colon cancer.
Avatar m tn Well, yes, and no. I know it sounds confusing but an old sternum injury would have healed by now—it could be a weak area and may result in instability, but less likely. You could be having some other spine problem that is causing instability. This can also be due to low BP, low blood sugar, vision problems, or peripheral neuropathies. You need to discuss this with a doctor. Take care!
Avatar f tn btw, hydrocodone does not contain acetaminophen. Medications like Vicodin and Norco contain both hydrocodone and acetaminophen, but hydrocodone is itself a semi-synthetic opioid, similar to oxycodone.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery and took hydrocodone. I am on synthroid and cytomel for my thyroid. No problems noted. Hydrocodone on the other hand is a whole new set of problems if you start taking those every day. No thanks.....I would look at a different avenue. The narcotic pain meds are too addictive physically and psychologically.
Avatar f tn she has quit taking the hydrocodone 6-7 weeks ago but the hives are still coming (every single day) and in different places on her body. is this an allergic reaction to the hydrocodone? and can it take this long for the hives to go away?
783714 tn?1237997265 I am having the amniocentesis next friday and by then I will be 20 weeks.I have been taking hydrocodone for 2 years. I went from 2 10-325 norcos to 1 and a half.Is it my fault my baby may have ds? Will tapering off of hydro harm my baby?How safe is the amnio test?Thankyou for any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn Also, after having all this stuff draining into my stomach all night it feels upset the next morning. I broke my leg and was given Hydrocodone pills for a few months and guess what zero problems of any kind with nasal drip at night or stomach problems during the day. I am spending 40$ a month now on a mix of antihistamine and Sudafed which does'nt work nearly as well. I wish there was something I could take that would work like the Hydrocondone pills.
492921 tn?1321289896 I know how addictive hydrocodone is. I have taken it for years here and there I don't like it and most the time it just sits in my cabinet. I only take it when the pain gets severe. It's Sunday and my Dr never really gets back to you in a timely fashion on the weekends. I guess I'll just wait to talk to him in the morning after I see my chiropractor.
Avatar f tn I have severe Gastroparesis and am on GJ feeding tubes. I was in pain management, but got kicked out because hydrocodone wasn't showing up in my system. I did a DNA test and I don't metabolize opioids and with all the liquids that run through my body with feeds, I feel like it dilutes my urine. Is there anyone that can help me document or verify this. I'm distraught.
Avatar f tn For the first two months he wants me to take the hydrocodone as prescribed and 30 days of Cymbalta 30 mg and another 30 days at 60 mg after that he said he would be able to get me off of the hydrocodone completely but it was unsafe if I didn't do both at the same time. Does anybody have any clarification as to why it's dangerous to quit hydrocodone and go straight to Cymbalta without being on both of them for a .
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm just going crazy. I have been on zoloft 100mg for the last six or seven years, they have helped great for me. I take them for anxiety and slight depression. I have arthritis in both my hips and it's been getting severe, since July I have been taking 2 - 6 hydrocodone for the pain. It just depends on what I am doing. Last Monday I quit taking the hydrocodone because I was worried after talking to a friend that I should get off them because they are addicting.
Avatar f tn I still have a bad headache, but I am taking painkillers (Acetaminophen & Methocarbamol) and using heatpads. I went to the doctor and physio. The migraine medication didn't seem to make difference. The physiotherapist helped & also gave me acupuncture. He said the muscles at the base of my neck are in bad shape. He told me to do stretches (that I already do) more often. I have more appointments next week. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.
Avatar f tn After the operation I felt fine for a few days, then the symptoms returned only this time with pins and needles in my shoulders. Five months to the day I went back into hospital for C4/C5 discs to be removed (as this disc had slipped since the first operation). Since the operation, the spasms have stopped but the stiffness in my neck is awful.
Avatar f tn s, I have been taking cholesterol medication for about 2 months, I also take Hydrocodone 10/325 and Tramadol 50mg daily. I take 3 and 3. I was told that if my liver enzyme's were not down by my next visit on 3/23 I would no longer be able to take the Hydrocodone nor the cholesterol medication. My question is what alternatives to I have to replace the Hydrocodone10/325. Please reply with any advice or suggestions. Thank You.
Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......