Hydrocodone and memory loss

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Avatar m tn i have been having some memory loss since my crash but i dont know if it is from medication cos i was only taking warfarin. at least that's all i remember taking.
1191795 tn?1264712627 57 yo retired mil with PTSD (field medic) and very rapid memory loss over past 3 months. I mean very rapid and getting worse. Taking Citalopram and Trazadone. Also increasing hand tremors. Tinnitus extreme with increase symptoms when moving eyes up, down L-R. No effect when eyes closed though.
Avatar n tn If all these meds are taken at the same time is their a chance of blacking out or short term memory loss? The reason I ask is because it has happened to me and I need some info on this.
Avatar f tn In such cases it is very important to note any other conditions like stress, confusion, memory loss, alcohol, drug, and medication history (hydrocodone) is also important. As it is evident that hydrocodone might have led to hallucinations. I suggest you to take prescribed dosages otherwise can take non-opioid analgesics like ibuprofen, diclofenac etc. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
571167 tn?1223214465 I've been on methadone for 6 months. And I loose everything. Keys credit cards anything I set down. Forget to do things. Sometimes I drop my mom off and drive home, forgetting to stop at the methadone clinic. The clinic says "I haven't heard of that". I'm on 80mg. Has anyone else experienced this as fast. I am really worried, my dad died 4 years ago. From glioblastoma, which is the worst type of brain cancer and one of the symptoms is short term memory loss.
Avatar n tn My question is could the buildup of medications etc cause him to now have memory loss, language skills loss and tremors in his right hand. He walked in to the hospital on crutches and now is dependent on a wheelchair.
Avatar n tn hi, i am 33 also and a mother of 2 daughters 6yrs and 2yrs and have a terrible memory. i forget things on a daily basis. like my husband asks me to post something and i either forget to bring it with me or i put it in the car , drive to wherever and come back home still with it!! i meet people say from former work place or school, and i have no idea who they are. i dont remember much from childhood, and if reminded i only vaugly (sp?) remember.
Avatar n tn Johns Hopkins researchers who have been at the forefront of this field reviewed the evidence on short-term and long-term mental changes after bypass surgery. They found that short-term confusion, memory loss, and poorer problem solving and information processing are common after bypass surgery, but are usually temporary and reversible. Most people return to their pre-bypass level of function between 3 and 12 weeks after surgery.
Avatar f tn But this forgetfulness is too much stressful for me and affecting my work and peace of mind. Even my parents are complaining and blaming me all the time for this. Could this be depression? I have a very demanding and insecure job in NGO sector, which involves on an average 15 days travel per month in different countries. I have a difficult life, with broken marriage and parents with extreme fragile health. I try my best to take care of them and I live with them.
Avatar n tn I am on effexor and am experiencing memory loss. I have been on it for years at 225 mg I am a practicing bulimic, recovered alcoholic, ex smoker and exercise regularly. I am 61 and eat right in the morning and day, but the evenings are always shot. my question is does antidepressive medicine cause memory loss?
Avatar f tn Vicki gave you some good advice about speaking with our Dr. The memory loss and confusion is very understandable taking ativan and going through wd. actually the ativan should be tapered. it is notorious for memory loss complete wipe out. usually through drinking with them but if you are dehydrated and coming off opiates it is very probable. Congratulations on getting clean and learning about your addiction and the meds that feed it. Take good care of yourself.
Avatar n tn I am willing to lose some of my memory fro the past in order to better enjoy and plan my future. I consider most memory loss as a cognitive thing and it is definitely a physiological and psychological thing. Bipolar plays a part but it would take me all night to explain why but a lot of it is nature vs nurture.
Avatar n tn Some patients may have problems in mixing up words for objects or can have trouble understanding or taking part in a conversation. Prevention in what concerns memory loss is whatsoever limited. Sudden memory loss cannot be prevented but patients who experience the symptoms of memory loss due to aging may keep their brain cells healthy and active with different exercises and dietary supplements.
Avatar n tn I am a year and half post tx and I am experiencing memory loss, processing information (use to have a wonderful sense of direction) and just not myself. I have a very hectic job and I feel there are times I cannot keep up--and yes my confidence has diminished...anyone out there feel the same way...???
Avatar m tn She does have some memory, like she knows who me and my sister are and what she does for work. Another symptom is that she says her body is soar, like she lifted a bunch of weights. We are looking for any type of input/advise. Her doctors have been doing every test and scan. However, they are not coming up with any answers. Please help us, we don't know what else to do. She cannot be left alone because she starts to freak out not know what she is suppose to be doing.
Avatar m tn Hi I am 35 year old non drug using male, who also drinks very little. Last year i had a bout of itch hands which was followed by mental confussion and lines appearing wavey rather than stright. Was Hospitalized and had ct and mri done, plus all the usual blood tests. Found nothing after 6 weeks everything went back to normal, except my eyes which have 20/20 vision but i see white noise in the dark ceiling at night.
Avatar m tn A lot of simple things that really bug me,for example ill get into an elvator and wait and wait and i realize i never even pushed my floor button,i seem to leave my home without my wallet alot...i left my keys in my mail box just the other day,it was embarassing...even after a bike ride i forget to fasten my bike lock and it ends up falling on the street...sometimes ill go buy something and just walk off without paying for the stuff...i dont even realize i never paid..
Avatar m tn Hello, I was diagnosed with syringomyelia and severe and mod stenosis. I've been doing rather well considering that they told me I would be in a wheel chair by now. Anyway I wondered if anyone else with this diagnosis has had problems with memory? My Nurse practitioner said it's normal then my wife looked it up and couldn't find anything on it. The memory loss that is. Nor could I. Any one know or have information on this topic?
Avatar n tn Go to a neurologist and ask to have a neuropsych test done. it helps them determine what is causing the memory issues. All they do is a bunch of test and memory test with you to help you find out whats wrong.
Avatar f tn Certain types of epilepsies and seizures and sleep disturbances too cause short term memory loss along with tiredness or fatigue. Chronic infections too are known to precipitate memory loss. For this you can try yoga and meditation. Disorders of the hypothalamus, chronic fatigue syndrome and psychiatric disorders like depression too cause similar symptoms. To treat memory loss, you have to find the cause first.
Avatar f tn i have had no traumatic injuries or anything like that to cause memory loss.. but i do have it. it seems to affect both long and short term. it's become a nuisance to my daily life. i've been trying really hard to find a root cause or condition. i did make an appointment for it.....but i forgot to go :( anyway i've had several times where i've gotten a form to fill out and for the life of me i can't remember how old i am...
Avatar n tn then automatically name comes in mind. i have also low concentration and weak memory too.please tell me what kind of this problem is i have no idea bout this.
Avatar f tn I am not any expert who could scientifically address your problem. But here is what i have to say. I suggest you to spend your everyday in the present as beautifully as you can. And the same applies to all the days or time in future. Past is already spent, cant make any change to that. Some people wish they could loose their memories of past, and some relish in the same.
Avatar m tn I will be praying for your healing - and for the return of your memory. As GoPens66 mentioned - you're in an alcohol/substance related group - memory loss can be associated with drinking. It can be associated with many other things, too - from different medications, mental or cognitive health conditions, and even sometimes stress.
Avatar m tn Hi Paul, it must be disturbing seeing your girl go through this. I don't have the answer to your question but if you know there is somebody out there with the same problem, it could make you fill better, well, I occasionally forget the little things even those that I have been told _short term memory loss " well I changed my diet, I do more sports and reduced my stress so it's better than it was. before .
Avatar m tn I've had memory loss due to vitamin B12 malabsorption, hypothyroidism, and severe stress. Alzheimer's is also called Diabetes Type 3. A book you might want to read is called Brain Grain by David Perlmutter M.D.