Hydrocodone and high blood pressure

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Avatar m tn My doc told me that high ICP that can contribute to increase in BP, which seems to be the case for me. In the months before my decompressions, when my symptoms were at their worst, my blood pressure always ran high. I'm slight and vegan, and normally have good/low-normal blood pressure. After decompression, my BP always returns to normal. Do you take your BP at home when you're calm?
915119 tn?1341948989 if your blood pressure is too high it restricts the blood vessels and can stop baby from getting enough blood and oxygen. if it gets extremely high it can cause seizures. are you seeing spots or having blurred vision? I agree with bjbbeauchamp, try nor to stress! and if it goes up any more then go to L&D! its better to be safe than sorry! I have had HORRIBLE swelling in my legs for months now, but no protein in my urine until the other week.
Avatar n tn I am 35 years old and never thought I had HIgh Blood pressure until recently. As I am into my higher studies, when visiting the doctor for a fall, they told me I had high pressure readings of 160/110. My pulse was also high, ( I was diagnosed with tachycardia some years ago which was again put down to stress.) They put it down to anxiety and stress, and gave me atenenol 25 mg. Since then I have developed a fear, and my pulse raises whenever the doctor checks my pressure, and my pressure is high.
Avatar f tn 2wks tomorrow since surgery and still have tingle in feet and hands,and blood pressure still not going down,was 146/97 today. I just dont understand to be like 97/72 up till i fall asleep for surgery and to wake up this high,and stay that way. Dr says he dont know what to do next,what it could be. I know this cant be good to go on now with this high of blood pressure and nothing done about it. I dont know where to turn to next.
Avatar m tn 4 years ago after the birth of my child I was on 4 different medications. Today none, and my blood pressure is 100/60. All the ideas mammo gave you on exercise, low salt diet and more is what helped me get off medications and get my BP back on track. It isnt good to walk around with uncontrolled blood pressure so for sure get in as soon as you can and get things sorted around with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I have had high blood pressure my whole pregnancy, often as high as 170s/100. I was put on meds and told modified bed rest last week at 35w5d. Ihave not had to do urone collection as when it spikes they make me come back the following 2days for checks and urine samples. If it os still high this week at my 36w5d appt while on the meds i think they will probably put me on full bed rest until i deliver.
Avatar m tn I am a 58 year old female and my question is about high blood pressure and sex. While I understand blood pressure rises during sex I wonder if it is normal to get a sudden onset pounding migraine. This is new the last two times at climax. I was curious and checked my blood pressure the last time and it was 160/88. The headache is sudden and severe and remains for hours after. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Avatar f tn I went in at 35 weeks and 4 days and my blood pressure was high and they gave me meds and did a 24 hour urine test but during the night, even on the meds my blood pressure got to 180/110 and they c sectioned my baby that day.
Avatar m tn my girl friend just went to the doctor, they took her blood pressure and it was 210 over 110. she is 53 and is all ready on procardia. they toke it four times and it stayed that high. they just gave her a scrpit for linsinaprel and sent her home, was that the right thing to do.
415098 tn?1214856836 have hand pain and numbness also pain in the knees, ankles, foot, toes foot instep, arch, bottom of my feet painful. toes have pain and cramp at times. could this be a rare allergic reaction of my toprol i am taking 50 mg. a day 25 am and 25 pm. i have been diagnosed with ans dysfunction and my doctor feels i may have developed an allergic reaction to the toprol. putting me on something else may also cause an allergic reaction, new meds are a definete reaction for me. what to do.
Avatar f tn 34weeks and have had normal blood pressure thru this pregnancy but earlier my eyesight went blurry and got headache so went to see m/w and they found protein and confirmed high blood pressure. they sent me home and have got to go back tomoz to recheck everything. anyone else been thru same thing?
529440 tn?1232113705 I am now 28 wks and 2 days and i had my check up today with my ob and found out that my blood pressure is starting to go up. All she said about it was that i dont need to worry about it unless i start spilling protein in my urine or if i start getting headaches that dont go away with medicine. And now i have had a headache for a couple of hours and have taken tylenol about an hour ago and nothing is working. Could it be that my bp is getting higher?
Avatar m tn It is very serious. Your friend does not have extremely high blood pressure, but high enough that if exercise and other natural measures don't get it down, he should be taking blood pressure lowering medication prescribe by his licensed physician. His fasting blood sugar is in the range that the doctor should have diagnosed your friend with diabetes mellitus.
Avatar n tn Folic Acid and magnesium will help to control your BP, but to keep you and baby safe I would plan a physical and explain to the Dr that you want to concieve and want to make sure it is safe to do so. High blood pressure during pregnancy can be fatal to Mommy and Baby, so its better to pay that co-pay now and make sure everything is ok before becoming pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am 71 years old. About 10 weeks ago my blood pressure went suddenly up to183/87 and went to ER. Doctors did CT scan, x-rays, blood work and found every thing normal. They just gave me anti anxiety medication and sent me home. Also me contact a cardiologist. The following week I was quite normal and my bp was never more than 130/80. Following week contacted cardiologist as a precaution. He suggested to take Carvidilol 6.25my/Lisinopril 5mg/Simvastatin 25mg/Aspirin81mg.
6759135 tn?1420070652 High Blood Pressure could turn into PREECLAMPSIA and thats a problem!!!
Avatar f tn I was induced with my daughter at 36 wks due to high blood pressure. Was in labor for 39 hrs and my daughter had to be resuscitated at birth. However, she is perfect and I do not regret being induced. My bp got so high I could have lost her and myself.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have experience with high blood pressure and overly swollen feet? What'd you do to make it go down?
Avatar m tn Do you remember how high your blood pressure got when they induced you? I just checked it again and it's still 139/84 and I still don't feel right..
646105 tn?1223653476 I am tracking my own blood pressure three times a day and I watch my blood pressure spike about 2-3 hours after taking the Synthroid and go to normal/low by late in the day. I am going off it slowly because going off it too quickly can cause some serious issues with your heart.
1833444 tn?1325557062 I am one of those people who had high blood pressure before tx and it stabalized during treatment and I stopped all HBP meds. I am in week 22 and I am hoping that it stays down after treatment.
Avatar f tn t get it and try not to stress it raises your blood pressure, did they put you on a blood pressure medicine to lower it?
Avatar n tn Your blood pressure and heart rate vary throughout the day. Most people have a rise in both after meals. If your BP and Heart rate are allready high it is probably that the meals cause it to spike. Do you take your BP regularly? If so what is the difference between "normal" amd "elevated" after meals?