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Avatar m tn and didn't realize til finding and reading THIS how much you DO know and DO understand what I'm going thru!!! Fioricet & Fiorinal both with AND without Codeine have been my drug of choice on and off for over 20 YEARS! The "off" times were when I couldn't get it rx'd to me so I'd use more commonly prescribed (and easy to find) Opiates -- codeine, oxycodone, Hydrocodone, you name it -- in combination with VALIUM and XANAX!
Avatar n tn You need to be careful because the butalbital in the fioricet is a barbituate and you can be at risk for a seizure if you go off cold turkey. You also can have some real bad headaches, anxiety and insomnia if you quit cold turkey. This last time I went off I went to my doctor (1 of them I had 5 doctors prescribing this stuff for me) and fessed up that I was abusing the fioricet. He put me on a tapering program which was difficult but I got through it.
Avatar n tn (This was a lie)The other doctor talked with Maria and they realized then that my mother was having a problem. They confronted her and told her that she needs stop taking the fioricet, she said NO- THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS!, So Maria told her that she will not prescribe that medicine to her anymore. She also suggested that my mom see a scychiatrist. She said that she seems to be having episodes of scychosis.
Avatar f tn She is already on an antidepressant. This drug scares me. E.R. Docs gave her hydrocodone, and she took 17 in just two days! I got tvto surgery one week ago and was prescribed the same, hydrocodone. I still have 16 left. Daughter has no history of drug abuse. Her condition is as bad as it gets. Hands look like shiny balloons and doctor will not acknowledge carpal tunnel. Says her hands are just tired. Pffft!!!
Avatar f tn Im not a doctor but ive been on both hydrocodone and butalbital (generic vicodin and fioricet) for about 2 years now without any interacting symptoms. Oftentimes if you think you might be experiencing problems your body will release epinephrine (adrenaline) which could be causing your symptoms. Try to do everything to relax the next time it occurs.
Avatar f tn She is already on an antidepressant. This drug scares me. E.R. Docs gave her hydrocodone, and she took 17 in just two days! I got tvto surgery one week ago and was prescribed the same, hydrocodone. I still have 16 left. Daughter has no history of drug abuse. Her condition is as bad as it gets. Hands look like shiny balloons and doctor will not acknowledge carpal tunnel. Says her hands are just tired. Pffft!!!
Avatar n tn The pharmacist has told her about rebound headaches but she is convinced she just gets headaches all day, every day. She takes hydrocodone (which totally dopes her up) when the fioricet runs out and takes topamax at night. She is on a huge number of medications, four of which are habit forming and she definitely is addicted. She doesn't realize that she has a problem. Truly. She is 65, active and is good health on the outside. We are afraid of what all this **** is doing to her inside.
Avatar n tn I have been taking fioricet for approximately 15 years, on and off, for migraine and tension headaches. For the past year and a half I have been ordering off of the Internet and have increased my dosage to 3 to 6 a day. I desperately want to stop taking the fioricet but I'm afraid I'm addicted I live in a very small town and am afraid to admit this to anyone or seek help from a local doctor. Can ANYONE HELP ME??
Avatar n tn I am suffering with migraInes bad and my ob prescribed fioricet. I also have anxiety problems and he prescribed aterax. I am 31 weeks pregnant now and still take these meds. Everything looks ok so far. I am worried if these meds will affect her.
951587 tn?1249230748 I used to be addicted to food, and then since I had my gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago, I started abusing pain meds including Fioricet (with and without codeine), Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone. I have been in this struggle on and off. Currently on... I sometimes take about 20 fioricet a day. If I have other pain meds on hand, then not as many Fioricet, but probably a combines total of about 25 pills a day.....
Avatar n tn I am on 8-9 tramadol a day was on more but I tried to withdrawl and had HORRIBLE symptoms. So I ordered fioricet for headaches with the symptoms and felt that maybe taking these will help me taper more. I did taper more but now I addicted to both DANG IT!!!! I have some health issues going on now and so I went to the dr. Some abdominal pain and chronic kindey infections (which I have been treating myself through online pharmacy) This is horrible. I HATED drugs my whole life.
Avatar n tn Are you taking the med under the care of a doctor? If you are, most doctors deal with this kind of thing all the time, and they can give you a plan for how to taper off the medication... In the event that you feel you want to get off it right away, then you should really contact your doc. Two weeks ago I stopped taking fioricet, it was hell. I didn't even realize that it was the withdrawals until I was well in to day 5. It was really awful.
Avatar f tn I just joined today and after reading old threads about getting off Fioricet and/or Fiorinal (Butalbital compound) WITH Codeine, it appears I'm in a minority group. I take at LEAST 8 capsules a day along with 4 30mg tabs of Codeine Sulfate - cuz the Dr who originally prescribed all of the F3 to me in the first place was concerned about the amount of Acetaminophen I was ingesting. I also take about 20 5/325mg Hydros per week and 8-10 10mg of Diazepam for sleep. I also take Amitryptaline...
Avatar f tn Hi all, I will apologize in advance for my lengthy post, b/c I know it will be, lol. I first began taking lortabs in 2003 after a major knee surgery (my 3rd, at the ripe old age of 28) that had a 50/50 shot of working (guess which side I l&ed on). After months of PT & meds from orthopedic surgeon, he referred me to a PM Doctor - Oh boy, I should have missed that appointment!
Avatar f tn I feel for you and I am in your shoes , my wife is heavily addicted to fioricet we have 2 middle school age children that have witnessed some terrible things and i know they block it out, it came to a climax 2 weeks ago when she was arrested for oui drugs and possesion of class, d she would put her pills in a baggie,she got all hers from on-line pharmacy's which are nothing but drug dealers no script needed they will even deliver c.o.d.
3119293 tn?1342054132 I'm right where you are in the anxiety and restless legs except I'm having restless body symtoms. And my skin hurts. My husband touched me last light and I went through the roof! I took hydrocodone in a larger dose(10/750) years ago after a car accident for several years and didn't have a problem coming off the meds. This time I'm on it for arthritic pain in my back and I've only been on it for four months @ (10/325). What has happened to me is I ran out of my meds.
951587 tn?1249230748 She is the one who introduced me to fioricet with codeine capsules.... anyway, she just called me, and told me that today she has taken about 7 fioricet wit codeine that she remembers and nine lortab 7.5 tht she can remember...she told me that she wants to just basically feel numb, and wants to take more. Of course I told her not to, and will be calling her back, but how many is TOO many?
Avatar f tn ) Could Cephadyn/Fioricet as well as hydrocodone and Vicodin be added to the migraine/headache tracker? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have had 3 MRI's and one CT scan within the past 5 weeks and am 6 weeks pregnant. I have been taking amitryptolin, hydrocodone and demerol. I am taking nothing now and am suffering a great deal. Work has become impossible and my husband has had to practically take over at home.
Avatar f tn Im drinking Topomax, Verapamil, Sumatriptan, Hydrocodone and Fioricet every but still having my good days and my bad days. Not having too much pain but still having the Numbness, tingling, blurred vision and nausea.
Avatar f tn Yes I have Probable MS at this point but she believes my pain is a result of the arthritis in my neck and depression/stress. She prescribed fioricet for the migraines and said this is the first she had heard I was having this issue (I discussed it multiple times with her PA) but hesitated on the hydrocodone and pretty much said this would be the last refill. I'm pissed and frustrated because they treat you like an addict and hell you feel like an addict.
Avatar f tn they may also be able to find something besides fioricet-which i think is hydrocodone and tylenol- that could help. i can hear your pain-you are not alone. could you ask your doc to refer you to a pain management clinic? i hope that you can find one person you trust that is there in your area, and explain the situation. i hope that you get what you need, and please keep in touch- you are not alone, ok?
Avatar f tn 5/500 - Vicodin 7.5/750 - Vicodin ES 10/660 - Vicodin HP 7.5/200 (ibuprofin) - Vicoproofen Lortab is made by UCB Pharma 2.5/500 - Lortab 5/500 - Lortab 7.5/500 - Lortab 10/500 - Lortab 5/500 - Lortab ASA Other: 10/750 - Maxidone 5/325 - Norco 5/325 7.5/325 - Norco 7.5/325 10/325 - Norco There's also that comoplete range above in generic form - and there's also liquid forms, etc...
Avatar n tn I am also having to take prescribed hydrocodone and am 11 weeks pregnant. There are so many mixed "reviews" on taking any medication that I too have been terrified that I will hurt my baby. I have excruciating pain in my right hip and down my leg to the foot. I was actually scheduled for surgery to possibly locate the problem. I went in the morning and was told they could not operate due to the fact that I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn He had me taking Hydrocodone 10/325 4x day as needed for pain, as well as Flexeral 10 mg., I was also taking Fioricet, prescribed by my PCP for migraine. I was also seeing his Pain Mgmt Neuro, thru the practice (practice is huge), who I liked, but since getting booted to the curb, I haven't gone back to that office, as it really put a bad taste in my mouth with how I was treated there.
Avatar n tn Oxycodone (which offers higher MG than the hydrocodone that only has 10MG as the highest dosage), fentanyl TD (which I think may be too strong) and there are several generic forms of oxycodone. Although it is my desire to be pain free in my head and my back, I also don't want to take something that would be stronger than I really need. I do need to mention the fact that I have a high resistance to pain medication.
Avatar n tn he is truly an inspiration to us all...hang in there and Thomas and Wizard can give you their testomonials and help you out with their suggestions......
Avatar n tn i also get migraines and am worried they will get worse during pregnancy and I take Fioricet for them now and that works, but it is on the class C category also. Any other stories will help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn They taught us a lot of great relaxation techniques and how to meditate and work through the pain. Most recently, when I decided to give up the Percs (and Fioricet) something kept popping up in books, magazines, etc. and I decided to give it a try. It's called Reiki. It's a hands off (some do a little hands on) healing process done by a trained Reiki practitioner. It's been awesome!
Avatar n tn Hello Doctor, I am 28 weeks pregnant and I suffer from terrible migraines. I have been taking way too many Fioricet (about 6-8 a day) throughout my term. My OB is aware that I take the Fioricet, but just not how many. I have recently "tried" to cut down on them and started taking Tylenol PM, which contains Diphenhydramine, on a nightly basis. It helps the pain a little and allows me to sleep a full night through sometimes.