Hydrocodone and drug testing

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Avatar f tn Hydrocodone should show up in compliance testing. Even with the feeding tubes and liquid nutrition, it should not dilute the urine enough to cause a false negative. Are the tests being sent out for gc/ms or immunoassay testing? A screening test in office could possibly show a false negative IF the cutoff threshold is too high, but that is normally circumvented by confirmatory testing using either gc/ms testing or immunoassay looking for metabolites of hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn Normally the answer would be no but there are a lot of variables that come into drug screens. A blood test should obviously be accurate. Urine drug screens done in mass, such as through a PM Clinic has a higher incident of inaccurate results. Studies have been conducted by reputable sources that indicate these tests can be as high as 60-70% inaccurate. The largest factor is Human Error! Much goes into the final results of urine testing such as an appropriate chain of custody.....
Avatar m tn However normally you can take an opiate with a NSAID. Hydrocodone tablets usually contain acetaminophen (Tylenol). Does your hydrocodone contain apap and if so how much? Normally I would suggest you ask a pharmacist but on Christmas you will be hard pressed to find one. You may call your local ER and ask that question. When I worked in ER it was common to receive those types of questions. I assume you are in pain and I am sorry for that. Good luck and keep in touch.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if there is a reliable home drug test that can detect hydrocodone?
Avatar m tn I was drug tested for my employer and the result said “hydromorphone OR hydrocodone”. Even though they are molecularly different, I guess they are similar enough on a drug test. Or at my drug test lab anyway.
Avatar n tn Hello, there are moderate interactions between Nyquil( containing Nyquil) and Vicodin (containing hydrocodone). Using HYDROcodone together with doxylamine may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience some impairment in thinking and judgment. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with these medications. Also take the medicines at different intervals.
Avatar n tn and he looked at me like I was nuts (or maybe he thought I was fishing for more drugs) I have suffered, and suffered is the word, with PND my entire life (50 now) and the last few years it has gotten much worse. Been thru all the allergy testing and meds and nothing helps. I recently ruptured a disk in my back and again noticed my PND went away for the 2 months I was on that Hydrocodone. Absolutely totally went away! In spite of the back pain I was in heaven!
Avatar f tn I ended up telling my dr a couple of months ago that I had taken hydrocodone during my pregnancy but only a few times and it was because I was in pain and my friend was taking them during her pregnancy and I got them from her because she had a prescription for them.. yea I didn't tell the whole truth, was still to afraid.
Avatar n tn My brother says he recently weaned himself off hydrocodone but my mther and I have our doubts. He has agreed to random drug tests. Can anyone recommend a home drug test kit that will detect hydrocodone? If the test says it tests for opiates does that include hydrocodone? Thank you for your help and insight!
Avatar f tn The back pain is back and the surgean referred me to PM and gave me the same meds gabapentin and hydrocodone, so I started smoking again otherwise I get sick dont eat, puke bile. PM did a drug test, which I told them about the pot and they said no injections without it but would put me on tramadol due to FDA law.
Avatar n tn I am addicted to hydrocodone, i will be given a drug test to check for opiates and i was wondering how long will it take to get this painkiller out of my system, and what can i do to make it happen faster. also i want to know what the easier way to get off them is?
Avatar n tn two days ago i just found out i was pregnant. I have been addicted to hydrocodone and oxy cotton for about a year now. i dont know what to do. i really want to stop for my baby. i am scared to tell the doctor though due to having to go to treatment, and getting in troube. i already have one son and can not leave him behind for 30 to 45 days. im wondering ways to get past the withdrawls to quit on my own. im really scared. any advice?
Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......
Avatar f tn I do not take hydrocodone. I am allergic to hydrocodone. I am at my wits end, what would cause this false positive.
983679 tn?1276833336 s primary ingredient along with acetaminophen) is one of hundreds of older drugs that were introduced before 1962, when Congress passed a landmark amendment to the Food and Drug Act that gave the FDA much more power to oversee safety and efficacy testing. But buried in a series of tests done in the 1930s are a number of troubling facts. First, a primer: Hydrocodone was first manufactured in the early 1920s by the German pharmaceutical company Knoll.
Avatar n tn I just took a drug test and it came came positive for hydromorphone not sure what it is I take 6 vicoden a day and answers
Avatar n tn Absolutely - a drug test WILL show the difference between Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. That's one reason that so many people have lost their PM - Pain Management - Doctors and no longer have any Pain Management to help them with their pain. It's VERY important that you take the medication that your Doctor prescribes to you AND that you take it ONLY the way that is prescribed!! Otherwise, you will wind up in trouble.
Avatar n tn One of the side affects is when I take quite a bit more than prescribed, I have very intense and vivid dreams that are quite an experience. I have been taking more than I need to experience these dreams and look forward to sleeping. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just off my rocker?
Avatar n tn what could make you have a false-positive on a drug screen for hydrocodone if I do not take them?
Avatar f tn I have been in pain management for over a year. I was first prescribed 5/500 Lortabs 3 x daily as needed. I was drug tested within a few months, there was no issue. The dosage was upped to 7.5 over winter, I was tested 3 months ago and was caught completely off guard when my test came back negative. I was only going in every 2 months and didn't even know about this until 2 months later, when I went in last month.
Avatar f tn the dr. that said i failed his drug test threw papers at me and cursed me ,he started me on opanaer40mgs.in sept08, he did not start me out on a lower dose first.i am worried about withdrawls i have copd and hep.c in remission, should i have ever taken this drug?should he have given me something more than hydrocodone10/500 to come off of this med. i know that i am not susposed to have that much acedimine, what do u suggest i do about this? this hydro.
Avatar f tn i have my prescription bottle in my purse just in case they end up testing me or the baby when hes born.i live in florida and ive read about women getting thier babies taken from them after telling the doc that they were taking it.i was hoping on delivering and not having to tell anyone.im having a csection too,will that make me test positive for opiates anyway if they test me and baby?