Hydrocodone addiction

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Avatar m tn First I would like to say that I hope everyone here gets what they want as far as getting off their addiction. As for me, I started taking hydrocodone about eight months ago and am up to about six pills a day at 500mg. I know that I'm addicted because I can't go through the day without it. I don't know how deep I am and I was hoping that someone would be able to fill me in. I'm really scared.
Avatar f tn Kindly, Concerned, keep me posted on your progress PS/dont be embarrassed about the addiction to hydrocodone--we are only human, and living with pain of anykind is torture.
Avatar f tn I found that hydrocodone could "get me by" for a few days when I ran out of ultram. I still did not feel good. I would call your doctor and explain what it happening. If he is smart he will figure out what to do. Some doctors still are not aware of how addictive and dangerous tramadol/ultram is, so he may need to get up to speed on the current research.
Avatar f tn I take hydrocodone and can take up to six of these a day. I am concerned with becoming addicted and if using six pills a day is safe. Lately, my sister has noticed I have slurring of speech occasionally and use the wrong words in a sentence sometimes. Can hydrocodone use cause this? Thank you for any response.
Avatar n tn I think I am an addict...I have been taking about 15 to 20 hydrocodone a day may not be spelled right an I may not be an addict just stupid but I feel like I have to have it to be able to get up an going. I have been losing weight so fast over the last couple years since doing this, and now I cant eat. The last couple days I have had bad cramping and virus like symptoms vomiting up green water, diarrhea, just very weak an extreme pain.