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1165078 tn?1338655745 I've been on Keppra for over 3 yrs now, other than gain weight as soon as I was put on the drug, I've had numerous UTI's and kidney infec. as well as Kidney stones, I reduced my dosage by half (1000mg/day down to 500mg/day) over a period of 4 months last yr, still szr free, and blood levels come back with in therapeutic range (something my Neuro can't quite explain yet isn't making me go back up to the 1000mg/day). But I'm having more kidney issues.. am I alone on this?
Avatar m tn I'm so glad to find an online community of others with MSK! I'm a 34 year old female, and have had kidney stones since I was 16. At 19, they repaired a ureter defect and said that I wouldn't have stones again. During pregnancy a few years later, I had stones again, so badly they had to perform a cystoscopy and place a stent when I was 5 months along- that was one miserable pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide and calcium channel blockers such as verapamil are acceptable to use with a horseshoe kidney. This information is provided for general medical information purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. More individualized care is available through our department at the Henry Ford Hospital and its suburban locations (I-800-653-6568). Sincerely; HFHS M.D.
Avatar f tn In reading many articles, I have also found that various and numerous physicians state that neither will do any good with regard to kidney stones. I guess if it works for you then it is good and if it doesn't work, it's definitely not that good. As I said, for me neither one has any positive affects but neither one can hurt you either so I can't see where it would hurt anyone to try one or both of those, in moderation of course.
278016 tn?1220191104 I have been having multiple health problems for four years shortly after having mono, and kidney stones which were a year and a half apart. Focusing on the kidneys they are constantly sore. When I eat certain foods, especially salty foods, i urinate even more frequently, and leak urine. I have been to a urologist and my bladder is perfectly healthy.
Avatar f tn I had a rather large staghorn kidney stone about 2 years ago and I was tested and placed on these two medications. I started having very low B12 levels and I asked my Urologist if the Allopurinol could be causing this? I was having to take two B12 shots a month just to stay feeling well and cognitive. He said, it was rare but he didn't have a problem trying to get off of it.
Avatar f tn kidney pain..well i had no ins and was on a gov. health program and was able to see their doctors and come to find out i have stones in my kidneys that can never be passed nor removed..so labs were done and my calcium was high..sodium high..b12 low..they checked my thyroid and came back fine...so every yr they had me do a 24hr urine collection and labs and every result came back the same as above noted...
Avatar n tn As a result our cardiologist put her on Metoprol 75 mg. Her blood pressure has returned to normal He also performed a stress test and echo on her. The echo showed that she has excess water around the heart and it is squeezing on the heart. He prescribed hydrochlorothiazide. My questions are: 1. Is this something serious? 2. Can this medicine help her control this? 3. Does she need to be taking this medicine for a long time? 4. How did this issue started to begin with?
Avatar f tn I have severe amounts of kidney stones and my disease is bilateral. I was diagnosed at 17 when I almost died. Now at 48 I have acute high calcium levels in blood and urine. My 24 urine came back with a note from the lab that the test had to have been done improperly because my levels were impossibly high. I had my submandibular gland removed last May and it was calcified and full of sarcoidosis. So now I have sarcoidosis hypercalcicuria along with fibromyalgia.
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year old female who was diagnosed with MSK about ten years ago and have fought complications on and off until recently, when my symptoms became too much to ignore. I had 24 stones removed from my right kidney last week and still have a stent in place. I have only passed one stone on my own and a little bit of sand, so I feel like these stones are all original and have been there awhile, as a few of the larger ones looked like smooth river pebbles.
1398693 tn?1343684738 Thank you so much for the information I knew that there are medications that didn't deplete potassium but I couldn't find which ones. right now I'm taking hydrochlorothiazide and Lisinopril and when I started to take the hydrochlorothiazide I kept ending up in the hospital because my potassium level kept dropping mainly because I have had some problems with diarrhea so no matter how much potassium rich foods I hate I couldn't keep my potassium level any higher than 3.
Avatar f tn Hi After tests I have found out that a staghorn kidney 6cm is in my right kidney as well as stones of various other sizes. My kidney function is 7% so the only option is to remove the kidney. I was wondering if anyone has had problems with stones forming in the remaining kidney?
Avatar m tn A diet high in sodium, fats, meat, and sugar, and low in fiber, vegetable protein, and unrefined carbohydrates increases the risk for kidney stones. products of animal protein and who consume large amounts of meat. Also, high doses of vitamin C can also increase the risk for kidney stones. Oxalate is found in berries, nuts, chocolate, strong tea and vegetables such as green beans, beets, spinach, squash, tomatoes. Take care and best regards.
Avatar m tn I usually pass several stones at a time over a month or so and then nothing for a month. My hands, feet and ankles swell...and I always thought I was just bloated, not so much swelling in my stomach.
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Avatar f tn I have read that potassium citrate reduces calcium kidney stones even where urinary citrate levels are normal and urinary calcium levels are high (that's me). I would really rather start there and see how I do. What is wrong with giving me a year on this and see how I do? I have reduced my sodium intake to less than 1500mg per day which should also decrease stone formation as well as drinking a TON of water. My urologist is very conservative. He manages the passage of my stones.
Avatar n tn However, this could also be due to some medications such as the combination of lisinopril and hydrochlorothiazide that is used to treat high blood pressure. Lisinopril is in a group of drugs called angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) while Hydrochlorothiazide is in a class of diuretics. Tingling in the hands and feet along with dizziness, headache and cough are some of the effects that are observed in this drug combination.
Avatar n tn I had a stone that blocked my kidney and even after blasting would not come out without being scooped out. This was in my left kidney. Kidneys were both checked out thoroughly for damage and other stones - neither of which was found. Questions are...Since it has been two months and I haven't passed any stones are they likely to just stay put? If the larger one gets stuck after I have my surgery will they be able to go in and get it out without cutting me or screwing up the TVT?
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Avatar f tn I got a CT scan last week and my report says I have 6 stones in my right kidney and 3 stones in the left. I also havea 1cm cyst in my right lower kidney. I am just 18 years of age and I hear it from everyone that I am too young for this to happen to me. I have had kidney stones in the past before since I can last remember. I have an appointment with a Urologist next week and I just can't wait to know of I should worry. I am worried that the cyst may be cancerous or something bad like that.
1668318 tn?1306416764 OK my Dr put me on these medications Hydrochlorothiazide/Spironolactone and having me weigh my self daily and i am wondering whats going on... I know i should ask more questions but Dr.s kind of intimidate me!!!! I know my creatinine is 1.33 and my gfr is 53 what ever that means grrrrrrr.........
4487519 tn?1355337312 do I need to do anything else for my 1 kidney? Why was the pain on my left side when I had the 1st kidney stones if my kidney is non existant? I am so tired anymore and having pain from my other stones now on the right side. please help should I be worried?
Avatar m tn So I stopped for a month and started taking it only when I felt acid reflux. Cleared up the leakage, diarrhea and fatigue. But recently I got kidney stones. This all started in my 20's taken Nexium and in my early 30s with kidney stones. Read a lot of info online stating that Nexium can cause kidney stones. Believe it's true because I drink 1 soda once a week, but drink water all the time. Anyone else experience kidney stones while on Nexium?
99627 tn?1301270952 They said because of my past history of kidney stones and my symptoms they were pretty sure I had them. They sent me home and scheduled me for a follow-up the next day. I passed a stone the next morning.
Avatar n tn My brother has a tumor on his kidney and a kidney stone and swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen. Everything I read is bad. Can kidney stones cause lymph nodes to be swollen in the abdomen?
Avatar f tn Hello - Had KUB yesterday to look for kidney stones. Turns out there are five stones as well as a "1cm hypodensity in the kidney not characterized on this study and has Hounsfield units of fluid density". I also have a 6mm hypodensity in the liver. I'm a 36 year old female that had a total thyroidectomy when i was 25. Have had a total of 8 kidney stones in the past 8 months. Question, should I be concerned about these hypodensities?
Avatar f tn Has she had a CT Scan w/o contrast in regard to the stones? What has it shown? I have an uncommon kidney condition called MSK (Medullary Sponge Kidney) along with having had out 1/2 my thryoid bcz of nodules that were atpical but my parathyroids were fine and all tests were A-OK that both my Uro and Endo have run inc. a 24hr urine test. Has your daughter had a 24hr urine test? That is important too.