Hydrochlorothiazide and kidney failure

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1243333 tn?1296446902 High blood pressure is not good for the heart and can lead to decreased function and an increase in angina. Your blood pressure should really be less than 140/90 and if you have diabetes or chronic kidney disease it should be less than 130/80. If you aren't on the maximal dose of Norvasc which is 10mg and the highest dose of Valturna then your physicians should probably start another bp agent such as Hydrochlorothiazide or increase the cattapress patch. Why are you on spironolactone?
Avatar n tn As a result our cardiologist put her on Metoprol 75 mg. Her blood pressure has returned to normal He also performed a stress test and echo on her. The echo showed that she has excess water around the heart and it is squeezing on the heart. He prescribed hydrochlorothiazide. My questions are: 1. Is this something serious? 2. Can this medicine help her control this? 3. Does she need to be taking this medicine for a long time? 4. How did this issue started to begin with?
Avatar m tn Based on my analysis of blood tests, my 70-year old aunt currently has Stage 3b CKD and is actually close to Stage 4. Back in 8/2008, her GFR was 49.5. A year later, it's 32. This is a loss of 17.5ml/min over 12 months. Every test I looked at, her BUN (22-23), Creatinine (1.3-1.6) and Choloride (112) are elevated. I suspect it was out-of-control hypertension which caused her kidney function to deteriorate. I measured her BP at 200/110 several occasions over the weekend.
1668318 tn?1306416764 Hi weighing yourself and getting on a diuretic is not testing you. Did she run tests? Do you know??
Avatar n tn Diuretics such as hydrochlorothiazide and calcium channel blockers such as verapamil are acceptable to use with a horseshoe kidney. This information is provided for general medical information purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. More individualized care is available through our department at the Henry Ford Hospital and its suburban locations (I-800-653-6568). Sincerely; HFHS M.D.
1165078 tn?1338655745 I've been on Keppra for over 3 yrs now, other than gain weight as soon as I was put on the drug, I've had numerous UTI's and kidney infec. as well as Kidney stones, I reduced my dosage by half (1000mg/day down to 500mg/day) over a period of 4 months last yr, still szr free, and blood levels come back with in therapeutic range (something my Neuro can't quite explain yet isn't making me go back up to the 1000mg/day). But I'm having more kidney issues.. am I alone on this?
1398693 tn?1343684738 Thank you so much for the information I knew that there are medications that didn't deplete potassium but I couldn't find which ones. right now I'm taking hydrochlorothiazide and Lisinopril and when I started to take the hydrochlorothiazide I kept ending up in the hospital because my potassium level kept dropping mainly because I have had some problems with diarrhea so no matter how much potassium rich foods I hate I couldn't keep my potassium level any higher than 3.
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1668318 tn?1306416764 OK my Dr put me on these medications Hydrochlorothiazide/Spironolactone and having me weigh my self daily and i am wondering whats going on... I know i should ask more questions but Dr.s kind of intimidate me!!!! I know my creatinine is 1.33 and my gfr is 53 what ever that means grrrrrrr.........
Avatar m tn I'm 67 years old and I have congestive heart failure. I was recently in the vicinity of someone who was maced, and as hard as I tried, I couldn't escape the airborn spray. Since then, I haven't been able to stop coughing. My medication usually controls the fluid from building up in my lungs, but it doesn't seem to be working as well as usual now. Is it safe for me to use any over the counter cough expectorants?
Avatar m tn I'm so glad to find an online community of others with MSK! I'm a 34 year old female, and have had kidney stones since I was 16. At 19, they repaired a ureter defect and said that I wouldn't have stones again. During pregnancy a few years later, I had stones again, so badly they had to perform a cystoscopy and place a stent when I was 5 months along- that was one miserable pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I had a rather large staghorn kidney stone about 2 years ago and I was tested and placed on these two medications. I started having very low B12 levels and I asked my Urologist if the Allopurinol could be causing this? I was having to take two B12 shots a month just to stay feeling well and cognitive. He said, it was rare but he didn't have a problem trying to get off of it.
Avatar n tn All of my blood work came back normal, but my calcium level in a 24 hour urine test showed 366. He put me on Forteo and hydrochlorothiazide. 4 months later, my calcium level is still high at 353. He thinks I've stopped taking the hctz, but I haven't missed a dose. I'd like to talk to him, but he's out on med leave. He said at my initial visit that I most likely have some sort of kidney defect and I've never properly absorbed calcium.
Avatar n tn The two things that pop into my head when an older animal starts to drink excessively and urinate in the house are kidney failure and diabetes, although there can be other reasons. A trip to the vet is definitely in order ASAP. If you catch it early, kidney failure is something that an animal can live comfortable with for quite a few years, so don't panic.
Avatar f tn , and it took him 6 months to get over it, but not before he gave it to me, and it cause CHF, and kidney failure, stages 4 and 5 respectively.....and it all started with lisinopril. I know several others who take lisinopril, some do okay on it, but not all.....usually people who don't get out much, or do much excercise, but for a 18 year old male, I think it might be a dangerous drug. However, that is just a PERSONAL opinion, and I have no medical training to back me up.
Avatar f tn I was placed on potassium citrate and hydrochlorothiazide but the medicines have horrific side effects. Also, has anyone experienced elevated blood glucose levels and elevated LFT's after taking these medications?
82861 tn?1333453911 If there is no infection than your dog has kidney damage or kidney failure, and you will have to treat agressively to save the kidneys by using Sub Q fluid therapy, phosphate binders if the phosphate is also elevated, kidney saving herbs such as Rehmannia 8 and more. Please write back once you have additional test results. Thanks.
Avatar n tn What was the acute kidney failure from? And, if it's acute and not chronic kidney failure, then the meds will be fine. You really don't have much of a choice, you can't let a bacterial infection go-especially a bladder infection-if untreated that goes to the kidneys and I know you don't want that. I understand your concerns completely, though. You're worried about stressing the kidneys out w/meds after he's recovering.
Avatar n tn I have atrial fib for many years now and have a CMP done every 6 months - bloodwork always perfect! This time around calcium came back 10.7.... I have been taking triamterine (with hctz) daily for almost 2 months, which I usually don't do, but had put myself on a strict diet. This is prescribed to me by my heart doc but I only usualy take it once or twice a week for all these years. Could this daily use have affected my calcium numbers?
Avatar f tn Looking for good new...found out I am pregnant and am taking Lisinopril 10mg. Does anyone have any experience with this?
Avatar m tn Will I eventuly have kidney failure if i continue to have chronic UTI and kidney infections? My Urologist (who i have not seen in about 9 months) gave me 2 options, 1) surgery or 2) lifetime of medication, flomax and antibiotics and im only 31. Im uncomfortable with both options but i do not want to have kidney failure or kidney disease.
Avatar f tn No one has said anything to us about kidney problems though his dad is going through liver and kidney failure. Can someone help me understand what these numbers mean and give me advice as to what to do? This whole situation is really scary he is already so weak from the heart failure.
Avatar f tn I looked up stage 3 kidney failure, and found the following. I hope you find it helpful somehow, and blessings for you and your dog - Blu Stage 3 kidney disease is one of the final stages of canine kidney disease, in which your dog will begin showing symptoms of kidney failure. Canine kidney disease occurs when, for whatever reason, your dog's kidneys are not doing their job of removing toxins from the blood efficiently.
Avatar n tn The Oncologist and Nephrologist would need to work together in this circumstance. I'm sure both are up to date with the current Medical issues and will act accordingly. Regards ...
Avatar n tn 4 days ago he was admitted to the ICU with kidney failure and congestive heart failure. The doctors say that they are unsure of a prognosis right now. They have been slowly introducing him to dialysis but with 0% kidney function at this time. He has been tested for autoimmune disease and had a biopsy to check for tumor and both turned out negative.