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Avatar f tn My rheumatologist then prescribed the Enbrel along with the methotrexate. This worked for most of the four years. However last year, I tried the Humira. I had a bad reaction to this. I am now on Orencia and have been on this since the beginning of February. There has been no relief. The next medication would be Rituxan. Can anyone who may be using Rituxan tell me about this medication? I am a little skeptical because of the side effects.
Avatar m tn Naproxen, Vioxx, Celebrex, Diclofenac, Mobic, Sulfasalazine, Plaquenil, Clinoril, Lodine, Methotrexate, Neurontin, Methilprednisolone, Prednisone, HUMIRA injections. (These are the ones I remember). My current regimen is Humira 1wk., Leflunomide 1day and tapering off of Prednisone. But guess what?? I'm still in a lot of pain in my L/elbow and some pain in R/hand and wrist. I have come to doubt I actually have RA. Perhaps I have some weird unknow disease not known to the medical community.
Avatar n tn Ask the pharmacist about side effects. Good luck, and I would like to know how it turns out. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, so I know that kind of pain and I understand how hard it is.
1754908 tn?1312403962 I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and have tried several different drugs looking for relief. Methotrexate, Humira, Embrel and prednisone seem to be the most popular on the market. Humira and Embrel are both very expensive and my Part D does not cover them. Methotrexate has caused me severe body rash. Looks like large patches of redness on all parts; legs, feet, arms, face and back. A friend of mine said I should try Norco 10.
Avatar f tn ) Mtx alone may work really well for you, or it may have some impact but not enough. At that point, your rheumie may add something like Humira or Enbrel to the mtx. You have to give each medication time to see if it's going to work for you - that's the hardest part, having patience! In the meantime, give yourself a break and cut all non-essential, energy-draining activities from your life. Find ways to cut stress, which is a big factor in how you feel. Hang in there!
Avatar m tn my father has osteoarthritis and my mother has RA - for which she takes Humira. I am prone to fungal infections and one year ago had an undiagnosed one-inch long, narrow, purple recess on my face that left a slight scar (tests for cancer and lupus were negative). My PCP doesn't believe that Reactive Arthritis is likely so many years after the initial infection. And he said the symptoms generally are more acute than my nagging, chronic symptoms are. Any ideas?
472570 tn?1274689487 And now I am getting migraines just from the pressure of the pillow even when I am sideways, Is anyone else having migraines because of they way you sleep? I am taking Humira and my migraines have worsened since I started taking this type of medication but it keeps my rheumatoid arthiritis in check and me functioning so I don't want to switch or stop using it. When I get these burning migraines, I always emit a stale oniony smell which is embarrassing.
Avatar f tn I've been reading that Chamomile and St.johns wort are natural nerve relaxants. Maybe look into that as opposed to taking the Valium at night. The Valium may make your fatigue worse the next morning. Just an idea. I haven't tried them yet. I'm still looking into the side effects if any. I don't want any more issues added to this one.
Avatar f tn I am 61 yr old female dx 1970 with Crohn's - small intestine, mainly terminal ileum. Had laparotomy, no resection. Put onto 60 mg a day steroids. Now got severe osteoarthritis in both hips, feet and hands and registered disabled. Many flares and bouts of severe rectal bleeding requiring inpatient care on IV prednisolone and nutrition. Dx breast cancer Jan 2003, 2 cm tumour stage and grade 2, 3/18 lymph nodes affected. WLE and total axillary clearance. FEC x 6 chemo and 45 gys rx.
469901 tn?1276567223 Many of us here have autoimmune forms of arthritis meaning that our immune systems have gone awry and are attacking healthy tissue. Some of us have osteoarthritis, which can provide similar challenges. All of these conditions share discomfort, pain and limitation of our abilities. This common denominator binds us together as we conquer the challenges of these conditions. To get the most from our forum, please post and share your questions, thoughts, concerns or funny stories.
Avatar m tn 3 1/2 years ago I suddenly had extreme pain in my left knee. X Ray showed very early osteoarthritis, but nothing to extreme. MRI showed torn medial meniscus. In the mean time i developed a lot of swelling a d tenderness in both knees. The following is my timeline up until now. I feel like no Dr is really listening to how I feel. I need help. Orthopedic Dr. Told to take ibuprofen Gave me 2 steroid shots - only pain relief was from numbing meeds in shot Dr.
Avatar n tn Hi Well I can't blame the many aches and fatigue on the treatment cause he hasn't started the treatment yet but will be in the next coming weeks. No he has not been checked for arthritis....that is a good point! Something to think about. I was just hoping since he had all this joint pain now it would dissappear once the treatment started or completed??
Avatar n tn I've found some relief with Humira and Nirtriptyline. The Humira controls the inflammation and the Nortriptyline helps with nerve pain, being able to sleep better, and depression. I'm wondering if serotonin and norepinephrine being out of whack is responsible for a lot of pain. It's good to get checked out by a rheumatologist because if you do have rheumatoid arthritis, there are meds that help to slow down the damage.
329994 tn?1301666848 I have been on Neurotin which did nothing for me, Gabapentin did nothing, Lyrica packed on the weight, Humira didnt do much and now am on quite the cocktail of meds. I started Savella last night and cant decide if I was up all night due to the meds or the new snow we have. I am also switching to Sympanie (sp?) for the PA, and take Oxie for the pain at this time. I have more energy than before and feel like there might be hope at the end of the tunnel here.
Avatar n tn I have bulging discs and osteoarthritis and the avascular necrosis. The hip pain has been the worst of what I have experienced. The Dr's tell me having my hips replaced will cure most of the pain. I am now bone on bone , no cartiledge with cysts. I am just worried I have waited too long as now I have lost my muscle tone am not able to exercise at all now, sleeping more than an hour or so at a time is not possible most nights. My legs have a weird feeling now are numb and my feet and tingle.
Avatar n tn I have already been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis ((degenerative arthritis) is a joint disease caused by the breakdown and loss of the cartilage of one or more joints.)). I feel quite sure this is a symptom of it, but with the pain I am having in that leg at the hip and the vibrations down the leg, I need relief, not diagnosis. I am already taking arthritis medication, though it appears that may need to try another type to address this issue.
Avatar n tn I thought the itching may have been a symptom of this. They put me on Humira injections and the other symptoms went away but I still cannot tan without horrible itching. I have tried Benadryl, Atarax, Xyzal, Zyrtec and nothing helped. I have no physical signs like hives or rash. I have seen an allergist and have no allergies and my thyroid and blood tests were all fine.