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Avatar m tn Hi Saylor, It sounds like you may have torn your muscle away from your sternum, as this will give you the pain that your getting, had a friend do that it took him ages before things got back to normal, you may be looking at a 6 month break from any chest workouts, but its a real bugger to get right again, the simple way would be to get a cortisone injections, as this will help heat it back in place, but as you have no insurance thats a real bugger being a yank, in the UK its would be free.
258025 tn?1189759433 I workout and planning to enter my first competition. I'm a hardcoe bodyubilder for almost 2 years... I know a lot of stuff about bodybuilding since it's my passion..
Avatar f tn To figure your heart rate subtract your age from 220 that will show your maximum heart rate. What you want to strive for is to get your heart rate between 65%-85% of your maximum heart rate. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!!
Avatar n tn When you lift, your muscles need time to recover. You have to feed them the proper nutrients for them to grow. You also must get adequate rest since muscle growth occurs while you sleep. For the workouts, concentrate on 2-3 muscle groups each day. Start your workout with the largest muscle group you are working out. Then work your way to the smallest muscle group.
Avatar m tn You may need to back off of the number of sets since you are just starting out. Or your order may be off ie don't work your biceps on day 1 if you are going to work your back on day 2 because most of the back exercises also use your biceps as a supporting muscle, and if your arms are sore you won't get far.
Avatar f tn aspx  Figure your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from 220 - 22 = 198 I suggest buying a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest and the other part goes on your wrist like a watch. You want to get your heart rate 65% to 85% of your maximum rate! That would be 128 - 168. It's important to first do your strength training first and then the cardio. last! The cardio will only take 20 minutes. Check the link that I posted above. Get the OK from your doctor first!
287996 tn?1312027282 Best treatment is to keep blood pressure under control (as this often is the cause of LVH), if you do, your LVH will likely go back to normal. It's amazing how similar the heart is to an engine. But the heart can remodellize to fit the environment (thicken walls to compensate for higher resistance or increase inner volume to compensate for more blood flow). Unfortunately, those changes (except the combination which happens with aerobic exercise) are inappropriate and actually harmful.
Avatar n tn Charlie, sorry to ask but how old are you? Exertion (sp) headaches are common but if you have been working out for 10 years and this is new then could be something. Head and heart do go together.
Avatar m tn Look forward to your continuing progress and updates .. we're all interested in how you are doing! Very best wishes for your health and success!!!! WE BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!
Avatar f tn aspx  Figure your heart rate by this formula  220 minus your age will give you your maximum heart rate. You want to strive to get your heart rate between 65% and 85% of your maximum heart rate. I suggest buying a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest and the readout is on your wrist. costs about $30.00. You burn 30 percent more fat from doing cardio after a weights session as opposed to cardio on its own. Before doing anything get the OK from your doctor!
958098 tn?1246812818 Get a yoga ball and do exercises with that such as holding it between your feet while laying on the floor and lifting it over your body with straight legs. Lay on your back, knees bent with it between your feet and bring your knees to your chest. You can find more exercises with a ball online. Good luck, and dont be discouraged.
Avatar f tn The following is the proper way to do leg raises!;_ylt=A2KLqIB9tb9UEBMAH8r7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTByNDY3bGRuBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQDBGdwb3MDNQ--?p=wrong+way+to+do+leg+raises&vid=1d408517ff68c9d599ac7a3f9110e7ba&l=1%3A25&
Avatar f tn Inhale and lower your chest down to the floor. Exhale and push with your chest and arm muscles up to starting position and repeat. Progress to full-body pushups, where you extend your legs and, before you lower your chest toward the floor, you are balanced on your hands and the tips of your toes. Start with the same tight body position and also squeeze your thighs. You are toning your chest, shoulder, triceps, back, abdominal and hamstring muscles.
Avatar f tn Workout at least 30 minutes and try to increase your length of workout and resistance every week. Friday-cardo. Same as Wednesday. Try a new form of exercise Saturday-strength training for quads (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of legs), calves, hips, glutes (butt). Leg workouts will be your most challenging because they cause pain (a nice pain) and work the biggest muscles in your body. Don't worry about making your legs bigger.
Avatar f tn The best type of pillows are down pillows that also offer some support to your back. A floppy pillow will cause your chest muscles to have to be used to support you. Step 7) Limit your activities during the resting process. You don't want to re-injure the area. Make sure not to lift anything more than a pound or two at first, and don't stretch the chest muscles too far. Stick to easy activities such as simple walking and sitting. Even activities that seem like they won't affect the area, may.
Avatar n tn The only time I ever feel totally at peace is when I am working out. Please some body explain to me how I can workout hard by running 2 miles at 7.0 nostop, no chest pain or tiredenss or any chest discomfort at all, or workout with very heavy weights on my upper and lower body parts and have no problems whatsoever so why do I feel this way. I know Need to lose a more weight maybe this is the problem. Also, I am on Lisinopril and Atenelol for High Blood Pressure which is under control.
Avatar f tn I have bad asthma , and I am 79 kg I want to reduce my weight but exercise and walking made my asthma worse , I don't want to start prednisone again because 10 day before I finish my pills of prednisone, and even simple exercise also exerts me , how to lose weight ?can someone help ? please..........
1670856 tn?1316777368 That way it will be easier for you to relax. You have given the answer to your chest pain, so I won't comment it any further ;) I think you need to talk to someone concerning your anxiety. A psychiatrist is best, because he is a MD and can tell you more about the heart than a psychologist can. good luck, and don't hesitate to follow up!
Avatar m tn When and how did you find out that your circumflex artery was 60 to 70 percent blocked? If it is 70% blocked, are you taking a blood thinner or aspirin for it? If the artery is 70% blocked, I would imagine that the artery is spasming especially during a workout causing the pain. You should let your doctor know your symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hope all is well, on your post to jim are you telling us your full of s*it? :) Now if you could turn that into blood.
1346447 tn?1327866172 The problem is, how can you rely on the opinion of a cardiologist when so much is not understood by anyone. Some cardiologists are so far up their own backside, trusting their work so much, that they feel nothing can be going wrong with the patient. I went to a top cardiologist in my Local hospital last December and complained of chest pain. She said " your angiogram from LAST YEAR looks fine, so I don't think it's ischemia".
Avatar f tn No, they haven't done an x-ray or looked for infection. Just two EKGs, two D-Dimers, and a full cholesterol panel (all which were normal except my high triglycerides). I guess the doctor hasn't felt other tests to be necessary... she just said the first chest pain was from lifting weights, and the other time was because I'd been sick a few weeks before. I have an appointment on Thursday to get a HPV shot and was planning to talk with her about my current chest pain then.
Avatar n tn Soreness is more of a muscle symptom, and may be something related to your workout that you happen to be paying more attention to because of anxiety awareness. Try talking this through with a counselor or use my online counseling program at www. Anxiety and ocd are directly related to being stuck in some life problem.
Avatar n tn ) I have mentioned that I am heading to Mayo and I would like to go up there with only the relevant chest related issues and although I FEEL like last night was one, I really honestly don't know anymore. Thanks you all and I hope you have a great weekend.
Avatar n tn In that same time frame you may want to disconinue the workout on your chest/pec's or at least limit them to little reps with very light weight to just strech your chest. Honeslty, I have no idea how bad it is. But heat will not help, unles it is sore/stiff and will only confuse you and your musuclse... trust me, you can feel the difference between stiff/sore vs a pull. ICE treatment and stretching trump heat anyday.
Avatar n tn I have done this about 5 days so far, but today after my workout I had a bad pain on the left side of my chest. It seemed to be right under my left breast, near where my heart is. Is this something that is normal, considering I have led the last few years of my life being fairly unactive?? Should I be concerned about this??
Avatar m tn I started working out this summer and on the first day after my chest workout I began getting a pain in the center of my chest that would spread to my upper left pectoral muscle. During my workout I can push through the pain with a long warm up but the day after I get a really bad pain in the center of my chest that radiates to the left. I stopped working out August 1, 2015 and it is September 6, 2015 now and the pain is still there.
Avatar m tn It sounds to me as though you have accepted that there is something wrong with you but it is your fault that you have it, I think you should go back to your doctor to find out what you are meant to be doing with your ssri's and I also think going to your library or get onto the mental health sites online and have a good read through anxiety info as, I hope you dont think im being cheeky but, it sounds as if you dont really know how to deal with it.
159619 tn?1538184537 If you do, the cause would need to be determined. It could be useful for you to consult with your primary care doctor or with a lung specialist to determine what makes you "prone to frequent bouts of bronchitis." The clinical distinction between asthma and bronchitis is not always clear-cut and so you could have had acute, perhaps infectious, bronchitis that resulted in exacerbation of your asthma that you are experiencing now.