How to take glucophage for weight loss

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Avatar f tn I've had a fatty liver for many years. I really need to lose alot of weight but my insurance doesn't cover weight loss. I know your wife will do well. I'm praying for you guys!
Avatar m tn Is there any way medication which people with pcos can take to help them with weight loss? What i have read suggests that the only way to control it is through diet and exercise. I'm asking because my friend who has recently been told that it is likely she may have PCOS goes running for an hour a day and never eats heavily but still manages to put on weight easily. e.g last week she put on over a stone despite exercising and eating well everyday.
Avatar n tn the weight loss was sudden but it no longer sems to effect weight loss or gain. if you are planning to take this drug specifically for weight loss, be aware that side effects are pretty debilitating and that it is not really a sustainable option. can any enlighten me on the effects of adderall/provgil and metforin?
Avatar n tn ) Good luck to all of you, and if you have any good tips as to how to loose all the weight gained while on Effexor, please let me know! Dieting and exercising (a lot) for the last month asen't done the trick so far and i really feel hopeless and concerned !
Avatar n tn This stuff makes me sick! I'm on 1000mg per day now, and it took awhile for me to get here. I've lost almost 10lbs, now I weigh 134. My fasting blood sugar is 94,so in normal range. I have recurrent miscarriages. How much met do you think I would need to decrease my chance of miscarriage? I'm freaking out, feeling like I need to up it as I could be pregnant now, but I'm still really sick on 1000. What do you think? How much does everyone else take?
Avatar m tn I have had the worse luck with weight loss I am a mother of 2 kids and work full time live on a cattle farm and have horses along with the kids activities, and have recently joined the Zumba crave I truly could not see how I could not lose weight. I have been on a 1200 calorie diet with a complete log of everything that went into my mouth because I felt like when people looked at me they were like "yeah right".
Avatar n tn This an an unfortunate side effect for many on these types of meds. It's hard to feel better when you're gaining weight for no reason, as well. Try speaking with your doc. Discuss your concerns and perhaps he/she can offer alternatives. They can try other meds but most have always kept a large amount of weight on me. Please don't stop taking your meds for the sake of losing weight w/o your docs input. IYou must be weined of these meds. Good luck.
Avatar f tn So, I decided the best way for me to lose weight was to find out exactly what these things, that were suppose to be bad for me, were doing in my body that was so bad. To me KNOWLEDGE BECAME POWER! I studied about sugar and artificial sweeteners. It was a choice for me to stop with the soda, etc. Also, I went to our local YMCA and talked with a trainer. I couldn't afford the normal training, but she was amazing and totally willing to work out with me anyway! She was a blessing to me.
Avatar n tn Solo - no offense intended... but how rude! She doesn't want to be specific about her problems, or she wouldn't have been vague to begin with. Hannah's Mom - I know how hard it can be, and how frustrating. I lost weight very easily the first time with diet and exercise. 80 pounds in 10 months. I gained back 55ish pounds with a hard second pregnancy, and another 30 when my daughter was small.
Avatar n tn some say i took the pregnancy test to early the first time and for me to take it again... does anyone have any suggestions????????
Avatar n tn Right now, I weigh 150, but take 42 units of Lantus at night and I exchange 6 carbs for one unit of Humalog. Doctors can't figure out why I have to take so much insulin to bring my blood sugars down -- When I was diagnosed with diabetes just two summers ago, I was hiking in the Grand Canyon and nearly died getting out. I ended up in the ICU with a blood sugar reading of over 800! Even then, they had me on an insulin drip and they couldn't get my blood sugars below 300. (My A1C was at a 5.
Avatar n tn with my last preg I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (had to take insulin for the last 6 months of preg.)I decided not to have anymore kids so i was fixed. now i weigh a wopping 232 and it seems so hard to shed, but easy to put on.The drs. have told me that i am at high risk of developing all kinds of diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure.So i did some research and to tell you the truth i was scared sh**less. that has been my turn around point.
Avatar n tn You may want to look into it or schedule an appointment with your physician because this can affect your ability to gain and lose weight no matter how much dieting and working out your doing. A young lady I went to school with was having this same issue and she was working out and dieting more than she prolly needed to and was still gaining weight until she got on the medication .
454677 tn?1206691163 I have been diagnosed with hypothyroid within the last year, my grandma on my fathers side had it as well. I take 50mcg Synthroid. I was having the symptoms for about a year before anyone figured out why I was gaining so much weight quickly and felt so bad all the time.. I have gained a total of 80lbs and still going steady unfortunately...and I don't eat bad at all. I'm now up to 205lbs vs the 125lbs I was in April of 2007.
Avatar m tn He asked me to take glucophage (metformin 500 mg once in a day).Is it the right medcine for me?Im ready to do any exercise and diet control.Kindly advise what i should not eat? Is it this is due to Fattyliver?I checked My glucose level is always normal. How can i go about from this condition.? Please help AG.VKM This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Diabetes/Insulin-resistance/show/713740">Insulin resistance?</a>.
665960 tn?1253802904 I talked to my doctor sharing some of my concerns and she still tells me that it's still possible even though I have PCOS and am only working with one fallopian tube but it's going to take patients and a lot of work. Also I will have to get back on glucophage to balance my insulin level so that I can carry to full term. Right now I'm trying to lose a little more weight before I go down that path again.
Avatar f tn unfortunately it convert a lot of it to fat because muscle glucose absorb can not keep up. so make it hard to lose weight. still how to explain your 5.7 hba1c?
808221 tn?1242747788 I don't have the exact answer to how long before the Metformin takes effect, gus. When I started on meds I started on a combination of Metformin and a couple others and I do remember seeing results fairly quickly (maybe a week) I do have questions as to whether you are testing your blood sugar on a regular basis and modifying your diet based on the results you see. You sound like you have a lot on your plate; best of luck to you!
Avatar m tn He said to take the vit D for 3 months and then come back to retest to see what my Vit D, b12, and folate levels were, He also said the thyroid can be affected by stress and as my body was low in vit D it would be good to retest thyroid again in 3 months after the Vit D kicks in.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
328927 tn?1227765440 I started taking just 500mg, then 1000mg three days later. I may wait until after the weekend to go up to 1500mg. Also, how long does take to work? My RE said a couple of weeks, but I thought longer.
Avatar f tn Hello, You need to take the treatment for PCOS. If you desire birth control, the birth control pill, especially those with low androgenic (male hormone-like) side effects can cause regular periods and prevent the risk of uterine cancer. Another option is intermittent therapy with the hormone progesterone. For acne or excess hair growth, a water pill (diuretic) called spironolactone (Aldactone) may be prescribed by the physician under monitoring of potassium levels and kidney function.
Avatar f tn So I have pcos and have been on birth control for 2 months just finished my last pack and my boyfriend and I have decided I come off and TTC I'm so excited I have my appointment on Friday to talk to my gynocologist.
475740 tn?1208266465 if that doesn't help then I am going to look into Weight Loss surgery.. I am close to 250lbs my biggest is 255.. and I am 5'6 I think that my weight has alot to do with all my health problems and not being able to get PG.. so I need to lose weight some how.. I am tired of yo-yo dieting... good luck...
12773 tn?1328916786 I took another week off in Sept 07 for vacation, and that helped. In Sept doc was concerned over weight loss and ran a bunch of tests and scheduled a colonoscopy. found 3 polups and removed them..they were benign. In October had to put down my other 15 year old shab ( shep/lab ) named Oreo. I was so heartbroken again, but was prepared for it, expected it. It was a rough year, but knew I only had a short time to go. I was almost done.
Avatar f tn I have a problem with my weight too and would like to take off about 40 more. It's slow going.
Avatar n tn i have had 3 iuis and going for my 4 today, with the other 3 even though i wasnt pregnant i had very sore breasts and felt very bloted i learned after having so many iuis to expect that i guess that comes from the hcg shot, i never was nausiuos though,that could be a good sign some woman know it the minute they become pregnant,and you could be one of them,i know the two week wait can be unbearable,but try and hang in there and try not to take a hpt test for a few more days,unlike i did and get a
7572526 tn?1392134670 (Glucophage) affects the action of insulin and is useful in reducing a number of the symptoms and complications of PCOS and also useful in the management of irregular periods, ovulation induction, weight loss, prevention of type 2 diabetes, and prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus in women with PCOS.
796506 tn?1370191905 I do NOT have the insulin resistance/diabetes associated with PCOS but I still took Metformin. It helped me with weight loss and I believe, ultimately, allowed my body to ovulate on its own. I just felt BETTER on Met.