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Avatar n tn im her first patient whom she is prescribing cytomel to and that is only to prove to me that it does not work. im on cytomel 5 mcg and levoxyl 100 mcg daily. been on cytomel for the last 2 wks, and have not felt any different then i did before. I was realy hard on my dr. on my last appointment and told her that i would prove her wrong and that i have been doing alot of research on this problem and everyone who is on cytomel or armor is doing better. but now im begining to think she is right.
Avatar n tn People with thyroid problems often experience difficulty with weight - trying to maintain it or get it off. It can take longer for people with thyroid problems over someone 'healthy' to lose weight. Be careful to make sure that you have enough calories in the day so your body does not go into hoarding mode. If you don't have enough calories the body tries to conserve the current level of stored energy (fat) because it thinks you are entering a time of famine etc.
Avatar n tn Do you have Hashimoto's? I agree that 25 mcg cytomel is a pretty hefty dose to add to 100 mcg synthroid. I *do* take cytomel and when I first started it I had been on 100 mcg synthroid; my endo lowered me to 50 mcg levo, and added 10 mcg cytomel. I was later dropped to 5 mcg cytomel and my levo was upped to 75 mcg. I am currently alternating 75 mcg with 88 mcg levo and still on the 5 mcg cytomel.
903476 tn?1242240637 The dr keeps saying we have to take it slow. One of my other doctors said I needed cytomel instead. Will the cytomel regulate my thyroid back to normal? I've been 110lbs my adult life then all of sudden I'm 150 and aging a pant size per week. Cut out all sugar grains flour. All other labs are normal hyponatremia under control.
545991 tn?1214440712 It is the most significant problem I have in trying to take these hormones. I'm unable to exercise so therefore am gaining weight!! Weight hasn't been an issue for me being hypothyroid just fatigue and skin problems until now. I know this is an old post. Hope you're still out there sidneywoot and that you have found an answer.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Wow thanks barb, Kevin, and new person. Today I had to take my child to school at 530 am for a field trip. I took my dose at 5am and could feel it lifting me up. I started to crash at noon today so I took the second dose. I bumped it to 2.5 morning, 2.5 afternoon. I felt so much better today! I left my house at 3pm to go run errands I felt so good. No palpatations today, ear ringing minimal! No shaky hands, wasn't pissed at the world. I actually almost felt normal.
597354 tn?1227201532 I have read a lot about it but am really interested to hear other's experiences with it. How do you take it - once a day/twice a day? Success? No success? Problems? Should I take it in a.m. or p.m./break it in half and take twice a day? I don't understand what it means when it says it has a 4 hour half life?? Did I say that right? So please please talk to me. Let me know how some of you are doing on it. I am hoping so bad that this could be what I need - trying to be positive.
Avatar n tn Hi ....Is there anyone on cytomel for hypothyroidism? How long does it take to work? I have put on about 10 pounds slowly even though I have been exercising atleast 3 times a week for 5 out of last 6 months. Then finally about a month ago I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism. At least now I know the reason for weight gain. I just started on 25 mcg of cytomel. I can't wait for it to start working. Just this week I started burning at least 500 calories a day by exercising ....
Avatar n tn I eat very healthy all day long. My question is how long does it take cytomel to stabilize my metabolism so that I can start seeing some weight loss as a result of burning calories.
Avatar n tn Cytomel is not a weight loss script - That is mis understood by many. It has nothing to do with metobolism if your hormones are not balanced. Some may lose weight while on it becuase of the direct T3 and increase in energy - but it shoudl never be Rx's for weight loss I can't believe your doctor gave it to you. DId your labs support the need for T3?
Avatar f tn NDT and Cytomel will work for some people. T4 meds work for some people. T4 and Cytomel will work for some. NDT only works for some. The bottom line is that it is not the type of med that matters most. The important thing is getting your biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T3 and Free T4 up to a level that relieve symptoms. That can be accomplished with adequate doses of T4 meds, if your body adequately converts T4 to T3.
Avatar f tn 50 and added 5mcg of cytomel, it's been 2 weeks and while i think i feel a little better I am still waiting to feel good, how long should it take before i feel the full effects of cytomel? Also i saw my primary today & she only tests my TSH which today was 1.56 vs 0.75 which it was 2 weeks ago before i started cytomel. Does this mean i might feel even better once my TSH gets higher?
Avatar f tn normal testoterones(38)- i have lots of energy - but have insomnia- also post-menopausal( rarely hot flashes) - not diabetic- my blood pressure is sometimes high (149x90) or sometimes low (123x70)- my weight can change 2-3 times at the same day...i read about cytomel to lose weight- could i take it with low dosage? please help me - I do not want to go back to gaining weight after so much sacrifice with all exercises and diets and surgery and money????!!! Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn she's not wanting to use cytomel JUST for weight loss. I believe her question is whether or not it does help with weight loss, most likely gained while hypo. Everyone is different, so whereas it might help some lose the weight they gained from being hypo, it won't help us all. Cytomel should only be taken if blood work and symptoms indicate that it's needed.
Avatar n tn Not that I am complaining about my weight, but I am not trying to loose weight, I am not dieting or exercising a lot. My question is, Is it normal to loose weight at first or is this something I should worry about? Thank you for your response.
Avatar f tn T4 is a prohormone and less active when compared to T3 - this is the reason why many patients with hypothyroidism on Synthroid fail to lose the excess body weight. For increasing the basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is required for weight loss, T3 is more important than T4. Higher your T3 levels, the better your BMR. Cytomel is therefore added to Synthroid to effect weight reduction. The effect of Cytomel takes a couple of weeks to set in. Cytomel can be given upto 100 mcg/day.
Avatar n tn However, since this was posted on weight loss forum, I am assuming you want to take this for weight loss. While taking Cytomel can cause a hyperthyroid state for you and help you burn calories and clenbuterol can give benefits of steroids, both the drugs, taken without a diseased state can create havoc on the different organs and bones. In the long term this will cause several problems. Hence, please do not take these drugs for weight loss. Please talk to your doctor. Take care!
822804 tn?1298229902 I have been diagnosed with having a hypothyroid and have been taking levothyroxine for 6 weeks(75mcg's) - how long does it take to see relief with weight.I have gained 20 lbs and have only lost 5lbs since I have started the levothyroxine but my weight is still fluxuating- this past week I have been gaining again even though I still continue my diet and exercise routine.Is there any hope for weight loss?
Avatar f tn I take generic levothyroxin (syntrhoid is a brand name of this med) and generic liothyronine (cytomel is a brand name of this drug). The levo has to take time to build up in your system, and it's usually 5-6 weeks before it reaches full potential, but it can still take a long time to get well -- don't forget, hypothyroidism is an illness and it takes time to heal. The liothyronine is a faster acting, shorter lived med, but is not indicated in all situations.
Avatar n tn I had a couple questions regarding Cytomel - but first my brief background: 35yr. old male, 6'4" 190 pnds.,been on 100mcg. levo for 2 months, tsh went from 22.6 to now a 4.2 - still felt hypo. (constip.,depression, low energy, no libido) so I had my shrink add Cytomel for "depression" he told me to stop levo. completely and prescribed me 50mcg cytomel to "activate" the 300mg.Wellbutrin he's got me on. Does this sound like good practice to you?
Avatar f tn I have been on Cytomel for almost a year. I take a lot higher dosage but it has helped me feel better, not great but better. I take 9, 5mcg pills per day. 5 in the morning and 4 before lunch. Give it a chance. The hair loss is terrible, I know I am still experiencing it, but it does seem to be slowing. I struggle with the wieght gain also. Not really sure why they can't just "get it right" as far as what to take, how much etc. They cytomel has helped but don't get the generic.
Avatar n tn the weight loss was sudden but it no longer sems to effect weight loss or gain. if you are planning to take this drug specifically for weight loss, be aware that side effects are pretty debilitating and that it is not really a sustainable option. can any enlighten me on the effects of adderall/provgil and metforin?
299155 tn?1235492869 I still don't feel like I am where I should be. NO WEIGHT LOSS whatsoever etc. Would cytomel help me feel better? Also, what is the thyroid Pub? Can I join? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Typically, cytomel is split into 2 equal doses, with the first taken in the morning, with the synthroid and the second taken about noon. Hair loss is due to hypothyroidism and it could take a while for it stop. The body has a tendency to correct the more important body processes first and hair loss isn't one of those, even though it is, psychologically. Additionally, 5 mcg is a very small dosage, so it might not do much, very quickly. It might take a higher dose...
Avatar n tn I definitely noticed a little bit of cotton mouth with Cytomel. I am the diet pill queen so I am used to the dry mouth feeling on any weight loss medication that I am always on. I don't mind it since it makes me drink more water.
Avatar n tn Why not call your doctor's office and tell them that you're having symptoms of being hyperthyroid (sweating, palpitations) and need to know whether you should take less Cytomel. It's quite a reasonable and responsible question for a patient to ask a doctor between visits.
Avatar n tn that is my issue, I love working out and exercising and tend to be a chronic dieter to stay lean year around and I think I have screwed up my metabolism, for me to loose weight or bodyfat I literally have to drop my food intake to about 700 calories and have it consist of just protein and fat?? And Dr.
Avatar m tn I'm getting on a wait list to see a specialist. I don't know how long that will take. In the meantime I'm going to talk to my MD about options but I"m pretty sure he's clueless. What do you think about the methimazole? Tisa TSH 0.55 - 4.78 uIU/mL 0.01 FREE T4 0.9 - 1.8 ng/dL 1.
Avatar n tn This protocol is my last resort, since my HMO, Kaiser would rather feed me antidepressants( so I don't fixate on my weight), or suggested I gain weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. You have to me a complete moron to think that everyone would be thin if they followed your simplistic plan. Do you think us overweight girls just don't know how to follow a diet plan? I've run out of plans. So who do I trust and listen to?
Avatar n tn So whether you get to the proper Free T3 level required for you to feel well by T4 only with good conversion, or the need to add some Cytomel T3 in order to get there doesn't really matter. Many people here who have been on anti-depressants were able to either reduce or completely wean themselves off of the antidepressant medication. Will that be the case for you remains to be seen.