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Avatar n tn so my question is, if my childs lungs SOUND clear and the dr says there is nothing wrong, and she is sickly and coughing all of the time and being perscribed tons of meds... how do i say enough is enough?? because i know they are trying, to help so, how do i go further on, to help her when there are no answers? just un-presented symptoms?
Avatar n tn After the infection is gone, it is possible for the inflammation to linger. This inflammation can last for several weeks. Sometimes this inflammation may linger for 3 to 6 months. Eventually the inflammation will go away, and then the difficulty breathing will stop. This is called reactive airways disease (RAD) and behaves a lot like asthma.
Avatar n tn She laid in our bed and began to take her fist and pound on her diaper and said again that it hurts. She went to her pediatrician the next day who put her on Miralax for the constipation and instructed us to give her more fluids. After a couple of days the constipation cleared, however her urine still had that horrible odor. After a couple of more days she kept complaining that it "hurt in there" and would point to her diaper. She would ask me to take off her diaper and look.
Avatar n tn I also have a 2 year old son who has been complaining of back pain and it bothers him more when he is lying down so at night he wakes up frequently and cries, he also would complain in his car seat trying to push up from sitting. I have noticed that he doesn't like to sit with his weight on both hips he moves around and won't sit for long. He also has had many x-rays which come back normal. He does have some abnormal blood work results which show some inflammation, but they don't know where?
162948 tn?1205256292 ) How long should I wait to take another one?
Avatar n tn Of course giving it to her depends on how bad the coughing fit is. -Vicks. A little rubbed on her throat. She asked for it so it must help somewhat. -Chloroseptic Sore Throat Losenges. We were using halls but the Chlorosepic worked wonders. Maybe the anesthetic? Should anyone use this one bare in mind that the cough could cause the the losenge to get lodged and choke them. My husband is a certified in Medic firstaide and we we told her to keep the losenge against her cheek.
Avatar f tn But ER's generally are even less accommodating to moms to be and just do some acute care and send you home to follow up with your doctor for the chronic care of the situation (and then you are back to square one). To me, it sounds like you are not loving your doctor. I'm not sure how far along you are but if you are in your first trimester, maybe you could switch doctors.
Avatar n tn How are things working out for you? I am 45 and am 8 weeks today. I am in total denial and preparing myself for a miscarriage although my levels are very high. I will go to the doctor in 2 weeks. I am "due" with this baby 20 years to the day that I had my first (who is in college) Crazy! I want to do God's will, so I know He will keep me strong whatever the outcome. I sincerely hope all is well with you.
Avatar n tn i found it by typing his name under search and there were many, i have to go read the rest now!! i cant stop smiling how you really think you are so above us women lol.
Avatar n tn it really means the world for you to be praying for me as much as me and my husband are and as much as i am for you all!! im slowly starting to go insane here!! i cant stop thinking about it and trying to be as positive as possible but without getting too high of hopes!! we want this, I want this SO bad i could bawl my eyes out right now!! *sigh* trying not to cry!
168348 tn?1379360675 She was at the Dr on Thurs for sinusitis and negative strep so now we know why it wasn't strep. Will call her Ped today to get a script for Prednisone. Been years since she's been on that and hope for a better night -- this came out of the blue and they say the 2nd night can be the worst of 3. 17 .... she used to get croup as a toddler/child all the time but it's been years. All I've read here says it's rare in an adult. Croup - http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn if you just whoosh it out, often the tachy will kick right back in and don't wait too long to do valsalva - the longer the tachy runs, the harder it is to stop. I wait a minute and if it doesn't stop on its own, then it's time for valsalva. Read up and ask the cardio about POTS - postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Some people have that where tachy starts when they move their body a certain way.
Avatar n tn The doc also prescribed a medicine for the nebulizer that will help stop the bronchial spasms so when the coughing does occurr it won't last for 2 minutes straight and he can catch his breath. The doc said he thought it was viral and that there are upper respitory viral infections that produce just coughing and that's it and is sometimes associated with bronchitis and or severe allergies. The Zithromax was just in case there was any bacteria looming too. So I guess that's it for now.
8377023 tn?1399512760 My mom doesn't do **** to stop him.
544292 tn?1268886268 Come on in and make yourself at home. We are delighted you came to join us. Lots to learn, lots to teach ...
148691 tn?1260198503 good?........ and the crying........ well..... I am calling right now to see how she's doing this morning.... I tried twice on her home one, once on her cell phone (she told me to please call her home so I don't 'contribute' to her cell phone bill... ehem.....ok......).... and she does NOT pick up. I am getting a little nervous here....... Well..... *clears throat* I am freaking out.......
Avatar n tn is perhaps an end result of whatever this is, however meds like Nexium DO NOT WORK for this!!! Is there anyone out there that knows what this is, and how to stop it???
Avatar f tn Yes! And no way to avoid it! #pregnancy problems (: .. For me what works is gping to pee constantly.. I try to empty my bladder as soon as I feel even a bit full..
Avatar m tn When I was younger I had an allergy test done, and I was allergic to a few things, 20 years later, same test I was so allergic to everything they put on me that they had to stop because I swelled up so much. I don’t understand how that could happen that I could be so allergic to so many things in a few years. So the more allergies I contracted the worse my sinus infections became and so on. A few years ago I was scheduled to have surgery; I didn’t like the doctor, well his attitude anyway.
544292 tn?1268886268 You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
Avatar n tn Talk to her and try to *** to sum kinda undrstanding. As far as asing her about her coughing ans all, ur wife is just being a mom. Of course I doubt ur 3 y/o knos why, is she always having trouble? She may have allergies. Does any1 smoke in the home? Do u keep pets inside? A few things can affect her. U can try giving her children Zyretec, I use it on my kis at night wen she goes to sleep and she's allergy free all day! I give her a tsp. Good Luck!!!
Avatar n tn May I ask what the meds were is she on them all the time ?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry I didn't spell the correct name of the medication he takes. It's Pulmicort, it's a breathing treatment he gets once in the am and in the pm. So no he does not drink it. I'm going this weekend to purchase the pedisure and going to offer it to him daily. Well I'm glad to see he is still on the growth chart so I know that has to be a good thing. As far as having issues with his lungs.
Avatar m tn The comfort you are looking for is to get rid of sinus problems. You will get used to the burning sensation, to the point where it doesn’t bother you anymore. The burning will not damage your sense of smell. In fact, it will improve it. I keep a small bottle of Dr.Bronner’s Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap in the shower.. When I’m sick I can barely smell it, but after a saline flush the smell will be strong enough to give me a jolt.
Avatar f tn -when your family can hear you snoring through the walls because you can hardly breathe now ( -_-so embarrassing btw lol )
Avatar f tn symptoms lasting 5 weeks genitally without changing, ,aren't likely to be due to herpes even if you do have genital herpes. I'd return to your provider again for a further work up. your coughing and throat issues aren't herpes related either - sounds like an upper respiratory infection going on. you'll need to repeat your herpes igg blood testing at some point. there are some false positive issues with the hsv2 igg tests which is why we ask for the numeric results.
202436 tn?1326477933 It took her a whopping two days to figure out how to open them, so we had to child proof the child proof gates LOL, I had to put ANOTHER lock on it and the only reason she couldn't open it is simply becuase her hands weren't strong enough, she knew how. Yeah, all things considered I think we're doing pretty good. Out of 5 kids (ages 14 down to 9 mos) we've only had 3 stitches for a busted chin and 1 broken pinky toe, plus a small puncture wound from a nail and now this.
Avatar f tn I just got it again this week after I had a small surgery for which I had to take antibiotics to avoid infections. it spread all over but I don't want to go to dermatologist as they told me it is follicolitis and it is due to heat but I live on Colorado and it is very cold right now. I am female and 35 yo. I might try the oral steroids.