How to stop breast milk production

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3158442 tn?1344315253 Do frozen cabbage leaves the coldness helps with the pain and the leaves dry you out like they said use a sports bra it works wonders that's how I got mine to stop with my son
7110266 tn?1392139611 I'm up to a F cup so I know how you feel. If I wear my tank I dress in layers even if it's hot out so you can't tell but there are tanks that give you enough support so that it looks like you're still wearing a bra even though you're top heavy. :) I'm not one of those that likes to let it all hang down and out either.. was just giving suggestions to try and help with your pain. You gotta dig deep and look for the right tanks, took me forever to find them, but they are out there.
8377023 tn?1399512760 My mom is going to stay with me the first week of after baby is born and she is going to teach me to make the green shakes so i dont have a problem producing milk for my little one.
1117231 tn?1456613140 I am ramifications panadol every couple of hours and putting cold cabbage leaves on it but still in pain. Anyone know how to stop milk production quickly and painlessly without a trip to the doctors for the pill?
Avatar f tn ( When will the breast milk stop producing?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately you just need to stick it out a few days. Your body will figure out how much it needs to produce to satisfy your baby and the engorgement/overactive letdown will reduce. I let baby nurse for a second to get the flow going and then take him off the breast and let some of the milk come out on its own into a receiving blanket. Messy yes but lets a little of the pressure off. Stick with it. It gets easier!
408901 tn?1274690798 I also wanted to add that I know that I nurse at home more often than I was able to pump at work, so I know that that did cause my milk production to go down. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to help that. After my stockpile of milk that I had in the freezer was gone, I did have to end up supplementing w/ formula.
Avatar f tn You don't have to be leaking every where to know your making milk. Your milk regulates your breast don't encore and you stop leaking it's because like I stated your milk regulates to suit baby's needs. A lot of women confuse their breasts feeling flat and not being leaky as low supply. It's not true in most cases.
Avatar f tn It took me almost 2 weeks for my milk to dry up. It was extremely painful the first couple of days. Definitely wear the sports bra. It helps a lot!
Avatar f tn Now that I've made up my mind to make this decision finally, I'd like to stop now, rather than in a week and a half. (when I see my Dr. next) I've been doing it for a month now...My question; how do I stop?? My mom said that there was a pill they gave women in the hospital who weren't breastfeeding to make their milk dry up. Granted, this was over a decade ago, and I have never heard of this.. So should I call and ask my Dr. about it, or is this something they stopped doing?
2020005 tn?1476662562 Cutting one feeding at a time helps your body to decrease it's production as needed. To stop the comfort feedings during the day, you'll just need to change the subject, so to speak. When she starts to ask for it, try distracting her with something else. Also, for me, I noticed wearing shirts with a lower neck line "reminded" him if breastfeeding, so maybe you can try to not show "too much skin" at times when your trying to wean.
Avatar f tn How far along do you have to be to develop milk
Avatar f tn Hi, I did a little research on the drug Reglan even before I found out that sometimes it's prescribed to increase milk production. DD has reflux and her ped prescribed it to her suspecting she might have slow emptying of the stomach (the drug helps with that too). Unfortunately, it has a side effect of seizures and there are a few lawsuits going on. I'm just way too scared to take anything that strong let alone to give it to my baby.
Avatar f tn If no milk is coming out from your breasts at all, then you will not be able to start making the milk to come to feed your baby by breast. If there is a small amount of milk that comes from your breasts, you can encourage more milk to come by the baby suckling on the breasts more, and you can also encourage more milk to be produced by massaging and gently squeezing your breasts to encourage the milk to come through your nipples.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome. We have a breast feeding forum that you may find helpful. My first child nursed until around 5 and a half months. I began supplementing with formula as I felt he needed it. My second son nursed until I finally said "okay, we have to stop this" and he answered back. (little joke . . . but he was embarrassingly old when I discontinued nursing him).
Avatar f tn But I've seen lots of people who don't have that much milk in their breast to give to baby so they have to give formula. Anything I could do eat or drink now?
1209036 tn?1299182257 you just about made it to the point it should stop hurting. Also your milk only most likely came in a few days ago right? It is sometimes ahrder for them to latch then when you are so full, but you ahve to get a good suppy of milk first to only pump! Actually the pump will enlarge the nipple a little and can be more painful. I suggest that you go back to exclusily BF and go to Jack Newmans site to see videos on good latching. It should not hirt the nipple once he has latched on right.
Avatar f tn Then I don't have much milk stored up to give him so I use formula. I am starting to leak milk sometime. But I'm going to try hard to get him off of this formula and pump pump pump. During the day I may try to pump every hour when I'm home alone. So I can get it going. Then every time he everytime he eat at night. Formula is not cheap either and not as good for them. Just glad my husband is very supportive on wanting him to nurse.
Avatar f tn I am pumping more milk, although I'm still a shy bit short of what I need to only feed breast milk. I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, which seem to be helping. I bought oatmeal too, but haven't made any yet. Meeting with LC on Thursday, so hopefully we'll see another increase in the intake.
Avatar f tn Also, just to a heads up, the more u breast feed the more milk you produce. breast milk does not have a particular time to dry up, the longer u nurse, the longer u will produce milk. it can take awhile to dry up as well after u have stopped nursing. Nursing can also delay or cease ur periods as well, but this doesnt mean breast feeding can protect u from pregnancy. I didnt get my period until i completely stopped nursing and i nursed my first son for 2 1/2 years! and i still have milk...
Avatar f tn Oh kellymom website also has some great ways to bottle feed the breastfed baby while trying to up your production. My best advice is speak to a lactation consultant or your local la leche league. It might be spelled le lache league sorry I get the e's and A's mixed up.
Avatar f tn Yep - by law your employer has to provide a spot for you to pump. If you decide to stop breast feeding before your return - I agree with the other post about dropping one feeding every few days. If/when you do get uncomfortable, pump to 'relieve pressure' not to empty out.
Avatar f tn Your breast never stop producing milk, even during feedings. If you can try to go 2 days with no supplementing at all and nurse nurse nurse. Your son is only 19 days old, so does not require massive amounts of milk, so your supply can increase quickly enough to feed him. After feedings, pump for 10 minutes even if you do not get anything out. The point it to stimulate your breast to encourage your body to make more milk.
116879 tn?1266519849 I know there are a lot of wives tales out there about things to do eat etc to increase breast milk supply. I am trying to increase pumping for now, but when I feed her it is not enough. Any known methods that work?
Avatar f tn If you are not getting let down try the pump on a lower suction but quite fast to start with until you feel the let down of milk, also try hot wash cloths on your breast and have pictures of you babies near by, perhaps even an item of clothing or a blanket that has been against them that you could smell, or even a tape recording of their crying ( it all sounds weird I know but it does help honestly). Once you get let down slow the pump down a bit but increase the suction.
384896 tn?1335297931 Now she only gets it right before bedtime for 10 minutes to calm her to sleep. It seems to be working so far my milk production has slowed down greatly, BUT, I tried not to give her any last night and I got this really bad ache on the outter side of my right breast, so I woke her up to releive it. I heard about wrapping an ace bandage around you really tight for 3 solid days, but it sounds painful and very uncomfortable.
Avatar m tn I'm not a fan of soy milk either. Long list of potential imbalances and hormonal effects. I'm also not a big fan of drinking milk anyway (I prefer getting my dairy through yogurt, kefir, cheese, etc) and for drinking I prefer water (for cold) and tea or espresso (for hot). And I enjoy my one glass of red wine for dinner. I also eat full fat dairy, use cream and butter and ghee in my food, opting always for grass fed free range, to get very high quality macro and micronutrients.
Avatar f tn - Take lot of fluids (water and fruits Juices) - Try massaging the breast gently as you nurse - Offer both breasts at each feeding - double pump for 5-10 minutes after you nurse - Breastfeed frequently. Frequent breastfeeding is the number one key to boosting your milk supply - Continue breastfeeding even when sick unless otherwise the doctor advise not.
Avatar n tn I now usually only feed from one breast at each feeding (unless he is really hungry or hitting a growth spurt), it was the only was to stop my body producing too much milk and to get Sam to start putting weight on, by switching breast he was missing out on the hind milk and not gaining at first. That said I did express quite a bit in the first couple of months. I would feed from one side and express some from the other side and freeze it.