How to stop breast milk production

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1665009 tn?1303175598 Since its probably not your milk she is allergic to its cow milk. Did your doctor talk to you about this at all. I know when i was an infant I would not breast feed at all after day 3 of being alive, and they later found out i was severely lactose intolerant. Also my friend had a two children who was lactose intolerant when they were nursing, her doctor told her to stop drinking milk and eating dairy products and her children nursed just fine.
Avatar f tn Okay, for many reasons now, I have decided it would be in my best interest to stop breastfeeding. I want to do this as soon as possible because I'm tired of the pain. Now that I've made up my mind to make this decision finally, I'd like to stop now, rather than in a week and a half. (when I see my Dr. next) I've been doing it for a month now...My question; how do I stop??
3158442 tn?1344311653 Do frozen cabbage leaves the coldness helps with the pain and the leaves dry you out like they said use a sports bra it works wonders that's how I got mine to stop with my son
Avatar f tn Unfortunately you just need to stick it out a few days. Your body will figure out how much it needs to produce to satisfy your baby and the engorgement/overactive letdown will reduce. I let baby nurse for a second to get the flow going and then take him off the breast and let some of the milk come out on its own into a receiving blanket. Messy yes but lets a little of the pressure off. Stick with it. It gets easier!
Avatar f tn Met with LC a second time. Alexandria only took in 12 ml from nursing (improvement over last week's 2 ml). I am pumping more milk, although I'm still a shy bit short of what I need to only feed breast milk. I'm taking fenugreek and blessed thistle, which seem to be helping. I bought oatmeal too, but haven't made any yet. Meeting with LC on Thursday, so hopefully we'll see another increase in the intake.
7801868 tn?1395885718 Thereare also ssupplements teas and some foods that help production like oatmeal. Alcohol like beer does NOT make more milk it just makes for an easier let down long term it may hinder milk production.
Avatar f tn From home remedies used by the wise ones in my family they tell us to use cabbage leaves to dry the milk up. For whatever reason it works! I hope it does for her!!
7110266 tn?1392136011 I'm up to a F cup so I know how you feel. If I wear my tank I dress in layers even if it's hot out so you can't tell but there are tanks that give you enough support so that it looks like you're still wearing a bra even though you're top heavy. :) I'm not one of those that likes to let it all hang down and out either.. was just giving suggestions to try and help with your pain.
Avatar f tn There are also teas (one is called Mother's Milk Tea I believe) and a natural herb that starts with an F. I believe it's called Fenugreek. Those things can increase your milk supply. And I cannot stress enough how important liquids are. Drink water like crazy and that will help your supply tremendously as well.
1936550 tn?1348360208 Quite frustrating. Have to work at getting baby to stimulate the left more to try to build up a bit further.
Avatar f tn Im trying not to use formula but sometimes he doesn't want to breastfeed at all. Then I don't have much milk stored up to give him so I use formula. I am starting to leak milk sometime. But I'm going to try hard to get him off of this formula and pump pump pump. During the day I may try to pump every hour when I'm home alone. So I can get it going. Then every time he everytime he eat at night. Formula is not cheap either and not as good for them.
1342751 tn?1287872615 would expressing the colostrum now for other reasons, affect its production later? or would the production of colostrum stop? would i begin to produce actual milk? Odd question i know, but my significant other is chompin at the bit to get some and i dont know if i would be able to produce colostrum later. anyone got an answer for that?
8377023 tn?1399509160 My mom is going to stay with me the first week of after baby is born and she is going to teach me to make the green shakes so i dont have a problem producing milk for my little one.
408901 tn?1274687198 I also wanted to add that I know that I nurse at home more often than I was able to pump at work, so I know that that did cause my milk production to go down. Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to help that. After my stockpile of milk that I had in the freezer was gone, I did have to end up supplementing w/ formula.
Avatar f tn I don't think my boobs have gotten any bigger. They haven't changed really at all... I'm starting to worry now that I'm not going to produce enough milk for him. I really want to breast feed... I'm 29 weeks and this is my first baby. Is something wrong with my boobs? Will I end up needing to feed him formula?? I'm really stressing...
Avatar f tn ( When will the breast milk stop producing?
Avatar f tn Unlike a lot of articles I read, my kids had no problem going from bottle to breast. The good thing is that your baby is getting breast milk. As you pump you can trigger your body to make more milk than you may really need to satisfy your baby which is great for stock. Once your nipples heal, you can go back to trying to get her to nurse...trying to fight through the pain may cause you to give up, so pump for now.
Avatar n tn nt effect how much your milk comes in my 1st was born 12 weeks early and i had a full suppl of milk it did eventually go down as he was not physically able to breastfeed and i was only able to pump and then give it to him. at that point my Dr put me on a medicine that can up your milk supply it worked, i did get more milk, but it also made me very sleepy. usually there are lactation consultants at the hospital ask for one before you leave they can be very helpful and give you good ideas!
463595 tn?1333997222 If you stop pumping and stimulating the breasts your milk will dry up. I'm not sure if Dr's will still prescribe meds to help stop production. You could ask. Also, you could contact your pharmacist and see if there are any teas or herbal supplements to help.
551885 tn?1300383822 I just finally stopped completly, but it took me about a month, first you need to make sure he takes the bottle well, and what you shoul ddo is pump and give him the breast millk in the bottle also alternate breastmilk and formul aso he starts getting use to the formula flavor, one he is ready for the bottle and formula then the pumping should start weaning off, I startd pumping every 3 hours for couple days bc he was eating every 3 then then every 5 and then every 8 then once a day, then ever
Avatar f tn Try letting your baby going to a family member house for a couple of days becuz you baby can smell the milk,try warm water on top of them.
Avatar f tn Colostrum is very light coloured, more so yellow tented. And it begins in just drops, since I was reading they fed your baby formula. His belly is probably already stretching, so in this case..pump if you feel he's still hungry, it will help build your supply. But breastfeeding isn't like formula, you don't have to see how many ounces etc He's eating. He will let you know if it's not enough.
Avatar f tn After the abortion, my breasts produced milk and my doctor gave me pills to stop the milk. Everything has been normal since, but this morning, while cleaning my nipples, I squeezed it a little and saw a couple of drops of liquid, not milky, but not clear as well. I checked my other nipple and there was another drop, and no more. I had my periods recently and I'm sure that I'm not pregnant. However, I've been jogging regularly lately.
Avatar f tn what can I do to increase my milk production because I prefer my baby get only breast milk if at all possible.
Avatar m tn There are a few different herbal remedies you can use to help increase your production of breast milk. One popular supplement that has been approved as a safe supplement is Fenugreek. Fenugreek is used both as an herb and as a spice. Fenugreek is frequently found in curry. For women breastfeeding, fenugreek seeds are used to help increase milk supply.
2022046 tn?1334494634 I am still only getting colostrum, no milk yet. Any suggestions on how to make milk come faster or to increase flow of colostrum? I am desperate. I do not want to supplement. Thank you friends.