How to stop acne from coming back

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Avatar f tn Hi Ally. As you have found, acne treatments available to the public are of limited benefit and you really need to see your doctor. He can prescribe a topical retinoid gel such as Differin and/or a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline which will work much better than Pro-active. Female acne patients will also benefit from taking the combined oral contraceptive pill since the oestrogen it contains blocks the action of androgens- the hormones responsible for acne. Eloise.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have had acne on my whole back from my teen years up until now ( I am 38 now). I guess it has improved over time because before it was pus-filled, swollen, even painful. Now it is more like just plain pimples but I have lots of scars from previous breakouts. I am desperate because I have tried almost everything but it still keeps coming back and the scars remain. How do I effectively treat the scars so that they fade away? Is there any chance that acne on my back can stop already?
Avatar n tn My nephew (15) was having really bad breakouts and I told him to stop drinking sodas and his acne went away. I also use proactive twice a day which seems to keep my skin from feeling all oily. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn its get me annoying and i feel shy people around me,,i try alot of anti acne cream but it doesnt work it keeps coming back and more big and pain and left scars. I feel so worries about this acne... What should i need to do for it? and what kind of anti scars i will use?? Thank you so much...
1601234 tn?1297607438 he also stated that i should take minerva 35, however i am scared to do so for obvius reasons, the side effects and the acne coming back after i stop the pill. i have been taking the doxy for about 2 weeks now and and using the topical creams. i havent had breakouts but i still see some fine pimples on my face. how do i get rid of that? also i need something for my marks that i have on my cheeks as i only have had acne on my cheeks.
Avatar f tn I think you would get a better response if you posted this on the acne forum. Please do not get upset about this. I know acne is hard to deal with but hang in there you WILL find something that works for you and getting stressed out will not help. Please keep me posted and good luck.
Avatar f tn Because your body mostly stops digestion and it starts to digest extra CO2 from your tissues, also fight to get your system to normal state. When you start detox your body is coming to normal state and it hurts because once one clock now 75 clock in one body that must start working together again. http://www.drugs.
Avatar m tn For about a year now I have this nasty condition on my head from the top down the back and on the sides. It acts just like acne. I've always had acne and still do but never this condition. As I said, this particular condition just started about a year ago. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and that solved the problem. Unfortunately, one can't take antibiotics indefinately. This condition is painful and embarresing.
Avatar n tn Glad you've had some positive effects with the Sacc Boul and the protein powder. I understand where you're coming from about taking antifungals to cure candida. Unfortunately, I don't think it is so simple. I think that even if you managed to get rid of candida (which Candida Cleanse appears to be great for), a lot of people who have candida also have leaky gut (from the candida tearing holes in the intestine).
Avatar n tn You should try not to pick them at all, as you will spread the bacteria around your face and cause even more pimples. I'm not sure what you can do about your scars, firstly stop picking at your pimples to prevent new scars forming. Is acne a real issue for you? have you tried over the counter remedies?
Avatar m tn I am so sorry to hear what you've had to go through. I know how devastating it is to wake up to look at a reflection you are not happy with and how it affects every area of your life. I went through the same thing, and currently am just coming out of another bout of acne. You know what mine was from? Overwashing and exfoliating! I have always been uber-strict with my washing regimen because I never again wanted to go through what I need in middle school and the trauma that came with acne.
Avatar n tn I believe that zits r caused by clogged pores which gets infected with bacteria, so you've got to clear the pores from within, here's how u do it: 1) When you sweat, the dirt in the pores r forced out, this zaps the zits form within. So go out and run your *** off, run until u r drenched with sweat.Also u can wear warm clothes to make u sweat more. Have u ever seen an athlete with zits?Most sportspeople have smooth &clear skin, and the reason is they simply, SWEAT.
Avatar n tn I went to the cardiologist, and he confirmed that I had them but after the echo, ekg, and stress test he did not see anything abnormal. I would like to know how to proceed. Prior to this condition, I have not been a person with medical issues at all. I would only go to the doctor for regular check ups. I had two children with no complication prior to this issue. TSH(3rd generation) - 0.98 T4 Free - 1.
Avatar f tn The products may seem expensive on the Arbonne website, but I can show you how to get them for 20-50% off. I truly hope this helps...I know how hard it is to deal with acne, especially as an adult.
Avatar f tn The idea that an HPV infection would limit itself to a breakout in only one location seems narrow minded and illogical. Doctors need to put on their scientist hats and stop regurgitating boilerplate from the CDC website. We can all read that on our own thank you, what we need are assessments based on the knowledge base of scientific studies, individual patient testimony, and logical deduction that relies on the skills learned in medical school.
4227106 tn?1351364740 Hey there to whom ever is reading, So I am 15 and i suffer from cold sores. I got it around thirteen from sharing one sip of a drink with a family friend. Crazy how one sip can change your life. And i wish i knew. But nothing can change that. So about two weeks later i had a tiny mild cold sore . on my upper right lip. I used abreva it helped . Didnt scar it was great. The following year i got one in the same spot. Healed nicley. No scar. I havent had one in a while.
148691 tn?1260198503 I used a product called obaji system it works but expensive u follow the steps and it does stop acne breakouts and it clears the dark spots left from acne completely it takes about six weeks to actually notice an about three months to actually clear your face totally good on all skin types I am African American
Avatar n tn I have been going crazy trying to find out how to stop the bleeding myself but there really seems to be no way of controlling this. I have read if you take Ibuprofen for 10 days or if you get your next shot earlier then you are scheduled, or if you start on the pill. I have tried the Ibuprofen I have been taking 1000m a day and it has been 6 days now it has not stop, so I'm thinking of just riding it out and let it get out of my system on its own.
Avatar f tn I can be staring at the tv, not even listening to the show I tuned in to, my mind is a million miles away, or just thinking about everything that's going on in my life and I will even think to myself that I need to stop picking, but I stop for a minute only to realize an hour or so later that I'm still picking!!!!!! Why??? I relate it to stress and times when I'm feeling overwhelmed and depressed.
Avatar n tn That seemed to work for a while, but then eventually it wasn't working and acne was coming through. She switched him to cyprophlaxin 500mg 2x per day.
Avatar f tn It ranges from dull aching pain to severe sharp stabbing debilitating pain. The healing time can be anything from 2 weeks to 4 months or more to get back to normal. It is important to be mobile but definately not to over due it. I am going back to my doctor tomorrow to ask about my pain.
948349 tn?1294383837 think about it... acne is always on the face, neck, back, shoulders, or chest. How often do people get acne on the soles of their feet! lol or stomach... or places on their body that are much much less likely to get in contact with the sun??? Not only that, but acne is also most common in adolescents!!! Gotta have sufficient vitamin D levels to grow those bones and absorb sufficient amounts of calcium, and they really growing at that age. We are lacking sun!, We are wearing clothes!
Avatar n tn Because of the way my skin looked before treatment, I am very frightened of my acne coming back. Will I need to discontinue treatment from time to time to see if my acne comes back? Since my father grew out of his acne in his mid-20s, I am hoping that I will, too, but am curious as to how a dermatologist will determine when it's okay for me to stop treatment.
Avatar f tn I need to continue the strength in my myself. I don't want to go to rehab. I want these thoughts to stop going through my head, they won't go away. I'm on antidepressant (wellbutrin) also. This helps, but not with this. Thanks for all the advice people have already given me, I know it's myself who has to do this, who has to keep the strength to do this. If i do do it again, I'll just feel even more guilty and upset with myself.
Avatar f tn In order to get rid of any type of fungal or bacterial infection such as acne, you must go straight to the source, which is an acne antibiotic pill. I took it for a few months and never had problems with it since. Over time also when you get older, you'll be less likely to break out if you treat it internally. Please talk to your dermatologist, but definitely AVOID the prescription Accutane. There are other medicines out there that due not cause severe reactions like suicidal thoughts.
Avatar m tn I am planning on retaking the IGG test on day 23 and wanted to know how accurate that will be. I know everything you read says to wait till 12 weeks but i cant wait that long, i am married and can not reject my wife for that long. Questions: 1) Likelihood of contracting HSV from this encounter (i know i am at risk for both types) 2)Should IGM of 1.
Avatar f tn The only other thing that I was constantly touching was my face wash and so I decided to stop using it. I figured since I was not going to use it anymore this was a great time to change all of my cosmetic products to natural products. Around this time I discovered the oil cleansing method (the method where you basically wash your face with oil).
Avatar f tn She has recently been using tea tree oil and this hasn't been helping either. The doctors think it might be some type of fungus, but don't know how to treat it. they said if she was onlder they would try some type of oral medication. Does anyone have any suggestions or any experience with this sort of thing? I really want to help my daughter.
Avatar n tn I had great skin until I turned 21, at which time I developed severe cystic acne. I was on Accutane when it first came out, I've been to tons of dermatologists over the yrs, I've had steroid injections into the cysts, I've had surgery to try to "de-bulk" them - you name it, I've done it. So here I am, 32 yrs later, & I still have deep, hard, scar-filled cysts under the skin on my face - that are still actively cranking out nasty gunk on a daily basis. I have a huge one (about 1.