How to remove wrinkles from upper lip

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Avatar n tn my face is an absolute mess after using dermalogica medibac kit for 2days, ive completely broken out, my skin feels like grit on my chin and upper lip, its completely red everywhere, ive been holding ice cubes to my skin to try and calm it, i dont know what to put on it? aloe vera gel? E45? nothing? what happened with yours?? hope your feeling better!
363110 tn?1340924019 It started in a small cluster at the corner of my nose just above my upper lip a year ago. At first I thought it was a cold sore because it seemed to have that appearance and then I noticed that there were these hard rice like things that if I scraped against them with my fingernail I could pull them out - however, they would not come out if you squeezed them. Then they would eventually come back. They have now spread and seem to be all over my face and even my neck. What could this be.
Avatar f tn The wrinkles however remain and could be getting worse in that I am begining to see more lines extending to my upper lip on the other side. I fear these wrinkles and grooves could be collagen loss resulting from the depth of the injury to my skin??? My skin seems to have lost it's elasticity and ability to self moisturize in that area. This wrinkling happened very suddenly (to my panicky horror) within a two week time frame in the fourth month after the electrolysis treatment.
Avatar n tn I have no idea. You should be able to search and find an office in your area and call. I have dark upper lip hair nad it never bothered me until my brother mentioned it. I bought some nair for the upper lip. It stays on for five minutes and wipe it off and the hair is gone. I usually only have to go about 3 weeks in between uses. It is much cheaper, simpler and less painful than when I used to get my lip waxed. Have you tried a depilatory? Sorry about the spelling....
Avatar f tn it wasn't bothering me. It was excruciatingly tight, started to shift all my upper teeth inwards and to the right and off center. he refused to take it off.then teeth around 16 went inwards as well. developed severe speech impediment. the uppers moved inwards and forwards, and then pulled all my lowers inwards on the sides, and now my front lowers are being pulled inwards.
Avatar n tn I am trying to figure out how to post an answer to this issue. Believe it or not, some itchy eyelids are caused by a mite called a demodex. By removing one lash and testing it by looking under a microscope, proper treatment can assist you in possibly eliminating your problem. I didn't read this idea on any of the posts. hope this goes through.
Avatar n tn Wow, it boosts my self esteem a little bit to see all these other girls with this problem too.. But man, I wish our society didn't have all these unwritten rules about how a girl should look. It would save alot of worry, hurt, and embarrassment if we didn't judge others based on their physical features. It really *****. I mean, we could either accept ourselves and others for who we are, or we could go get a pair of tweezers and pluck all our hairs out...
Avatar f tn I work in TV, and it is really hard to cover with makeup because it starts to flake, and sometimes when i remove the flakes it bleeds a bit, and is very sensitive. Im going to the derm on the 12th of sept (earliest appt I could get), but would love to compare with you what YOUR doctor says as well.
Avatar n tn I also had it spread from my eyelids to the back of my knees and to a sensitive area below the belt and as a guy it was not fun. I am not sure what made it stop but after reading a post from "hawkify" above I realize that I had a down comforter for years and finally threw it away shortly before the problem stopped. I always take allegra for general allergies which I think helps but back to my point.
Avatar m tn But recently i picked on something in my mouth and it was then got infected and abcessed and i almost, according to the doc, if i waited one more day, would have lost part of my upper lip. To think i thought i was making myself look better and here i'm about to loose part of my look and be disfigured for life.
Avatar n tn What I also did though was to rub the cream all over the lower (infected) part of the outside of my nose, on the opening of each nostril and on the upper lip area. My theory was that while I was able to clear up the original infection I was continually re-infecting it from the outside. Anyway, seems to have worked. I've now been infection clear for the last week. I will continue treatment for at least another week, although now just three times a day.
Avatar f tn PS It is not a subcutaneous cyst or horn as the gentleman thought it might be from the picture. I realize how hard it is to try to diagnose from a tiny picture, and I do appreciate his efforts.
Avatar n tn I'm reporting back. I tried to find the common thread amongst all of these and I'm not sure there is one, we may be looking at a couple three different sources to the eye problem. I don't use Aleve or anything else similar to it. Ruled out for me. Age is not a factor as we have ladies of all ages. The past 4 days I have been treating it like a fungus and have had major results.
Avatar n tn I mean there seems to be a whole lot of us with this same symptom and no one knows what is causing it or how to ease it... I think I agree with an earlier blogger that it seems to behavior more like a virus. It is so odd how it appears under the eyes, dry, itchy. I have been going through a divorce and I thought I was crying too much, then rubbing too hard, then maybe it was my makeup or my soap or my shampoo, I have been trying everything, cold compresses, aloe, vaseline, ice packs...
Avatar n tn In the next day or two can everyone check in how they're doing? It's helpful to all of us to see how this is all going. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I suffer from the same exact kinda thing only they seem to appear on my feet, legs, and upper arms. I am 13 years old and have yet to see a dermatologist. The symptoms described match my exact problem, for you see i have been getting these "Very small itchy blisters" Every year between June-September.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering from vulva itching almost all my live from time to time. Like you, I've tried to help myself, I've seen doctor's and use the medicines they gave to me and being very careful about my hygiene but it seems it never worked because the relief was always temporarily. I've read all the books about it and I reached some conclusions which helped me a lot.
Avatar n tn Great information. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my son's fingertips for a few years now. It seems to happen during the summer months and last summer my husband and I thought it was from the swimming lessons he was taking (the Chlorine) but this year he isn't taking swimming lessons and again his fingers are peeling. It seems to clear up as soon as summer is over.
Avatar n tn ( i don't know how to cure it but I can tell you how to stop it from itching..Desitin regular (just the regular cream) diaper rash cream stops the itch completely but need to apply as needed.
280700 tn?1210287416 Hi Doris, i think the best thing to do is buy some ovulation sticks and test at home after 10 days from your first day of menses. You can also go to your Gynae and ask for a bloodtest on day 21 of your cycle to see whether you ovulated or not.